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While the dawn on the mountain was misty and gray, My true love has mounted his steed and away, Over hill, over valley, o'er dale, and o’er down; (leaven shield the brave gallant that fights for the crown! ile has doffed the silk doublet the breast-plate to bear, lie has placed the steel-cap o'er his long flowing hair,

Ileaven shield the brave gallant that fights for the crown!
For the rights of fair England that broadsword he draws,
iler king is his leader, her church is his cause;
His watch-word is honour, his pay is renown,-
God strike with the gallant that strikes for the crown!
They may boast of their Fairfax, their Waller, and all
The roundheaded rebels of Westminster-hall;

That the spears of the north have encircled the crown. There's Derby and Cavendish, dread of their foes; There's Erin's high Ormond, and Scotland's Montrose! Would you match the base Skippon, and Massy, and

Brown, With the barons of England who fight for the crown? Now joy to the crest of the brave cavalier ? , Be his banner unconquered, resistless his spear, Till in peace and in triumph his toils he may drown, In a pledge to fair England, her church, and her crown! MONTGOMERY.


The winds brake loose; the forest boughs were torn,
And dark aloof the eddying foliage borne ;
Cattle to shelter scudded in affright;
The florid evening vanished into night;
Then burst the hurricane upon the vale,
In peals of thunder, and thick vollied hail;
Prone rushing rains with torrents whelmed the land,

Around its base, the foamy-crested streams
Flashed through the darkness to the lightning's gleams
With monstrous throes an earthquake heaved the ground,
The rocks were rent, the mountains trembled round!
Never since Nature into being came,
Had such mysterious motion shook her frame;
We thought, ingulpht in floods, or wrapt in fire,
The world itself would perish with our Sire.

Amidst this war of elements, within
More dreadful grew the sacrifice of sin,
Whose victiin on his bed of torture lay,
Breathing the slow remains of life away
Erewhile, victorious faith sublimer rose
Beneath the pressure of collected woes:
But now his spirit wavered, went and came,
Like the loose vapour of departing flame,
Till at the point, when comfort seemed to die,
For ever in his fixed unclosing eye,
Bright through the smouldering ashes of the man,
The saint broke forth, and Adam thus began !

"-0 ye, that shudder at this awful strife,
This wrestling agony of death and life,
Think not that He, on whom my soul is cast,
Will leave me thus forsaken to the last;
Nature's infirmity alone you see ;
My chains are breaking, I shall soon be free;
Though firm in God the spirit holds her trust,
The flesh is frail, and trembles into dust.
Horror and anguish seize me ;-'tis the hour
Of darkness, and I mourn beneath its power ;
The Tempter plies me with his direst art,
I feel the Serpent coiling round my heart;
He stirs the wound he once inflicted there,
Instils the deadening poison of despair !
Belies the truth of God's delaying grace,
And bids nie curse my Maker to his face.
I will not curse Ilim, though his grace delay ;
I will not cease to trust Him, though he slay ;

Full on his promised mercy I rely,

-Thou, of my faith the Author and the End ! Mine early, late, and everlasting Friend! The joy, that once thy presence gave, restore, Ere I am summoned hence, and seen no more : Down to the dust returns this earthly frame, Receive my spirit, Lord! from whom it came; Rebuke the Tempter, show thy power to save, O let thy glory light me to the grave, That these, who witness my departing breath,

He closed his eyelids with a tranquil smile, ;

Around his couch with filial awe we kneeled,
When suddenly a light from heaven revealed
A Spirit, that stood within the unopened door ; ----
The sword of God in his right hand he bore ;
His countenance was lightning, and his vest
Like snow at sun-rise on the mountain's crest;
Yet so benignly beautiful his form,
His presence stilled the fury of the storm ;
At once the winds retire, the waters cease,
His look was love, his salutation, • Peace !'

Our mother first beheld him, sore amazed, But terror grew to transport while she gazed ;

_"'Tis He, the Prince of Seraphim, who drove Our banished feet from Eden's happy grove ; Adam, my life, my spouse, awake !' she cried ; • Return to Paradise; behold thy guide!'

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