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f^fjkji I shall take this to the post-office.
Mamma says you will get it.
I have the very best mamma

you ever saw!
She is writing* this letter for me.
I can not write so much.
v* Now good bye, dear Santa Claus.
Please send the dolly!

Your loving little friend,

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Santa sends you this dear doll

Rather than a letter. Love her, Edith; all in all,

Santa has no hetter!

Always kind and always good,

Be, my dear, to dolly; Finding fault and being rude

Is the worst of folly.

Gentlv treat her all the time;

Happy be to tend her; Harshness is next thing to crime,

So, dear child, be tender.

Softly sing and speak but low;

Always be a lady; That's the way good mothers do

Taking care of baby!

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I am glad I sent

that doll to Edith! She is a good child, a little lady. I never saw her

angry or rude. She never

finds fault. Such tilings are the worst of folly! Edith treats her doll so gently! She is like a good little mother. To me, harshness is next to a crime. What a happy time Christmas is! I am glad I am Santa Claus. Merry, merry Christmas to all!

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I think when I read that sweet story of old,

When Jesus was here among men,

How He called little children as lambs to His fold,

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