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Blind unbelief is sure to err,

And scan his work in vain ; God is his own interpreter, And he will make it plain.

40. S. M.
Refignation to Providence.

He sees my helplessness;
And always readier is to grant,
Than I to ask his grace:
My fearful heart he reads,

Secures my soul from harms;
While, underneath, his mercy spreads

Its everlasting arms.
The fi&tious pow'rs of chance

And fortune, I defy;
My life's minuteft circumstance

Ís subject to his eye:
He hears the ravens call,

Nor can his children grieve,
Nor can a worthless sparrow fall,

Without my Father's leave,
O might I doubt no more,

But in his pleasure reft ;
Whose wisdom, love, and truth, and pow'r,

Engage to make me blest!
Taccomplish his design,

The creatures all agree;
And ev'ry attribute divine

Is now at work for me.



L., M.



ECEIV:D by subtil snares of hell,

Adam our head, our father fell, When satan in the serpent hid, Proposid the fruit that God forbid. Death was the threatiniog, death began To take poffeflion of the man ; His unborn race receiv'd the wound, And heavy curses (mote the ground. But fatan found a worse reward ; Thus faith the veng'ance of the Lord, "Let everlasting hatred be “Betwixt the woman's Seed and thee. « The woman's Seed shall be my Son ; “He shall destroy what thou hast done; "Shall break thy head, and only feel

Thy malice raging at his heel.”
He spake ; and bid four thousand years
Roll on ;-at length his Son appears;
Angels with joy descend to earth,
And fing the young Redeemer's birth.
Lo, by the sons of hell he dies :
But as he hung 'twixt earth and skies,
He gave their prince a fatal blow,
And triumph'd o'er the pow'rs below'.


[blocks in formation]


ET us now in contemplation

Mark the barock fin has made : O! what dreadful desolation

Doth the works of God invade;
Whilft io ruins
All the world at once is laid !

O'er the highest hills prevailing,

See th' impetuous rains descend !
All the hopes of mortals failing

Io despair and ruin end!
On what refuge
Shall presumption now depend?

Yet, amidit this scene diftrefling,

Those that in the ark refide,
Full security poflefling,

Fearless view the swelling tide :
O bow favor'd
They who in that ark abide !

Such is Christ to true believers :

He from the o'erwhelming flood
Of approaching wrath delivers,

By his own atoning blood :
In bim only
Can we find a safe abode.

[The Rainbow, fie;1]:

[blocks in formation]

LADEN w the inty and full of fears

I , my Lord l;
And not a glimpse of hope appears,

But in thy written word.
The volume of


's grace Does all my grief affuage : Here I behold

my Saviour's face Almost in ev'ry page. This is the field where hidden lies

The pearl of price unknown; That merchant is divinely wise,

Who makes that pearl his own. Here consecrated water flows

To quench my thirst of sin;
Here the fair tree of knowledge grows,

Nor danger dwells therein.
This is the judge, that ends the strife,

Where wit and reas n fail ;
My guide to everlasting life

Thro' all this gloomy vale.
O! may thy counsels, mighty God!

My roving feet command;
Nor I forsake the happy roal,

That leads to thy right hand.

46. C. M., Steele.

The Excellency of the Scriptures.

JATHER of mercies, in thy word

For ever be thy name ador'd

For these celestial lines.

Here, may the wretched sons of want

Exbaultless riches find ; Riches, above what earth can grant,

And lasting as the mind. Here, the fair tree of knowledge grows,

And yields a free repast;
Sublimer sweets than nature knows

Invite the longing taste.
Here, the Redeemer's welcome voice

Spreads heav'nly peace around;
And life, and everlasting joys

Attend the blissful sound.

O may these heav'nly pages be

My ever dear delight;
And still new beauties may I see,

And still increasing light!
Divine Instructor, gracious Lord,

Be thou for ever near,
Teach me to love thy sacred word,
And yiew my Saviour there.

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