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Page 50 - AND is this — Yarrow? — This the stream Of which my fancy cherished, So faithfully, a waking dream ? An image that hath perished ! Oh, that some minstrel's harp were near, To utter notes of gladness, And chase this silence from, the air, That fills my heart with sadness ! Yet why?
Page 52 - Maximus ille es, unus qui nobis cunctando restituis rem. excudent alii spirantia mollius aera (credo equidem), vivos ducent de marmore vultus, orabunt causas melius, caelique meatus describent radio et surgentia sidera dicent : 850 tu regere imperio populos, Romane, memento (hae tibi erunt artes), pacisque imponere morem, parcere subiectis et debellare superbos.
Page 52 - EXCUDENT alii spirantia mollius aera , Credo equidem ; vivos ducent de marmore vultus ; Orabunt causas melius; cœlique meatus Describent radio, et surgentia sidera dicent : Tu regere imperio populos, Romane, memento; Hae tibi erunt artes , pacisque imponere morem , Parcere subjectis, et debellare superbos.
Page 5 - The areas of two triangles which have an angle of the one equal to an angle of the other are to each other as the products of the sides including the equal angles. D c A' D' Hyp. In triangles ABC and A'B'C', ZA = ZA'. To prove AABC = ABxAC. A A'B'C' A'B'xA'C' Proof. Draw the altitudes BD and B'D'.
Page 5 - In an isosceles triangle the angles opposite the equal sides are equal.
Page 28 - Each candidate will be required to write a short English Composition, correct in spelling, punctuation, grammar, and expression, the subject to be taken from such works of standard authors as shall be announced from time to time.
Page 4 - After remarking that the mathematician positively knows that the sum of the three angles of a triangle is equal to two right angles...
Page 50 - Dido, incessit magna iuvenum stipante caterva, qualis in Eurotae ripis aut per iuga Cynthi exercet Diana choros, quam mille secutae hinc atque hinc glomerantur oreades : ilia pharetram fert umero gradiensque deas supereminet omnis (Latonae taciturn pertemptant gaudia pectus): talis erat Dido, talem se laeta ferebat per medios, instans operi regnisque futuris.

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