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Then all the chosen feed

Shall meet around his throne, Shall bless the conduct of his grace;

And make his wonders koowa. To our redeeming God Wisdom and pow'r belongs ; Immortal crowns of majesty,

And everlafting songs.

96. C. M: The Sheep of Christ, given by tbe Father and

guarded by Omnipotence:

N one harmonious cheerful song,

Loud let it round from ev'ry tongue,

The Savior is divine.
The least, the feebleft of the sheep

To him the Father gave;
Kind is his heart the charge to keep,

And strong his arm to save.
That Hand, which heav'o and earth fuftains,

And bars the gates of hell, And rivets Satan down in chains,

Sball guard his chosen well. Now let th' infernal lion roar,

How vain his threats appear ! When he can match Jehovah's Power

We will begin to fear.



S. M.


The Security of Cbriff's Sbeep.


Y foul with joy attend,

While Jesus filence breaks ; No angel's harp such music yields,

As what my thepherd speaks. “I know my fheep," he cries,

" My soul approves them well: • Vain is the treach'reus world's disguise,

“ And vain the rage of hell.
“ | freely feed them now.

“ With tokens of my love,
“ But richer paftures I prepare,

" And Tweeter ftreams above.
“ Upnumber'd years of bliss

"I to my theep will give ; is Apd, while my throne unthaken ttaods,

“ Shall all my chosen live.
“ This tried Almighty bund

• Is rais d for their defence : " Where is the pow'r thall reach them there?

“ Or what shall force them thence!"-
Enough, my gracious Lord,

Let faith triumphant cry" ;
My heart can on this promite live,

Cao on this promiie die.


C. M. Morton's Col:

God on the side of bis People.



, Or Adam's faith was try'd; The everlasting coy'nant proy'd

God on his people's side.
With joy they recolled the day

The dear Redeemer dy'd;..
For saiots can view the scene, and say,

The Lord was on their fide.
Stopp'd in a mad career of fin,

For mercy they apply'd ;
O what a change took place within !-

The Lord was on their fide.
Let doubts and fears, their peace attail,

Let foes their hope deride :
Doubts, fears, and foes shall ne'er prevail-

The Lord is on their fide, When wealth, when healthi, when ftrength

In God'may they confide ; :[withdraws, And fear no evil then, because

The Lord is on their side.
Soon Jerus beauties they shall view,

With all the glorified,
And find the sacred record true,

“God's on bis people's fide."

L. M. Warts, altered.

Gary and Grace in the Perfon of Cbrift.

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TOW to the Lord a grateful fong!

Awake, my foul, awake, my tongue : Holinnad to th eternal name, And all bis boundless love proclaim. See where it thines in Jesus' face, The brightest Image of his grace; God, in the pertoa of his Soa, Has all bis mightiest works outdoge. The fpacious earth and spreading food, Proclaim tbe wilè and pow'rtal God; And why rich glories from afar, Sparkle is ex'ry rolling ttar. But in his looks 3 glory ftands, The noblett labor of the bands! Tbe pleanog lugtre of his eyes, Ouahides the wonders of the kies. Grace'tis a tweet, a charming theme ; Exult, my toui, ac felus"dame! Ye angels, dwell upoo the found; Ye heav'ts, redeat it ca che ground! Oh that we all may reach the place, Where be reveals bis lovely tice! There all bis beauties tu bebold, And tog bis naine tąkarps of gold



100. C. M. TOPLADY's Col.

Sinners Invited.
H what amazing words of grace

Are in the gospel found!
Suited to ey'ry finner's case,

Who knows the joyful sound. Poor, fipfal, thirsty, fainting fools

Are freely welcome here : Salvation like a river rolls, Abundant, free, and clear

... Draw near, with all your wants and wounds;

Your ev'ry burden bring : ;
Here love, unchanging love, abounds ;

A deep celestial spring.
This spring with living water flows,

And living joy imparts:
Come, thirsty fouls, your wants disclose,

And drink with thankful hearts.
Millions of sinners, vile as you,

Have here found life and peace :
Come then, and prove its virtues too;

And drink, adore, and bless.
101. L. M. WHITEFIELD's Col.

2013. Another.

Salvation Luits the finner's cafe ;

Ho ;

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