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90. C. M. BROWN.

' "11 Another... to mi hai

ľ ini OW shall

. I dare approach the Lord, And bow before his throne?' Or how procure his kind regard,

And for'my guilt atone ?

Shall altars flame, and victims bleed,

And spicy fumes ascend?
Will these my earpest wish succeed,

And make my God, my Friend?
Should thousand rams in flames expire,

Would these his favor buy ? : Or oil, that should for holy fire,

Ten thousand freams supply?

With trembling hands and bleeding heart

Should I my offspring flay ;
Would this a cheerful hope impart,

Or purge my guilt away?
Ah! no, my soul, 'twere fruitless all,

Such victims bleed in vain;
No fatlings, from the field nor fall,

Such favor can obtain.

None, but a dying Savior's blood,

Can all thy guilt remove :
This plead, my soul, before thy God,

And fing redeeming love.

gi: L.M. Sreele. :: Life and Safety in Cbrift alone.

HOU only Sov'reign of my heart, And can my soul from thee depart,

On wbom alone my hopes depend ? Whither, ah! whither all I go,

- " A wretched wand'rer from my Lord? Can this dark world of fin and woe

One glimpse of happinefs'afford? Eternal life thy words inipart, 1. tit Duits

On these my fainting fpirit lives jours Here sweeter comforts cheer my benytzł!

Than all the round of hiature gives Let earth's alluring joys'combine, CHI

While thou art near, in vain they call; One imile, one blissful smile of thine;'

My deareft Lordouf weighs them all. Thy name my inmoft pow'rs ädore, IT

l'hou art my life my joy my care: Depart from thee-'tis death, 'tis more!

"Tis endlefs ruin, deep despair! te Low at 'thy feet my soul would lie, Here safety dwells

, and peace divine ; Still let me live beneath thine


For life, eternal life is thine.nni

92. C. M. Warts's H.

The Robe of Righteousness.



WAKE, my heart, arise my tongue,

Prepare a tuneful voice,
In God, the life of all my joys,

Aloud will I rejoice.
Tis he adorn'd my naked soul,

<And made salvation mine ; Upon a poor polluted worm

He makes his graces shine.
And left the Ihadow of a spot,

Should on my soul be found,
He took the robe the Savior wrought,

And caft it all around,

How far the heavinly robe exceeds,
.: What earthly princes wear!
These ornaments how bright they thine!

How white the garments are !
The Spirit wrought my faith and loves ;

And hope, and ev'ry grace;
But Jesus spent his life to work

The robe of righteousness. Strangely, my soul, art thou array'd

By the great sacred Three ! Io sweetest harmony of praise

Let all thy pow'rs agree.

93. C. M. TOPLADY'S Col.?


JESUS, my Life, thyself apply,

Thy quick'ning Spirit breathe : My vile affections crucify,

Conform me to thy death.'
Conqu'ror of hell, and earth, and fia,

Thy work in me revive :
Poffels my soul, and reign within,
And kill, and make alive.

i More of thy life I wish to have, maar

And thirst for frelh supplies : Bury me, Savior, in thy grave,

That I with thee may rise.

Rule in me, Lord; thy foes controul,

Which would not own thy fway : Diffuse thy likeness through my soul,

Shine to the perfect day.

O save me from the pow'r of fin,

And seal me thine abode ; Thine Image stamp, and make me shine

A temple meet for God.

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My inward holiness thou art,

Almighty to refine ;
With all thy, fulness fill my heart, ...?

"Till all my heart is thine ;

94. S. M, MORTON's Col.,


Christ doth their pow'r controul;, His wisdom, love and truth engagę,

Protection for the foul.
Believers ne'er Thall yield,

But shall prevaif at length;
For Jesus is their fun and Thield,

Their righteousness, and strength."'?
Their Captain and their King

Will put their foes to flight--:
Ye ransom'd, 'mid ft the battle, fing
And triumph while you fight.

95. S. M. WATTS'S H.

God, the Onty wire,

Our Savior and our K
Let all the fainies below the'lkie's

Their humble praises bring.
'Tis bis almighty love, **

His counsel and his care,
Preserves us fafe from fio and death,

And ev'ry hurtful fnare.
He will present his saints

Unblemith'd and complete,
Before the glory of his face,

With joys dírively great.

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