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Modern Pleas


AND The taking away the Obligation |

to the Renouncing of the COVENANT,

Considered and Discuffed.

LONDON, Printed for R. Royston, Bookseller to His most Sacred Majesty.


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Tha 11-11

T Tow little cause our Disfenters H have,either for Separation or AlIn teration

pag. 1, 4. An Account of the Design of a Book en.

tituled, Of the Religion of England

p. 4 - The Design of it inconsistent and unpracticable

P-7, 9 The Terms of communion, which the

Church of England imposeth, are not finful in the opinion of the most learn.

ed among the Dissenters P. II There is no sinfulnes objected by them as to the 1. Articles

p. 15 2. Liturgy . p. 17 3. Canons or Ceremonies p.23

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