Chronicles of the Picts, Chronicles of the Scots: And Other Early Memorials of Scottish History

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H. M. General register house, 1867 - Picts - 499 pages

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Page 404 - ... and they would have as their standard at the head of every battle the crozier of Columcille, for which reason it is called the Cathbhuaidh from that time forth ; and this was a befitting name for it, for they have often gained victory in battles by means of it, as they did afterwards at that time when they put their trust in Columcille.
Page lix - Lochleven." 33. CHRONICLE OP HUNTINGDON. — In the year chronicle or TIT 11 TV Huntingdon. 1290, writs were addressed by Edward the rirst to the cathedrals and principal monasteries throughout England, commanding them to search their chronicles and archives for all matters relating to Scotland, and to transmit the same to the king under their common seals.
Page clvii - ... in relation to the observance of Easter, and submitted, together with his people, to celebrate the catholic time of our Lord's resurrection.
Page 112 - Egredere de terra tua, et de cognatione tua, et de domo patris tui, et veni in terram quam monstrabo tibi.
Page 10 - Mailcunus magnus rex apud Brittones regnabat, id est, in regione Guenedotae, quia atavus illius, id est, Cunedag, cum filiis suis, quorum numerus octo erat, venerat prius de parte sinistrali, id est, de regione quae vocatur Manan Guotodin, centum quadraginta sex annis antequam Mailcun regnaret, et Scottos cum ingentissima clade expulerunt ab istis regionibus, et nusquam reversi sunt iterum ad habitandum.
Page 131 - Donnchada, qui fait nepos Malcolaim filii Cinada, filii Maelcolaim, filii Domnaill, filii Constantin, filii Cinacha, filii Alpin, filii Echach, filii Eda-find, filii Echadach, filii Echach, filii Domongrat, filii Domnailbric, filii Echach-buide, filii Edan, filii Gabran, filii Domangrat, filii Fergusa, filii Eire, filii Echach-muinremuir, filii Oengus-aphir, filii Fedelinthe-aislingig, filii Oengusa-buiding, filii Fedelinthe-ruamnaich, filii Senchormaic, filii Cruitlinde, filii Findfece, filii Achircir,...
Page 128 - Fergus filius Eric ipse fuit primus qui de semine Chonare suscepit regnum Alban, id est, a monto Brunalban usque ad mare Hibernie et ad Inchegall.
Page 4 - Brigide, usque ad d1em judicii, cum suis finibus, que posite sunt a lapide in Apurfeirt usque ad lapidem juxta Ceirfuill, id est, Lethfoss, et inde in altum usque ad Athan.
Page cvi - They were themselves divided into the Northern and the Southern Picts — the latter occupying the territory corresponding to the counties of Perth, Fife, Forfar, and Kincardine. At the moment when they first Roman implements found at Newstead.
Page lxxviii - The fourth summer3 was spent in securing the country which had been overrun; and if the valour of the army and the glory of the Roman name had permitted it, our conquests would have found a limit within Britain itself. For the tides of the opposite seas, flowing very far up the estuaries of Clota and...

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