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We'll meet the scandal and the shame, And fing and triumph in his nane.

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LL hail ! the blissful aera's come!

Let songs immortal rise !
Salvation free falutes our ears,

And light divine our eyes.
The gospel brings a sov'reign balm

To ev'ry wounded soul;
Restores the dying man to life,

And makes the finner whole, What kings and prophets with d to fee;

And waited long to prove !
With ecstafy our souls embrace,

While we adore and love.
Bebold the poor, the fick, the blind,

Have riches, health and fight!
Where mental darkness veil'd the mind,

Behold celestial light!
Now deftitute and starving fouls,

Partake of angels' food,
The bread of life divinely free,

And ev'ry needful good.
While these glad tidings are reveal'd,

May finners hear and live;
Welcome the blessings, and with joy

To God the glory give!

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ESTS. ve biets ir tither's name; What we giv bieszagy from his throne Flow town marsthrough his Soo! * Chrit be my tri elech," he faid; Thien cacte our jais en Caritt our head; Before be give the reacties birth, Or wificadas ice the earth. Tous decerrel lore begin To as epirun deata and fin; Qur cirkiers Kere then decreed,

Bijtrees ia ieve, aa boly iced.” Predestinated to be roos, bern br degrees but cboie at once ; A new regenerated race, To praiie the glory of his grace. With Chritt our Lord we thare our part la the atëdtions of his heart: Nor thail our fouls be thence remord, Till be forgeis bis örti belor d. 04. L. M. B-M.

WAS fix d in God's eternal mind,

From everlasting he decreed,
When ev'ry good should be convey'd :
Determin'd was the manner how
We should be brought the Lord to know;
Yea, he decreed the very place,
Where he would call us by his grace.'
Also the means were fix'd upon,
Thro' which his sov’reign love should run ;
So time, and place, yea, means, and mode,
Were all determin'd by our God.
Vaft were the settlements of grace
On millions of the human race :
And ev'ry favor richly giv'n
Flows from the high decrees of heav'n.
In ev'ry mercy, full and free,
Th' appointing God I wish to see;
To see how grace, free-grace has reign'd
In ev'ry bletting he ordaind.
Yes, dearest Lord, 'tis my desire,
Thy wife appointments to admire ;
And trace the footsteps of


Thro' ev'ry part of Zion's road.
L. M.

Election in, and Union with, Chrift, the Source

of every Blefing XPAND, my soul, arise and sing

The matchless grace of Zion's King; Whose love, as ancient as his name, Let all thy pow'rs aloud proclaim.


'Twas he, eternal ages past
Form'd his great plan from first to last:
And what his arm would c'er fulfil,
Stood ever present to bis will.
He saw with one capacious glance,
World upon world to life advance;
And fix'd the end, e'er time began,
Of seraph, reptile, and of man.
Of man, chief work of all below,
What wonders are we led to know !
Wonders furpaffing angels'ken
Are by our God reveal'd to men.
Grace, deep as the eternal mind,
Unutterable bliss defign’d
For man; e'er worlds, or fin, were born,
Or angels fang creation's morn.
Chosen of old, of old approv'd ;
In Cbrift th' eternal Son belov'd;
Adopted too, and children made,
E er fin its banefal poifon spread.
Though sin and guilt infeft them here,
In Chrift they all complete appear;
For all that justice e'er demands,
Receiv'd full payment from his hands.
In him the Father never saw
The least tranfgreffion of his law:
Perfection, then, in hini we view
His faints, in him, are perfect too.

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Then let our souls in humble praise,
To Jesus lasting anthems raise ;
And love eternal be our song,
As endless ages roll along.

66. Sevens. RYLAND. Predestination; or, My times are in tby Hands.

OV'REIGN Ruler of the skies,

Ever gracious, ever wise ;
All my times are in thy hand,
All events at thy command.
His decrees, who form'd the earth,

firit and second birth :
Parents, native-place, and time,
All appointed were by him.
He that form'd me in the womb,
He thall guide me to the tomb :
All my

times shall ever be
Order'd by his wise decree.
Times of fickness, times of health;
Times of pepury and wealth :
Times of trial and of grief;
Times of triumph and relief.
Times the tempter's pow'r to prove :
Times to taste a Savior's love:
All must come, and last, and end,
As thall please my heavn'ly friend.
Plagues and deaths around me fly ;
Till he bids, I cannot die :
Not a single shaft can hit,
Till the God of love fees fit.

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