Ordnance Survey of the County of Londonderry, Volume 1

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Published for H. M. Government, Hodges and Smith, 1837 - Derry (Northern Ireland) - 336 pages
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Page 233 - ... of the countrey inviolable, and to deliver up the succession peaceably to his Tanist, and then hath a wand delivered unto him by some whose proper office that is ; after which, descending from the stone, he turneth himself round, thrice forwards and thrice backwards. " Eudox. But how is the Tanist chosen ? " Iren. They say he setteth but one foot upon the stone, and receiveth the like oath that the captaine did.
Page 92 - ADVERTISEMENT The reader may find some faults in this play, which my illness prevented the amending of; but there is great amends made in the representation, which cannot be matched, no more than the friendly and indefatigable care of Mr. Wilks, to whom I chiefly owe the success of the play.
Page 75 - In flat opposition to these, I declare once more, that I live and die a member of the Church of England: and that none who regard my judgment or advice will ever separate from it.
Page 8 - ... began to luxuriate. This, absorbing a large quantity of water, and continuing to shoot out new plants above, while the old were decaying, rotting, and compressing into a solid substance below, gradually replaced the water by a mass of vegetable matter. In this manner the marsh might be filled up, while the central or moister portion, continuing to excite a more rapid growth of the moss, it would be...
Page 63 - The king," says Tillotson, in a letter dated April 1689, " besides his first bounty to Mr. Walker, whose modesty is equal to his merit, hath made him bishop of Londonderry, one of the best bishoprics in Ireland ; that so he may receive the reward of that great service in the place where he did it. It is incredible how much every body is pleased with what the king hath done in this matter ; and it is no small joy to me to see, that God directs him to do wisely.
Page 256 - Lords spiritual and temporal, in parliament assembled, do humbly represent unto your majesty that the growing manufacture of cloth in Ireland, both by the cheapness of all sorts of necessaries of life and goodness of materials for making all manner of cloth, doth invite your subjects of England, with their families and servants, to leave their habitations to settle there, to the increase of the woollen manufacture in Ireland, which makes your loyal subjects in this kingdom very apprehensive that...
Page 83 - House has met before that day, or will meet on the day of the issue), issue his warrant to the clerk of the Crown to make out a new writ for electing another member in the room of the member whose seat has so become vacant.
Page 39 - Derry, two hundred houses should be built, and room to be left for three hundred more ; and that four thousand acres, lying on the Derry side, next adjacent to the Derry, should be laid thereunto, bog and barren mountain to be no part thereof, but to go as waste for the City : the same to be done by indifferent commissioners.
Page 75 - We had a piece of boiled beef and an. English pudding: this is true good breeding. The Bishop is entirely easy and unaffected in his whole behaviour, exemplary in all parts of public worship, and plenteous in good works.
Page 43 - Parliament, (amongst other things,) that the 'sentence in the Star Chamber was unlawful and unjust; that the Citizens of London, and all those against whom the judgment was so given, in the scire facias, should be discharged of that judgment; and that both the Citizens of London, and those of the new Plantation, and all undertenants, and all those put out of possession, should be restored to the same estate, which they were in before the said sentence in the Star Chamber, and it will appear hereafter,...

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