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O thou gracious, wife, and juft,
In thy hands my life I truft:
Have I fomewbat dearer ftill?
I refign it to thy will.
May I always own thy hand-
Still to the surrender stand :
Know that thou art God alone,
I and mine are all thy own.
Thee, at all times, may I bless;
Having thee, I all potress :
How can I bereaved be,
Since I cannot part with thee.
67. 8.7. WHITEFIELD's Col. altered.

Love Divine.
OVE divine, all love excelling,

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Fix in us thy humble dwelling,

All thy faithful mercies crown: Jefus, thou art all compatiion,

Pure, unbounded love thou art; Vifit us with thy falvation,

Enter ev'ry trembling heart ! Breathe! O breathe thy loving Spirit

Into ev'ry troubled breast! Let us all in thee inherit

Peace, and joy, and holy reft :
Take away the love of finding,

Alpha and Omega be,
End of faith, as its beginning,

Set our fouls at liberty.

Come! Almighty to deliver

Let us life and pow'r receive !
Come, possess our hearts, and never,

Never more thy temples leave !
Thee we would be always blessing,

Serve thee as thine lofts above,
Bless and praise thee, without ceasing,

Glory in thy precious love.
Carry on thy new creation,

Happy, holy may we be !
Let us see our whole salvation

Perfectly secur'd by thee :
Chang'd from glory into glory,

'Till in heav'n we take our place;
'Till we cast our crowns before thee,

Loft in wonder, love, and praise !
68. C. M. Altered by TOPLADY.

Unchangeable Love.
UR God, how firm his promise stands,

E'en when he hides his face !'
He trusts in our Redeemer's hands,

His glory and his grace. Then why, my soul, these sad complaints,

Since Christ and we are one?
Thy God is faithful to his saints,

Is faithful to his Son.
Beneath his smiles my heart bath liv’d,

And part of heav'n possess’d;
I thank him for the grace receiv'd,

And truft him for the rest.

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Jefus, my God, I know his name;

His name is all my truit:
He will not put my soul to thame,

Nor let my hope be loft.
Firm as his throne, bis promise stands;

And he can well fecure
What I've committed to his hands,

Till the decifive hour.
Then will he own my worthless name

Before his Father's face ;
And in the new Jerusalem

Allgo my foul a place.
69. S. M. DODDRIDGE, altered.



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RACE! 'tis a charming found,

Harmonious to the ear :
Heav'n with the echo shall resound,

And all the earth shall hear.
"T'was grace that wrote my name,

In God's eternal Book :
'Twas grace that gave me to the Lamb,

Who all my sorrows took.
Grace taught my foul to pray,

And made my eyes o'erflow:
'Twas grace which kept me to this day,

And will not let me go.
'Tis from abounding grace,

I daily draw fupplies ;
Grace is the never-ceafing spring

Of all my swelling joys.

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And when I meet my Lord,

And join the glorious throng, Grace shall constrain my soul to sing, And grace shall be my long.

70. L. M. Watts's P. The Covenant of Grace : 07, the true David. FI VOR ever may my song record

The truth and mercy of the Lord; Mercy and truth for ever ftand, Like heav'n, establish'd by his band. Thus to his Son he sware and said, “ With thee my cov'nant first was made; “ In thee shall dying finners live,

Glory and grace are thine to give. “ Be thou my prophet, thou my priest ;

Thy children shall be ever blest ; “ Thou art my chosen King: thy throne “ Shall stand eternal like my own. “ There's none of all my sons above “ So much my image or my love; “ Celestial pow'rs thy subjects are; • Then what can earth to thee compare? “ David my fervant, whom I chose “ To guard my flocks, to crush my foes, “ And rais'd im to the Jewish throne, Was but a shadow of my Son.” Now let the Church rejoice and sing, Jesus her Savior, and her King : Angels his heav'nly wonders show, And saints declare his works below.


71, L. M.


God's Covenant uncbangeable; or, the Rainbow

round about tbe Tbrone.

UPREME of Beings, with delight

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And trace with admiration sweet
The beaming 1plendors of thy feet.
Jasper and sapphire strive in vain
To paint the glories of thy train ;
Thy robes all stream eternal light,
Too pow'rful for a cherub's fight.
Yet round thy throne the rainbow shines;
Fair emblem of thy kind designs;
Bright pledge, that speaks thy cov'nant sure
Long as thy kingdom thall endure.
No more shall deluges of woe
Thy pew-created world o'erflow;
Jesus, our Sun, his beams displays,
And gilds the clouds with beauteous rays.

gems so bright, no forms so fair ;
Mercy and truth ftill triumph there ;
Thy saints shall bless the peaceful fign,
When stars and sups forget to shine.
E'en here, while storms and gloomy shade,
And horrors all the scene o'erspread,
Faith views the throne with piercing eye,
And boasts the rainbow ftill is nigh.

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