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Do you see us?

I am Sport.

This is Roger.

He is a baby.

I am his dog.

I love Roger.

Roger loves
me, too.

I can run fast. I can jump, too.
A baby can not run or jump.
I take good care of Roger.
Will you be good to Roger?
Then I will be good to you.

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Can't you talk, doggie?

Can't you talk to me?

I love you, doggie.

Do you love me?

Poor old doggie! You can't talk.

But I know you love me.



Sakah E. Spkague. G. A. Grant-schaefer.

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Here is Ba - by-kin's gay lit - tie ball;

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O - ver and o - ver, a - cross the floor,

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O - ver and o - ver a - gain once more.

* See preface.


Back to Babykin, now roll the ball,
To her hands so soft and small;

Now, dear Babykin, toss it on high!
Make it like a birdie fly,

Over and over, across the floor,
Over and over again, once more.

Catch it, Babykin, gay little ball!

Catch the ball so round and small.

Throw it, Babykin! There, let it go,
Far as baby hands can throw,

Over and over, across the floor,


ver and over again, once more


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Oh, I am so happy!

Our baby has come home.

I am the baby's dog, Flash,

Our baby can not walk.

Our baby can not talk.

But he can sit up.

Do you know our baby?

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