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For Latin Prose.

He was

When the boy was in his tenth year, an accident, which I will now relate, revealed who he was. playing one day in a village where the stalls of the cattle were. The other boys who were playing with him chose the cowherd's son, as he was called, to be their king. He then gave

them orders-some he told to build houses for him, others to be his guards, others to carry messages. Among the boys was the son of a Mede of distinction, who refused to do the task which Cyrus had laid upon him. Cyrus told the other boys to take him into custody, and chastised him most severely with the whip. The boy, as soon as he was released, filled with rage because he had suffered such harsh and unworthy treatment, hastened to the city, and having come into the presence of his father, made many complaints about Cyrus.


Grammar Paper.

1. Write down the genders and gen. and dat. sing. and plur. of

άναξ, ιππεύς, πλήθος, δαίμων, θρίξ,

navis, domus, totus, decus, quercus. 2. Decline throughout

ούτος, σύ, ελπίς, ούς, γόνυ,
dies, eques, nubes, ego, ipse.

3. Write out the persons (pres. iudic.) of

malo, orior, prosum,

άπειμι (absum), άπειμι (abeo), αφίημι. 4. Give the comparatives and superlatives of

μέγας, τάλας, ήδύς,

parvus, facilis, superus, and positives of the adverbs

μάλιστα, θάσσον, απωτάτω,

melius, citissime, celerrime. 5. Parse the following words

προύδoσαν, ειδόσιν, μεθέντες, ταυτόν, πράξειας,

desiluere, querantur, gavisi, ultis, obsidi. 6. Write down

3 plur. 2 aor. imper. of ylyvoual.
2 sing. 2 aor. opt. mid. of uellomnul.
acc. plur. pres. part. act. of vikáw.
3 plur. plup. subj. of subsisto.
2 plur. pres. subj. of impertior.

perf. infin. act. of conquiro. 7. Give the Latin and Greek for 11-29-14th-2000 Greeks—how? — somehow-how many?—so many—who? -somebody

8. Give examples, in Latin, of Ablative Absolute, Cognate Accusative, Objective Genitive, and in Greek, of Genitive Absolute, Attic Attraction, Attic Reduplication, 9. Translate into Latin

(1) Caesar had determined to carry his forces over the Rhine to strike fear into the Germans.

(2) The quicker you go, the safer will the road be. (3) I can't understand, why they were spared.

(4) You may do what you like with them, provided you don't kill them.

10. Translate into Greek, using the proper parts of opáw and κτείνω

(1) If they see him, they will kill him.

(2) If they saw him, they would kill him.

(3) If they had seen him, they would have killed him. 11. Turn into Oratio Recta the following sentence:

“Si Gallia omnis cum Germanis consentiret, unam esse in celeritate positam salutem. Cottae quidem atque eorum, qui dissentirent, consilium quem haberet exitum ?”


And into Oratio Obliqua :

“ Vincite, inquit, si ita vultis ; neque is sum, qui gravissime ex vobis mortis periculo terrear; hi sapient, et si gravius quid acciderit, abs te rationem reposcent."



1. The driving wheel of a bicycle is 3 yds. 2 ft. in circumference. (1) If it revolves twice in a second for 1 hr. 5 m., how many miles does it travel in that time? (2) How many times must it revolve in a minute to travel 10 miles an hour ?

2. Find the value of 501 lbs. 1 oz. Avoirdupois at 168. 10}d. per oz. 3. Find the value of (1 + } + { +12)–(38-25); and

211 Simplify

of 43

312 4. Find the Greatest Common Measure of 3264, 4896, 28560; and the Least Common Multiple of 11, 22, 28, 33, 44, 56.

5. Find the Square Root of 42436, and of 41'41. 6. Find the value of .0032 X 23:45; 15.625+2.5; •03





7. Express as decimal fractions to 1150; and as

250, vulgar fractions in their lowest terms .0625, 145.

8. Reduce 2 miles I 100 yds. to the decimal of a league ; and find the amount of .325 of 1 lb. Troy.

9. If ale brewed with 3} bushels of malt costs 18. 3d. per gallon, when malt is 378. 6d. per quarter, how much must ale be per gallon brewed with 5 bushels, when malt is 318. 6d. per quarter ?

10. It is determined to remove the wainscoting which entirely covers the walls of a room that is 5 yds. square and 3 yds. 1 ft. high, and to apply it to covering the walls of another room that is 6 yds. 2 ft. long, 5 yds. 2 ft. 6 in. broad, and 8 ft. high. How much old wainscoting will be superfluous, or how much new required to complete the work?

11. (1) At what rate of interest will 7551. amount to 11321. 108. in 10 years? (2) What is the compound interest on 50l. for 3 years at 5 per cent.?

12. M. invests 8280l. cash in the 5 per cents. at 120. At the end of a year he sells out at 115, and exchanges into the 41 per cents. at go.

What is the difference in his annual income ?



[N.B. Two Propositions at least from the Second Book are

required.] 1. Define an acute angle, a diameter of a circle, a rhombus, parallel straight lines, a gnomon.

2. The angles at the base of an isosceles triangle are equal to each other ; and if the equal sides be produced, the angles on the other side of the base shall be equal.

3. Bisect a given finite straight line, that is, divide it into two equal parts.

4. If from the ends of a side of a triangle, there be drawn two straight lines to a point within the triangle, these shall be less than the other two sides of the triangle, but shall contain a greater angle.

5. The opposite sides and angles of parallelograms are equal to each other, and the diameter bisects them, that is, divides them into two equal parts.

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