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An Ode* of Invocation on his Majesty's going to Cheltenham, to drink

the waters, July, 1788. — A translation nearly literal.

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. This ode was presented to his Majesty at Cheltenham by Ds Halifax, then Bishop of Gloucester, and the author was invited by his lordship to attend at the palace with the rest of the clergy and the corporation of the city ; when the King, the Queen, the Princess Royal, Princess Augusta, and Princess Elizabeth, were received there in a public manner, and Mr Dimock had the honour of being presented to their Majesties by the bishop: and the late provost of Eton, Dr Roberts, informed him afterwards, that the translation of the ode was set to music and performed at Windsor Castle : and Dr Butler, then Bishop of Hereford, speaks thus of it:

Dear Sir,

Hereford, July 27, 1788. I return you many thanks for the favour of your ode, which I had just Hebrew enough to read with pleasure. I concur with you in the prayer of it, and wish it may leave an impression in your favour, where you would be as well pleased to make one as I should be to see the result of it. I am, with great regard, &c.


An address of thanks from the Church, to the Right Honourable the

Lord Chancellor, on the promotion of Dr HORSLEY, now bishop of St David's, and Dr White, professor of Arabic in Oxford.

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'. See Ezra, iv. 8. + Mahomet.

This alludes to Dr Priestley, who denies the divinity of our Saviour. || See Dr Horsley's letter to Dr Priestley, which is an unanswerable confutation of Dr Priestley's arguments in favour of Socinianism; and the same very able prelate has, in many other instances, signalised himself as the firm friend of the established church. . The clergy of London in particular, whose livings are under the Fire-Act, are highly obliged to his lordship for his very powerful support of their petition for an increase of tithes, in the house of lords. See, also, Dr White's Bampton lectures.


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A thanksgiving Ode on his Majesty's happy recovery, April 23, 1789.

Let all the land praise Jehovah, for he batlı done wonderful things for us. Sing unto God a new song, for his mercy towards us is very great.

תודה יהוה כל הארף כי לנו עשה נפלאות: שירו לאל שיר החדש כי לנו חסדו רב מאך

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Since Jehovah hath heard our prayer, bis praise shall ever be in our mouths : since he remember'd us in the time of trouble, we will daily glorify his name.

כי תפלתנו יהוה שמע תהלתו תמיד בפינו : כי זכרנו בעת צרה השמו נכבד כל היום :

A sacred Ode on the marriage of the Duke of York with Frederica

Charlotte Ulrica Catharina, daughter of the King of Prussia, September 29, .1791.

When Jehovah had created Adam, and placed him in the garden of Eden,* he blessed him exceedingly, and gave him a virtuous wife. +

כי האדם יהוה ברא ויניחהו בגן עדן ההוא ברוך ברך אתו ולו נתן אשה טובה :

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,Now ye are joined in hand and heart נא דבוקים ביד ולב...

: walk in the ways of Jeliovah

, like our לכו בכל דרכי יהוה . ' כמלכנו טוב ומלכה י'; gracious king and queen

blessed with peace
אשרי בשלום ושלוה :

and prosperity.

Blessed may ye be with the fruit of the womb! For this is the gift of God.* May your sons and daughters be as the olive-trees round about your table!t

תברכו בפרי בטן כי זה שכר מאלהים: תהיו בניכם ובנות כזיתים סביב שלחנכם:

Being full of years, may you go down

; to the grave in peace

sitting at the

right hand of God, may you enjoy pleasures for evermore!||

אתם שבעים בשנים בשלום תרדו לקבר ויושבים בימין אל נעימים לעולם תראו :

A sacred Ode on the marriage of his Royal Highness George PRINCE

of Wales, with the Princess CAROLINE of BrunswIC, April 25, 1795. — A literal translation.

... happy isle! above all the nations that are upon the earth! rejoice now with thy heart and voice; I bring very good tidings.

אשרי האי מכל גוים אשר היו על הארץ. שמח נא בלבן וקול שמע טוב בשרתי מאד:

the first
born beloved son of

the best -king and queen hath this day
taken a wife, the desirable daughter of a
man of renown.
• Deut. xxviii. 4, Ps. cxxvii. 3. + Ps. cxxviii. 4. 2 Kings, xxii. 204

$ The Duke of Brunswic.

הנה בכור הבן ידיך המלך ומלכה טובים היום הזה לקח אשה . חבת חמלה האיש השם :

Ps. xvi. 11.


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