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Count these little chickens. One, two, three, four, live, six,

seven, eight, nine, ten —

ten little chickens;

ten pretty chickens;

ten pretty, little,

white chickens.

One little, two little,
Three little chickens;
Four little, five little,
Six little chickens;
Seven little, eight little,
Nine-little chickens;
Ten little chickens white!

Are they Anna's chicks?

Are they not the hen's chicks?

"What does Anna say?

What does the white hen say?

Anna says: "My little chicks."


The white hen says: No, no. They are my chicks—

my pretty chicks." What do the chicks say? "Who knows best? The white hen knows best. The white hen is the mother. And mothers know best.

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(Read silently. Follow by action.)

Count "One, two, three."
Count "Four, five, six."
Count "Seven, eight, nine."
Count "Seven, eight, nine, ten."

Count to three.
Count to four.
Count to five.
Count to six.


Count the white buds.
Count the white blossoms.
Count the yellow daisies.
Count the yellow'buds.

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Angry little pussies,
One, two, and three,

Angry little pnssies,
What do you see?

Said the angry pussies,
One, two, and three,

There's a very rude dog;
That's what we see!'"

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