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Once there was a little mouse.
His name was Creepy-Crawly.
He went creeping, creeping,
all through the house.
One day Creepy-Crawly saw a cat.
The cat was asleep—fast asleep.
She was on a braided mat.

Creepy-Crawly saw the braided mat.
Then he saw the cat.
Creepy-Crawly said "Oh, oh, oh!
That is a cat — a big cat!
I am glad she is asleep.
I do not like cats.
I will run home.
Good-bye, old cat!"
The cat did not see Creepy-Crawly.
She did not hear Creepy-Crawly.
She was fast asleep
all the time.


(Paper cutting or brush work.)


Creepy-Crawly was a mouse, ^J^>

Creeping, crawling, through the house.

Blinky-Winky was a cat,
Sleeping on a braided mat.

Creepy-Crawly found the cat
Fast asleep upon the mat.

Blinky-Winky did not hear,
Did not know a mouse was near.

Mousie thought he would not stay,
So he softly ran away.

"Cats are bad to mice," said he
"And at home I'll safer be." 4-

* See preface.


Fie! old Blinky-Winky, fie!

Cats should sleep with but one eye!

Don't you know, you sleepy cat,
That your mother told you that?

Yet, to-day you slept right on;
Never knew the mouse had gone!

Safe are all the mice from you,
For you nothing, nothing, do!

But I'm glad they get away,
For they like to live and play,

Just the same as you or I; —
Blinky-Winky cat, good bye!

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