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the accession of her new Friends, that she may safely contemn, and by their help easily overcome all her other Enemies ; and withall they are Persops already so very near us, that there are none but inconsiderable mat. ters in debate between us; for they allow Episcopacy , approve the Liturgy, abhor Sacriledge, believe our Articles, and already can and often do communicate in our Publick Wor.


Now as plausible and taking soever this Plea is, yet methinks that there is no one part of it which doth not carry something of wonder in it. First, it is well known that there was a time when the Presbyterians did joyn with, invite,encourage and protect all other Sectaries, that by their Affistance they might be enabled to ruine the Church; and therefore it ought to be well considered upon,by what means it is brought about, that their Minds come now to be so far al. tered as that they will now joyn with the Church in the Suppression of all the other Sects : Nay,and very lately


the leading Persons of that way did joyn Interests with the Papists, and mutually engage for assistance to each other in stopping of Bills in Parliament preparing against Both of them.

In the next place, if the difference between us and them are so inconsiderable, as they pretend , then surely there was no need of the last War upon any Religious Account. There was no need of that grievous complaint against some of those Things which a Preacher at this Day in Aldersgate-street made before a MockParliament, September 24. 1656. Prayed be that God who bath delivered us from the Imposition of Prelatical Innovations, Altar-genu-fle&tions,and Cringings with Crollings, and all that Popija Trash and Trumpery: And truly (I speak no more than what I have often thought and said) the removal of those insupportable burthens countervails ALL THE BLOOD and treasure shed and spent in these late Distractions (nor did I as yet, ever hear of any godly men that desired, were it possible to purchase their Friends or money again at so dear a rate,as with


the return of these, to have those soulburtbening Anti-Christian Tokes reim. posed upon us : And if any such there be I am sure that that desire is no part of their godliness, and I profess my self in that to be none of the number: Here we see that Mr. Jenkin is very positive and express in the Cafe ; that the differences are so great between us, that all the blood shed, whether in the Field or on the Scaffold, was all little enough to be shed in order to the removal of so great Evils; and yet there was sbed in this Quarrel the Blood of the King , many of the Nobles and Gentry, & of vast numbers of all other Ranks, Orders and Degrees amongst us : If the Differences between us be fo inconsiderable, as it is now said, then methinks there was but little cause for that great Zeal of Mr. Calamy's, which he exprest in Guild-Hall, o&tober 6. 1643. in order to the perswading the City unto a liberal Contribution toward bringing in theScots, in order to the preservation of the Goss pel, as he several times expresseth him. self in that Speech, as if the Differen


ces were in his esteem, and in the esteem of that Grave and Reverend Assembly of Ministers there present with him, so very considerable, that the chief concerns of the Gospel did depend upon them; and accordingly he made use of this pretence as his chief Art, whereby to wheedle the City out of their money at that time: Let me tell you, if ever (Gentlemen) you might use this speech, happy Penny, you may use it now, happy Money that will purchase my Gospel, happy Money that will purchase Religion, and purchase a Reformation to my Pofterity; o bap. py Money and blessed be God that I have it to lend : So that it seems these Gentlemen have two measures which up. on different occasions they do make use of: When they have a mind to Collogue with Authority, then the differences between them and the regular Clergy are mere trifles and very inconsiderable ; but when there is a season offered, wherein it is safe to animate and inflame the People, then the differences are of that moment, that no Treasure , no Blood is suffici.


ent to be laid out in a Debate of that Concernment, or in the Words of the forementioned Speech ; If I had as many lives as I have hairs on my head, I would be willing to sacrifice all these lives in this Cause: Lastly, if the Differences between us be so very small, sure there can be no great cause for their present obstinate Separation.

But if these men are really and in good earnest desirous of coming into the Church. It is very fit that in order to that they should declare whether they will leave those Principles which have hitherto divided them from it, or whether they are resolved to entertain those Principles still, or any of them : If they will leave their Principles the Churches Arms are open to receive and to embrace them; but if they mean to retain their Principles, or any of them, their room may be more desirable than their Company; for upon those terms the difference is in nolikelihood to amount to any more than this, that instead of remaining in a Schism from the Church, they will thereby be in


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