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For Latin Prose.

Crassus, who had the command in that war, upon the arrival of Pompey, who, he feared, might snatch the laurels out of his hand, resolved to come to a battle. He succeeded, and killed twelve thousand three hundred of the enemy. Yet fortune gave Pompey a share in this honour also, for he killed five thousand of the slaves with whom he fell in as they fled after the battle. Immediately upon this, to be beforehand with Crassus, he wrote to the senate 'that Crassus had beaten the gladiators in a pitched battle, but that it was he who had cut up the war by the roots.' The Romans took a pleasure in speaking of this among one another, on account of their regard for Pompey; which was such that no part of the success was ascribed by them to any but him.


Grammar Paper.

1. Decline in full yóvv, åλyos, opvis, Boûs, pecten, domus, pulvis, respublica.

2. Give the future, perfect, and aorist of ovμpépw, περιπίπτω, ἐσθίω, ἀποδείκνυμι, καθίημι : and the perfect, supine, and present infinitive of ascendo, corripio, meto, negligo, emo.

3. Give the nominative and dative, singular and plural, of ἵλεως, αυτός, ἀργύρεος, neuter, quilibet.

4. Distinguish between mālus, māla, mălum; venatum, venitum, ventum ; vinxi, vixi, vici; δε, ἥδε, ἠδέ; ἦσαν, ησαν, ᾔεσαν; ἑστάναι, ἱστάναι, στῆναι; ἀφιέναι, ἀπιέναι, ἀπεῖναι, ἀφεῖναι.

5. Translate into Greek :




(1) He went on horseback from his house to the

[blocks in formation]

(2) After this he rose-up and went with them.


(3) Owing to my illness I was unable to go in the ship


over the sea.

6. Write down the following tenses in full :—
(1) Present subjunctive active of dovλów.
(2) 2 aorist indicative active of кaðíστημι.
(3) Imperfect indicative active of law.
(4) Present optative of eiμí.
(5) Imperfect subjunctive of feror.
(6) Perfect subjunctive of memini.
(7) Future of patior.

(8) Future perfect of reor.

7. Translate into Latin:—

(1) I wonder if he will tell me what I ought to do.

(2) He is too wise to refuse to do it.

(3) The battle of Pavia was fought on the 25th of February, A.D. 1525.

(4) The senators strove with all their might to prevent the law from being passed.

(5) He reached Corinth on the following night, but after remaining there three days he returned home to Athens.

8. Parse-προὔβη, ἐξόν, ἐπίσχες, στάσει, εἰργάσω, ingredere, verebare, elatis, referto, severit.

9. Translate the following sentences and explain the government of each case :

(1) Nostra interest quaerere utrum fame an per insidias perierit.

(2) Carthaginem in Africam Hannibal legatos Hispanos


(3) Copiis legatum qui omnium unus militibus maxime gratus fuit praefecit Caesar.

10. Turn the following passage into the Oratio Obliqua :

Elige ex tuis cohortem unam quam putas esse firmissimain et constitue contra me: ego autem ex meis commilitonibus, quos nunc in tua potestate tenes, non amplius decem sumam. Tunc intelliges ex virtute nostra quid ex tuis copiis sperare debeas.



1. Find the G. C. M. of 910 and 1872; and reduce 8861 to its lowest terms.


2. Find the value of of 8 of 23l. 158. 10d.; and express 41l. 138. 4d. as the fraction of 100l.

3. Divide of by ; and add


45+16+3 to 3×4.

4. Multiply 02 separately by 20.2 and 2.02; divide 11.49318 by 1906; and express .363 as a vulgar fraction.

5. Find the height of a room 15 ft. long, 12 ft. 4 in. broad, and containing 1850 cubic feet.

6. Find the wages of 10 men for 15 weeks and 51 days, at 1l. 28. 8d. per week (of 6 days) for each man.

7. Extract the square root of 259081.

8. A person buys 60 acres of land at 757. an acre. He lets 10 acres 2 roods for building land at an annual rent of 12 guineas per acre; 36 acres at a rent of 1l. 118. 6d. per acre, and receives a gross rent of 367. a year for the remainder. What is the annual nterest on the investment?

9. In what time will 2833l. 68. 8d., put out to interest at 3 per cent. (simple interest), amount to 30457. 16s. 8d.?

10. A person invests 2300l. in Three per Cent. Consols at 92; what is his income? and how will it be affected if he sell out at 90 and reinvest at Five per Cent. India Stock at 125?

11. A cistern has a supply tap which fills it in 2 hours, and a waste tap which empties it in 3 hours; how soon will the cistern be filled if both taps be set open together?

12. A and B row a race; A rows 35 strokes a minute, and moves his boat 18 feet at each stroke; B rows 33 strokes a minute, and moves his boat 20 feet at each stroke; where will A be when B has rowed a mile?


[N. B. Two Propositions at least from the Second Book are required.]

1. Define-figure, angle, circle, rectangle, complements of a parallelogram, plane superficies.

2. If one side of a triangle be produced, the exterior angle shall be greater than either of the interior opposite angles.

3. In every triangle, the square on the side subtending an acute angle, is less than the squares on the sides containing that angle, by twice the rectangle contained by either of these sides, and the straight line intercepted between the perpendicular let fall on it from the opposite angle, and the acute angle.

4. All the interior angles of any rectilineal figure, together with four right angles, are equal to twice as many right angles as the figure has sides.

5. Describe a parallelogram equal to a given rectilineal figure, and having an angle equal to a given rectilineal angle.

6. If a straight line be divided into two equal, and also into two unequal parts, the squares on the two unequal parts are together double of the square on half the line and of the square on the line between the points of section.

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