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423. Eights. The Prayer of the repenting Backslider,

H! give me, Lord, myself to fee,

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Hów weak am I, when left by thee,

How frail, how apt to fall away;
If but a moment thou withdraw,
That moment sees me break thy law.
Jesus, the fipner's only trust,

Let me now feel thy grace infus'd;
Ah!! raise a captive from the duft,

Nor break a reed already bruis'd!
Visit me, 'Lord, id peace again,
Nor let me seek thy face in vain.
O gracious Lord, now let me find

Peace and salvation in thy name;
Be thou the eye-fight of the blind,

The staff and ancles.of the lame; My lifter up whene'er I fall, My ftrengh, my portion, and my all. iv Let thy meek mind descend on me,

Thy Holy Spirit from above! Aflift me, Lord, to follow thee,

Drawn by th' endearing cords of love; Made perfect by thy cleansing blood, Completely savid and born of God.


C. M.
Imploring the Presence of God.

LORDyilda blend the beauteous face!

And angels round the throne will say

'Tis all the heav'n they know..
A glimpfe--a Gngle glimpse of thee

Would more delight my soul
Than this vain world, with all its joys,

Could I possess the whole.

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The Lord bath laid on him the Iniquity of us all.


CHARG'D with the complicated load

1. Of all his people's debt, By faith I see the Lamb of God

Expire beneath its weight.
My guilt, transferr'd from me to him,
Shall never more be found

; ; Loft in his blood's atoning stream,

And in that fountain drown'd."
My mighty fins to thee are known;

But mightier still is He,
Who laid his life a ransom down,

And pleads his death for me.

FORGIVE the song that falls so low
Beneath the gratitude Lore !
It means thy praise, however poofs :
And Serapb-tongues can do no more.

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LL hail I the blissful zera's come. :- 62

All the Lord's honor'd chosen race 86
Alas! by nature how deprav'd 87
Awake my beart, arise my tongue 92
Affiliated saint, to Christ draw near 110
A voice the lonely desert chears 116
A friend there is--your voices join. 127
As on the cross the Savior lung 133
Angels, roll the rock away.

Awake, sweet gratitude, and sing 156
All ye to whom the Savior's dear 164
All-Hail the great Immanuel's name 178
All that

Array'd in mortal flesh



Awake our fouls, away our fears 271
Aloud I cried-aloud I pray'd . 275
Awake, our drowly fouls

All ye that love Immanuel' 363
Altho' the vine its fruit deny

A voice shall foon be heard.

Ah! give me Lord myself to fee 428



pass by

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love is gone


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a 158

B Bless'd be the Father, and bis Love ... 6 Begio my tongue, some heav'nly theme 26 Believers, of mercy alone ·

83 Blessed are the fops of God.

88 Blow

trumpet, blow

Behold the woman's promis'd seed 115
Behold, tbe blind their bigbt receive 123
Bleft angels aid us with your foog : 142
Beyond the glitt'ring starry tkies 150
Bebold the Hebrew propher raise
Behold the mighty Savior comes

162 Bury'd in shadows of the night 393 Bless'd Jesus! when my foaring thoughts218 Behold the wretch whofe luft and wine 242 Be wiib me, Lord, where'er I go 6 -261 Behold how finners disagree

272 Brought safely by his hand thus far 4282 Before thy throne, eternal King Blessed are the dead who reft 389 Brethren, let us look around 907423


c Come, ye that know and fear the Lord 27 Creation's works in all their forms. 35 Christ bath, bleffings to impart. - 103 Come, guilty fouls, and flee away 105 Come, ye finners, vile and wretched. 106 Courage my soul; Jehovah speaks Chrift knows the heights of hearinly 5.0 bliss

132 Come tune ye faints, popr.nobleft ]

ftrains Christ is risen from the deados tiem


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Come, all harmonious tongues 148
Christ is the fure foundation-stone 163
Come, ye that love the Savior's name 171
Compar'd with Chrift, in all beside . 177
Come heav'nly Love, inspire my fong 18%
Chrift is th' eternal Rock

"3 194
Come, Holy Spirit, come

Come, Holy Spirit, heav'nly Dove 199
Children of the beav'nly King

zen. 208
ye that love the Lord

Come, thou fount of ev'ry blessing s0235
Come, O thou universal Good by bi 284
Come, thou desire of all thy saints": 7303
Come, my foul, thy fuit prepare

Come, thou foul transforming Spirit.-316
Come from.on bigh, my King and God 360
Courage may foul ! behold. tlie prize
Come Lord, and warm each languid

Come, humble fouls, ye mourners,

Chrift, as our great Physician, heals 422
Charg'd with the complicated load 430

Do thou, my soul, in facred lays 20
Deceiv'd by subtle snares of hell 41
Deep in the doft before thy throne 43
Do not I love thee, O Lord

Dear refuge of my weary soul 260
Dcar Shepherd of thy people, hear. 297
Dearest Savior, help thy servant 314
Dilmiss us with thy blefling Lord 322
Dear Lord, and will thy pard"ning love 354

- 416



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