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53. Sevens. NEWTOS. But ve zre come to Mount Zion, c. POT to Sinai 3 dc- blaze ;

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And thus, on Jordan's yonder side,

The tribes of Israel stand,
While Moses bow'd his head, and died,

Short of the promis'd land.
Israel, rejoice! for Joshua leads;

He'll bring the tribes to rest :
So far the Savior's name exceeds
The ruler and the priest.

55. C. M. HART, altered.
For as many as are of the Works of the Law,

are under the Curse.
Ow can ye hope deluded souls,

To see what none e'er saw
Salvation by the works obtain'd

Of Sinai's fiery law ?
It fin reveals, it worketh wrath,

But can no mercy show :
All breakers of this law are curs'd,

And that in justice too.
This curse pertains to those who break

One precept, e'er so small :
And where's the man, in thought or deed,

That has not broken all ?
Fly then, awaken'd finners, fly,

Your case admits no stay;
The fountain's open'd now for fin,

Come wash your guilt away.
See how from Jesus' wounded fide,

The water flows and blood ;

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Sevens. BRADFORD's Col.

The Gospel


THIS is gospel ; this alone:

All, who for redemption groan,
All, who feel the weight of fin,
All, who languish to be clean,
All, who see themselves undone,
May take refuge in the Son;
And in him remiffion have,
Who can to the utmost fave.

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Je whom feraphim obey

ESUS, th' eternal Son of God,

The bosom of the Father leaves,

And enters human clay :
Down to our finful world he comes

The messenger of grace,
And on the bloody tree expires

A Victim in our place.
Transgressors of the deepest stain

In bim salvation find;
His blood removes the foulest guilt,

His Spirit heals the mind.
Our Jesus saves from fin and hell,

His words are true and sure,
And on this rock our faith may reft

Immoveably secure.

O let these tidings be receiv'd

With universal joy,
And let the high angelic praise

Our tuneful pow'rs employ!
Glory to God, who gave his Son

To bear our shame and pain : Hence peace on earth, and grace to men, In endless blessings reign,

L. M. Watts's H.

The Power of the Gospel.
THIS is the word of truth and love,



Jehovah here resolves to shew
What his almighty grace can do.
This remedy did wisdom find
To heal diseases of the mind :
This sov'reign balm, whose virtues can
Restore the ruin'd creature, man.
The gospel bids the dead revive,
Sinners obey the voice, and live;
Dry bones are rais'd, and cloth'd afresh,
And hearts of stone are turn'd to flesh.
Where satan reign'd in shades of night,
The gospel strikes a heav'nly light;
Our lufts its wond'rous pow'r controls,
And calms the



Lions and beasts of savage name
Put on the nature of the lamb;
While the vain world esteems it Orange,
Gaze and admire, and hate the change.-


May but this grace our souls renew,
Let finners gaze and hate us too ;
The word, that saves us, doth engage
A sure defence from all their rage.

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THAT shall the dying finner do,

That seeks relief for all his woe?
Where shall the guilty conscience find
Ease, for the torment of the mind ?
How shall we get our crimes forgiv'n,
Or form our natures fit for beav'n?
Can souls, all o'er defild with fin,
Make their own pow'rs and passions clean ?
In vaid we fearch, in vain we try,
'Till Jesus brings his gospel nigh;
'Tis there that pow'r and glory dwell,
Which save rebellious souls from hell.
This is the pillar of our hope,
That bears our fainting spirits up,
We read the grace, we truft the word,
And find salvation in the Lord.
Let men or angels dig the mines,
Where nature's golden treasure thines;
Brought near the doctrine of the cross,
All nature's gold appears but drofs.
Should vile blafphemers with disdain
Pronounce the truths of Jesus vain,

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