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16. L. M. Watts, altered.

To the Holy Gboft.
ETAnd fing the wonders of thy grace ;
Thy love conveys our bleflings down
From God the Father and the Son.
Enlighten'd by thine heav'nly ray,
Our Thades and darkness turn to day;
Thine inward teachings make us know
Our danger, and our refuge too.
Thy mighty power works within,
And breaks the chains of reigning sin ;
Doth each imperious lust subdue,
And moulds and forms the will anew.
Thou dost allay the stormy wind,
And calm the surges of the mind :
The troubled conscience knows thy voice;
And thou daft make the heart rejoice.
Forgive the song that falls fo low
Beneath the gratitude we owe !
It means thy praise, however poor,
And seraph-tongues can do no more.
17. As the 143th. WATTs, altered,

The Divine Perfections,
WE Lord Jehovah reigns,

His throne is built on high ;
The garments he assumes

Are light and Majesty :

His glory shines with beams so bright,
No mortal eye can bear the fight.
The thunders of his hand

Keep the wide world in awe;
His wrath and justice ftand,

To guard his holy law;
And where his love resolves to bless,
His truth. confirms and feals the grace.
Thro' all his works and ways

Unbounded wifdom fhines;
His foes how low he lays !

He mocks their vain designs :
Strong is his arm, and shall fn/fil
His great decrees, and soy'reign will.
And is this God the same,

That thus doth condescend?
And will he write his name,

A Father and a Friend?
Adore his


one accorcLet all the

ransom'd praise the Lord,


18. C. M. Rowe.

The Eternity of God. "HOU didít, O Mighty God, exift

E’er time began its race, Before the ample elements

Fill’d up the voids of space.
Before the pond'rous earthly globe

In fluid air was stay'd ;
Before the ocean's mighty fprings

Their Tiquid fores display'd.

E'er men ador'd or angels knew,

Or prais'd thy wond'rous name;
Thy bliss, O Sacred Spripg of life!

And glory were the same,
And when the pillars of the world,

With sudden ruin, break;
And all this yaft and goodly frame

Sinks in the mighty wreck :
When from her orb the moon shall start,

Th’altonith'd sun roll back;
While all the trembling starry lamps

Their ancient course forsake : For ever permanent and fixd,

From agitation free; Unchang'd, in everlasting years,

Shall thy existence be,

19. C. M.

The Glory of God.
REAT God, how wide thy glory shines !

How high thy wonders rife!
Known thro' the earth by thousand signs,

By thousands thro' the skies.
Part of thy name divinely stands-

On all thy creatures writ,
They fhew the labor of thine hands,

Or impress of thy feet.
But when we yiew thy ftrange design

To save rebellious worms,
Where vengeance and compaflion join,

In ! - ir divinest forms;

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Our thoughts are loft in joyful awe;

We love and we adore ;
The first arch-angel never saw

So much of God before.
Here the whole Deity is known,

Nor dares a creature guess
Which of the glories brightest fhone,

The justice or the grace.
When finners broke the Father's laws,

The dying Son atones ;
O, the dear myft'ries of his cross!

The triumph of his groans !
Now the full glories of the Lamb

Adorn the heav'nly plains ;
Sweet cherubs learn Immanuel's name,

And try their choicest ftrains.
O may I bear some humble part

In that immortal fong!
Wonder and joy shall tune my heart,
And love command my tongue.
20. L. M. Towgood's Col.

The Majesty of God,
O thou, my soul, in facred lays

Attempt thy Great Creator's praise:
But, O, what tongue can speak his fame!
What mortal verse can reach the theme !
Enthron'd amidst the radiant spheres,
He glory like a garment wears :
To form a robe of light divine,
Ten thousand suns around him Thine.

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Before his throne a glitt'ring band
Of seraphim and angels stand;
Etherial spirits, who in flight
Outwing the active rays of light.
To God all nature owes its birth;
He form’d this pond'rous globe of earth :
He rais'd the glorious arch on high;
And measur'd out the azure sky.
In all our Maker's grand designs,
Omnipotence with wisdom fhives;
His works thro' all this wond'rous frame,
Bear the great impress of his name.
Rais'd on devotion's lofty wing,
Do thou, my soul, bis glories sing ;
And let his praise employ tby tongue,
'Till lift'ning worlds applaud the song.

21.. C. M. Watts's P.

The Oinnipresence of God.

LOOPWherenih all guilty, souls retire,

Forgotten and unknown?
In hell, they meet thy dreadful fire,

In heav'n, thy glorious throne.
Shonld we suppress our vital breath

To 'scape the wrath divine,
Thy voice would break the bars of death,

And make the grave refign.
If, wing'd with beams of morning light,

We fly beyond the west,
Thy hand, which must support our flight,

Would soon betray our reft.

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