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If o'er our fins we think to draw

The curtains of the night; Those flaming eyes, that guard thy law,

Would turn the shades to light. The beams of noon, the midnight hour

Are both alike to thee :Lord! we have finn'd against that.pow'r,

* From which we cannot flee.

LET bebe

Wolpeace of creatures lie


C. M. Watts's H.

The Decrees of God.
ET the whole race of creatures lie

Abas'd before their God; Whate'er his lov'reign voice has form’d

He governs with a nod.
Ten thousand ages e'er the skies

Were into motion brought,
All the long years and worlds to come

Stood present to his thought.
There's not a sparrow.or a worm

But's found in his decrees ;
He raises monarchs to their throne,

And links them as he please.
If light-attend the course I run,

'Tis he provides those rays ;
And 'tis his hand that hides my sun,

If darkness cloud my days.
Yet I would not be much concern'd,

Nor yainly long to see
The volumes of bis deep decrees,

What months are writ for me.

When he reveals the book of life,

O, may I read my name Amongst the chosen of his love,

The follow'rs of the Lamb!

23.1 C. M. WATTS's H.

God's eternal Dominion.


REAT God, how infinite art thou !

What worthless worms are we ! Let the whole race of creatures bow, And

pay their praise to thee. Thy throne eternal ages stood,

E'er seas or stars were made : Thou art the ever-living God,

Were all the nations dead. Nature and time quite naked lie

To thine immense survey, From the formation of the sky

To the great burning day.
Eternity, with all its years,

Stands present in thy view ;
To thee there's nothing old appears,

To thee there's nothing new.
Our lives thro' various scenes are drawn,

And rex'd with trifling cares; While thine eternal thought moves on

Thine undisturb'd affairs.
Great God, how infinite art thou !

What worthless worms are we !
Let the whole race of creatures bow,

And pay their praise to thee.


C. M.

WATTs's L. and H.

The wisdom of God.
TERNAL Wisdom, thee we praise,

Etethee the

creation fingea

With thy lov'd name, rocks, hills, and seas,

And heav't's high palače rings.
Thy hand, how wide it spread the sky !

How glorious to behold !
Ting'd with a blue of heav'nly dye,

And starr'd with sparkling gold.
Thy glories blaze all nature round,

And strike the gazing fight,
Thro' skies, and seas, and solid ground,

With terror and delight.
Infinite strength, and equal skill

Shine thro' the worlds abroad;
Our souls with raft amazement fill,

And speak the Builder God.
But, in thy gospel's wond'rous frame,

Fresh wisdom we pursue ;
A thousand angels learn thy' name,

Beyond whate'er they knew.
Thy name is writ in fairęst lines,

Thy wonders here we trace: Wisdom thro' all the mystry shines, And shines in Jesus' face.


25. C. M. Watts and STEEL.

The Goodness of God.

WEET is the mention of thy grace,

O God, oor beav'nly King!
Let age to age thy righteousnels

In sounds of glory fing.
God reigos on bigb, but not confines

His goodness to the ikies;
Thro' the whole earth his bounty Thines,

And ev'ry want fupplies.
With longing eyes bis creatures wait

On him for daily food,
His lib'ral hand provides them meat,

And fills their mouths with good.
All nature owns his guardian care,

In him we live and more ;
But nobler benetits declare

The wonders of his love,
He gave his Son, bis only Son,

To ransom rebel worms;
'Tis here be makes his goodness known

In its diviner forms.

Great God, to thy almighty love,

What honors Thall we raise?
Not all the raptur'd songs above

Can render equal praise.

[blocks in formation]

The Faithfulness of God.
EGIN, my tongue, some heav'nly theme,

And speak some boundless thing,
The mighty works, or mightier name

Of our eternal King,
Tell of his wond'rous faithfulness,

And found his pow'r abroad ;
Sing the sweet promise of his grace,

And the performing God.
Proclaim Salvation from the Lord,

For wretched, dying men :
His hand hath writ the sacred word
With an immortal

pen. Engrav'd, as in eternal brass,

The mighty promise thines; Nor

can the pow'rs of darkness rase
Those everlasting lines.
His ev'ry word of grace is strong

As that which built the skies;
The voice, that rolls the stars along,

Spake all the promises.
Lord, might I hear thy heavn'ly tongue

But whisper, Thou art mine!
Those gracious words should raise my song

To notes almost divine.
How would my leaping heart rejoice,

And think my heav'n secure !
Give me to hear thy peaceful voice,

And faith desires no more.

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