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The year of jubilee is come ;
Return, ye ransom'd finners, home.
Jesus our great High Priest

Has full atonement made :
Ye weary spirits, rett;

Ye mournful souls, be glad !

of jubilee is come;
Return, ye ransom'd finners, home..

L. M.
Wisdomi's Invitation, &c.
ISDOM divine lifts up her voice:

Sinners attend ! ye saints rejoice! 'Thus faith our condescending Lord : (O! may we hear his gracious word) « Riches and honor both are mine:

I am the tree of life divine !
My excellence can ne'er be told;

My fruits are better far than gold!
“ The finest gold cannot compare
“ With riches, that


children share : “ All blessings do in me abound " For those, who have true wisdom found. “Here peace and pardon richly flow!, “ Here fruits immortal over grow! " Abundant mercy, plenteous grace, “ For finners of the fallen race! “ Here's blood to wash away your fin, " And make the molt polluted clean! “ Here is a robe by Jesus wrought, “And as a gift to finners, brought!

Come finners then, to Christ applyjob 05
« Come without money, come and buy TM
“ Fair Wisdom's dictates now received s oh
" And in the Son of God believe,” edze
Dear Lord, do thou our hearts incline; cosT
To seek for riches fo divine ;
Nor let us e'er contented be,
'Till we possess our all in Thce.
109. 11. Broughton T. RIPPoN's Sel.

Precious Promises.

OW firm a foundation, ye faints of the Lord,

; What more can he say than to you he hath said You, who unto Jefus for refuge bave fled. In ev'ry condition, in sickness in health, 99 In poverty's vale, or abounding in wealthy 3 At home and abroad, on the land, on the sea, *Asthy daysmay demand,fhall thy ftrength ever be. * Fear not, I am with thee, O be not dismay'd,11? • I, I am thy God, and will still give thee aidza I'll strengthen thee,helpthee,and cause thee toftand, Upheld by my righteous:omnipotent hand: 90% • When tbro' the deep waters I call thee toʻgo:18

The rivers of sorrow fhall not overflow; & • For I will be with thee thy troubles to blefsit is! • And sanctify to thee, thy deepest distresss ist "When thro' fiery trials thy pathway shalt Her W

My grace all sufficient shall be thy Tupplyjo? 10 • The Aame shall not hurt thçe, I only defign, 10 Thy dross to conlume, and thy gold to refiriée

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E'en down to old age, all my people shall prove My sov'reign, eternal, unchangeable love; And when hoary hairs shall their temples adorn, Like lambs they fhall ftill in my bosom be born. The soul that on Jefüs hath lean'd for repose, "I will not, I cannot, defert to his foes; “That soul, tho' all hell should endeavor to shake, I'll never, no neverj no never for fake.

110. L. M. FAWCETT.
As thy Days, fo fall thy Sirengib be.
FFLICTED faint, to Christ draw near,

gracious promise hear;-
His faithful word declares to thee,
That as thy days, thy strength shall be.
Let not thy heart despond and say,
« How shall I stand the trying day?"
He bas engag'd, by firin decree,
That as tby days, thy strength fhall be.
Tby faith is weak, thy foes are strong ;

And if the confia should be long,
.Thy Lord will make the tempter flee;
For as thy days) thy ftrength shall be.
Should persecution rage and flame,
Still trust in thy Redeemer's name;
In tiery trials thou shalt see,
That as thy days, thy ftrength shall be.
When called to bear the weighty cross,
Or fore affiliation, pain, or loss,
Or deep distress, or poverty,
Still as thy days, thy ftrength fhall be..

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8. M.


The Security of Cbrift's Sheep.

M'Fouille Jerus silence breaks

Y foul with joy attend

While Jesus silence breaks ;
No angel's harp such music yields,

As what my Shepherd speaks.
“I know my sheep," he cries,

"My foul approves them well; “ Vain is the treach’reus world's disguise,

“ And vain the rage of hell.
"I freely feed them now

“ With tokens of my love,
" But richer pastures I prepare,

" And sweeter streams above. ** Unnumber'd years of bliss

"I to my sheep will give ; * And, while my throne unthaken Itaods,

“ Shall all my chosen live. 6. This tried Almighty hand

• Is rais d for their defence : " Where is the pow'r ihall reach them there?

“ Or what shall force them thence?"
Enough, my gracious Lord,

Let faith triumphant cry';
My heart can on this promile live;

Can on this promise die.

98. C. M.


God on the side of bis People.

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RE Chaos into order moyd,

Or Adam's faith was try'd, The everlasting cov'nant proy'd

God on his people's fide.
With joy they recolle& the day

The dear Redeemer dy'di,
For saints can view the scene, and say,

The Lord was on their fide.
Stopp'd in a mad career of fin,

For mercy they apply'd ;
O what a change took place within !--

The Lord was on their fide.
Let doubts and fears, their peace atail,

Let foes their hope deride :
Doubts, fears, and foes shall ne'er prevail---

The Lord is on their lide, When wealth, when healthi, when ftrength

In God may they confide; [withdraws, And fear no evil then, because

The Lord is on their side.
Soon Jesús" beauties they hall view,

With all the glorified,
And find the sacred record true,

"God's on his people's fide.

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