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Historical Sketch, General Characteristics — POETRY FROM 1700 TO

1745: Pope, Sketch of his Literary Life; Addison, Gay, Parnell, Swift,
Thomson, Prior, Garth, Blackmore, Defoe, Tickell, Savage, Dyer, A.
Philips, J. Philips, Watts, Ramsay — THE DRAMA: Addison, Rowe,
Thomson, Young, Southern, Steele - Prose Comedy: Farquhar, Vari-
brugh, Cibber, Centlivre, Gay - LEARNING, 1700–1745: Bentley, Lard-


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Definition of Literature – Poetry and Prose Writings — Classification

of Poetical Compositions -EPIC POETRY: the “ Paradise Lost” – DRA-
MATIC POETRY: its Kinds; Shakspeare, Addison, Ben Jonson, Milton

– HEROIC POETRY: “The Bruce,” “The Canipaign” – Mock-Heroic
Poems: Pope's “Rape of the Lock," Garth's “Dispensary”– NAR-
RATIVE POETRY: 1. Romances: “Sir Isumbras;” 2. Tales: Chaucer
and the Canterbury Tales, Falconer, Crabbe, Parnell; 3. Allegories:
“Vision of Piers Plowman,” “Flower and the Leaf,” Spenser's "Fae-
ry Queen,”

,“Castle of Indolence;” Fables: Gay, Mrs. Thrale, Mer-

4. Romantic Poems: Scott's “ Lay" and others; Byron's Orien-
tal Tales; “Lalla Rookh;” 5. Historical Poems: Rhyming Chroniclers;
Dryden's Annus Mirabilis" - DIDACTIC POETRY: “The Hind and
Panther;” “Essay on Man;” “Essay on Criticismı; “Vanity of
Human Wishes” – SATIRICAL POETRY: of three Kinds, Moral, Per-
sonal, Political; Satires of Donne, Hall, and Swift; Pope's Satires,


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