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See the yellow daisies. The daisies are Helen's. Anna has white daisies. Yellow daisies are pretty. The little white daisies are pretty, too.


(Drill oil new words hereafter as in previous lessons.


Find the daisr buds. Find the daisy steins. Find the daisy blossoms. Count all the blossoms.

Count all the buds.

Yellow daisies have

yellow crowns.

White daisies have

white crowns.

These crowns are pretty.

All the stems are green.

All the leaves are green.

Little Helen's daisies

have yellow crowns.

Little Anna's daisies have white crowns.

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Busy men, busy men, Are the baby's fingers ten.

Now they stand very high, Pointing straight to the sky;

Now they bend very low, Showing four in a row;

And the tlmmbkins we hide, Safe as can be inside.

See preface.


"Humpty Dumpty
Sat on a wall.
Humpty Dumpty

Had a great fall. All the king's horses

And all the king's men, Couldn't put Humpty Dumpty

Back there again."

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