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Higher Local.


A.D. 1770-1830.
1. Translate into English :-

Entriuwen, mîn vrou Kriemhilt, des ist vil manec tac
deich hort der Nibelunge níené gepflac,
den heizen mîne herren senken in den Rîn ;
dâ muoz er wærlîche anz an daz júngéste sîn.
Dô sprach diu küneginne : ich hân's ouch gedâht.
ir habet mir's noch vil wênic her ze lande brâht,
swie’r mîn eigen wäre und ich sîn wîlen pflac,

des hân ich alle zîte vil manigen trurigen tac. (i) Give the old singular form of herren. Show how the above form of zîte explains the declension of the modern word Zeit.

2. Prefix the definite article to the following words :-Befehl, Befehlen, Arbeit, Wirken, Gewirk: account for the gender of each, and illustrate your rules by ten examples of each.

3. Translate Wilhelm Tell, Act I., Sc. i.
(i) Decline the nouns in the first 12 lines of this scene.
3. Translate:

“ The whole assembly rose and stood on their feet, and then for the first time set their admiring gaze on Constantine, the Conqueror, the August, the Great. He entered. His towering stature, his strong-built frame, his broad shoulders, his handsome features, were worthy of his grand position. There was a brightness in his look and a mingled expression of fierceness and gentleness in his lion-like eye, which well became one who, as Augustus before him, had fancied, and perhaps still fancied, himself to be the favourite of the Sun-god Apollo."

5. Write a short essay on the Faust of Goethe, (i) narrating the story, (ii) treating it as a type of “the duality of human nature,” (iii) discussing its literary merits.

6. Write a very brief résumé of the Literature of this period. 7. What do you know of the brothers Schlegel ?

8. Name the author and work to which the following allude :- Karl Moor, Mephistopheles, Sintram, Thekla, Leonora, Marquis Posa, the Cranes of Ibycus.



Junior, Senior, and Higher Local.


Junior Work, Nos. 1-9 inclusivé.
Senior Work, Nos. 3—13 inclusive.
Higher Local Work, Nos. 5—16 inclusive.

ini 1. Explain the terms unit, digit, H.C.F., L.C.M., factor, prime number, square root, mixed fraction.

2. The quotient of a certain sum is 10880, the dividend is 95642371, and the remainder 7171 ; required the divisor.

3. The fore wheel of a carriage is 11 feet in circumference, and the hind wheel 161 feet; how many more revolutions will the one have to make than the other in a journey of 118 miles ?

4. An employer pays 34 workmen, of whom 10 receive 125. 2żd. each per week, 12 receive 18$. 71d. each, and 12 receive £1 178. 74d. each per week ; how much does he expend in wages during the year? 5. Simplify :

(i) .000345 - 00000005.
(ii) 2345600 - 0025.
(iii) 3.1 x 5:49.


of 1.56 • of 6. 1:3

.05 6. Express 13s. 103d., as the decimal of a guinea, and reduce of cwt. to drams. 7. Simplify : 1

.615 (i) 4 +



3 +


of 13+

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2 +



(i) (of 278.)+(of 1 of £4)-(1of 10s.) + (1x=13 of 2s. 62 )

8. Show by Unitary Method that if 7 horses can be kept 20 days for £14, 40 horses can be kept 7 days for £28.


9. Simplify 72.0164 + 71280995681.

10. Compare the simple and compound interest on £3,974 12s. 6d., at the end of 5 years at 33%.

11. If the carriage of 364 lbs. for 286 miles cost 7s. 9d., how far would 16871. lbs. be carried for the same money ?

12. At what rate % per annum would £380 4s. 2d., amount to £385 16s. 8d., from Jan. 1st to April 30th, 1872, at simple interest? 13. The incomes of two men are in the proportion of

The former pays £24 18s. 6d., income tax at 6d., what are their respective incomes ?

14. A square tank 54 feet in length will hold 5 tons of water, required the depth of the tank.

N.B.—1000 oz. = 1 cubic foot.

15. The sum of £86,000 is to be divided among a wife, 4 sons and 5 daughters, in such a manner that a son's share is twice as large as a daughter's, and the wife's share is of a son's share. What did each receive ?

16. Two stations A and B are 180 miles apart. An express train travelling at the rate of 40 miles an hour, leaves A at 3.35, a slow train leaves B at 3.40, travelling at the rate of 25 miles and having to stop 5 minutes at intermediate stations placed 15 miles apart. At what time, and at what distance from A and B, will the trains pass each other?


14 4

1. 62914432,

2. 3 x 2 x 5x7 ; 3 x 7x7 ; 5x5x7; 3x3 x 7 x 5. 3. 15.

4. 47 acres, 2 roods, 16 po. 16 sq. yds. ; £119 08. 311d. 5. 535, 74, 275, 133870.

6. £16 188. 104d. 7. (i); (ii) 1; (iii) 81%. 8. £20. 9. 55:1 ; £26 178. 6d, 10. 5.

11. (i) 60, 90 ; (ii) £45 158. 0%id., £34 6s. 317; £27 98. 04d., £22 178. 63fd., £19 12s. 119d. 12, 148. 71.

13. 3962.

14. 40 days. 15. (i) £50. (ii) £6,026 13s. 4d.

16. 177 8 5:25 17 bushels.


ERRATUM. Question 14, p. 166, should be supplemented by the following :-supposing 1 man to equal 5 boys,


Junior, Senior, and Higher Local.

Junior Work, Nos. 1-8 inclusive.
Senior Work, Nos. 5-12 inclusive.
Higher Local Work, Nos. 9—16 inclusive.

1. Draw a straight line perpendicular to a given straight line of unlimited length from a given point without it.

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2. Define and derive the word geometry. State briefly what you know of Euclid himself.

3. Define a circle, a radius, a diameter, an arc, a chord, a segment, a semi-circle, a quadrant.

4. If two triangles have two sides of the one equal to two sides of the other, each to each, but the base of the one greater than the base of the other; then the angle contained by the sides of that which has the greater base, shall be greater than the angle contained by the sides equal to them, of the other,

5. To a given straight line apply a parallelogram, which shall be equal to a given triangle, and have one of its angles equal to a given rectilineal angle.

6. Divide the area of a circle into three equal parts, which shall also have equal perimeters.

7. If a straight line be divided into any two parts, the squares on the whole line and on one of the parts shall be equal to twice the rectangle contained by the whole and that part, together with the square on the other part.

8. If two circles touch one another internally, the straight line which joins their centres, being produced, shall pass through the point of contact.

9. Describe an eqnilateral and equiangular pentagon about a given circle.


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10. If a straight line falling on two other straight lines, make the exterior angle equal to the interior and opposite angle on the same side of the line, or make the interior angles on the same side together equal to two right angles, the two straight lines shall be parallel to one another.

11. Divide a given straight line into two parts, so that the rectangle contained by the whole and one of the parts shall be equal to the square on the other part.

12. One circle cannot touch another at more points than one, whether it touches on the inside or outside.

13. Describe a square about a given circle.

14. On a given straight line construct a triangle, so that the three angles are in the proportion of 2 :3 : 4.

15. Parallelograms about the diameter of any parallelogram are similar to the whole parallelogram and to one another.

16. Erect a straight line at right angles to a given plane, from a given point in the same.

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