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A Song of Praise to God.
OW to God a joyful song;

Tune your harps, ye angel throng,
Raptur'd strike each golden string;
Echoing heav'ns, praise your King.
Glorious orb of liquid flame,
Sbine to thy Creator's fame :
Moon and stars his praise rehearse,
Gladly join the grateful verse.
Heav'n of heav'ns, your Maker laud,
Spread his wond'rous works abroad;
Floods on high, his pow'r declare,
For he fix'd your station there.
Earth, the heav'nly concert join,
Stormy winds and bail, combine;
Thunders roll, and lightnings blaze;
Snow and vapour join the praise.
Feather'd throng, that skim the sky,
Soaring, swell your music high;
Humble plants, with meekness nod;
Cedars, bow and bless your God.
Tow'ring mountains, ev'ry deep,
Beasts and cattle, worms that creep,
Favour'd mortals, old and young,
Let his mercies grace your tongue.
Zion's sons, your voices raise,
Sing his matchless works and ways :
All creation loud proclaim
Ladless honors to bis name.

O God of Glory! God of Love !

In Essence One, in Person Three ! With all the shining hosts above

Let duft and ashes worship Thee!


5. S. M. TAYLOR'S Col. To the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghoft.

ET heav'n and earth agree

The Father's name to ling;
Who gave us to the Son, that he

Might us to glory bring.
Honor and equal love

Let God the Son receive,
Who saves us here, and prays

above That we with him


live. Be everlasting praise

To God the Spirit giv'n; Who fanctifies the chosen race,

And seals the heirs of heav'n. Given, redeem'd, and seal'd, We'll fing the One in Three; With Father, Son, and Spirit filled

To all eternity.

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6. L. M. Watts's H,


BLESS Hobe eble Father, and his Love,

To whose celestial source we owe. Rivers of endless, joy above,

And rills of comfort here befow.

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