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Grateful acknowledgments are due, and are respectfully tendered, to the following Authors for the use of their compositions in this Hymnal. In by far the greater number of instances permission to insert the Hymns has been asked, and in all such cases has been most courteously granted. In the few cases where, either through inability to obtain addresses, or through inadvertence, the Editor has not communicated with living authors, their kind indulgence is requested.

Mrs. C. F. Alexander.

Mr. Oswald Allen.

Rev. R. H. Baynes, M.A.

Rev. R. A. Bertram.

Professor J. S. Blackie.

Rev. J. Baldwin Brown, B.A.

Miss Ada Cambridge.

Mrs. Codner.

Mr. W. Chatterton Dix.

Rev. John Ellerton, M.A.

T. H. Gill, Esq.

Rev. S. Baring-Gould, M.A.

Rev. J. P. HoppS.

Rev. E. H. Jackson.

George MacDonald, M.A.

Rev. W. Tidd Matson.

Mr. A. Midlane.

Rev. J. H. Newman, D D.

S. W. Partridge, Esq.

Rev. E. H. Plumptre, D.D.

Rev. T. J. Potter, M.A.

Rev. G. R. Prynne, M.A.

Rev. J. Salisbury, M.A.

Rev. C. H. Spurgeon.

Rev. S. J. Stone B.A.

Rev. Godfrey Thring, B.A.

Rev. H. Twells, M.A.

Miss Waring.

Miss Winkworth.

Rev. H. H. Wyatt, M.A.

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Rev. Dr. C. Wordsworth (Bishop of Lincoln). The translators of Hymns from the Land of Luther (H.L.L.)

Thanks are also presented to the proprietors of "Hymns Ancient and Modern," for leave kindly granted to use the Hymns of the late Rev. Sir H. W. Baker; to Mrs. Lynch for similar permission in regard to Hymns in the "Rivulet," by her late husband ; to the Rev. Canon Furse, for the use of Hymns by the late Rev. J. S. B. Monsell, D.D.; and to J. T. Hayes, Esq, for the use of the translations of ancient Latin and Greek Hymns by the late Rev, Dr. J. Mason Neale.

From Messrs. Bell & Co., and Longmans & Co. (publishers), permission has also been obtained for the use of Hymns by Miss Adelaide A. Procter and Miss 'Winkworth.

Should this Hymnal meet the eyes of the following American authors, they, too, will please to accept thanks for Hymns the insertion of which has added to the interest and general usefulness of the book:—

Rev. Dr. Ray Palmer. Rev. Dr. S. F. Smith.

Mrs. H. B. Stowe. Mrs. 8. E. Miles.

John Greeuleaf Whittier. Oliver Wendell Holmes.

Rev. E. H. Nevin. Rev. Dr. E. H. Sears.

Rev. S. Longfellow. Rev. R. C. Waterston.

Rev. Dr. Muhlenberg. Mrs. G. W. Hinsdale.

Mr. T. W. Higgiuson. Mrs. F. J Crosby.

The compilers have availed themselves of the services of Mr. D. Sedgwick, the eminent Hymnologist (of Sun Street, Bishopsgate Street), both in obtaining from a number of the authors and representatives of authors above mentioned permission to print Hymns, and also in assigning the authorship of Hymns concerning which the author was uncertain.

It only remains to be stated that, whenever practicable, the original text of every author has been consulted; and this text has been rigorously followed, except in cases where to the Committee of Preparation there seemed to be specially strong reasons for a change. When any change has been made, though it be only in a single important word, the fact is indicated by affixing an asterisk to the author's name. In these cases the author is not to be held responsible for the hymn as it stands.

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