Historic Boston: Sight-seeing Tours Around the Hub

Front Cover
Pilgrim Press, 1901 - Boston (Mass.) - 173 pages

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Page 165 - Mr. President, I shall enter on no encomium upon Massachusetts; she needs none. There she is. Behold her, and judge for yourselves. There is her history; the world knows it by heart The past, at least, is secure. There is Boston, and Concord, and Lexington, and Bunker Hill; and there they will remain forever.
Page 165 - And, sir, where American liberty raised its first voice, and where its youth was nurtured and sustained, there it still lives in the strength of its manhood and full of its original spirit.
Page 140 - By the rude bridge that arched the flood, Their flag to April's breeze unfurled, Here once the embattled farmers stood, And fired the shot heard round the world. The foe long since in silence slept; Alike the conqueror silent sleeps; And Time the ruined bridge has swept Down the dark stream which seaward creeps. On this green bank, by this soft stream, We set to-day a votive stone; That memory may their deed redeem, When, like our sires, our sons are gone.
Page 165 - ... it from that union by which alone its existence is made sure, it will stand, in the end, by the side of that cradle in which its infancy was rocked; it will stretch forth its arm with whatever of vigor it may still retain, over the friends who gather round it; and it will fall at last, if fall it must, amid the proudest monuments of its own glory, and on the very spot of its origin.
Page 165 - There she is, — behold her, and judge for yourselves. There is her history, — the world knows it by heart. The past, at least, is secure. There is Boston, and Concord, and Lexington, and Bunker Hill, — and there they will remain for ever. The bones of her sons, fallen in the great struggle for Independence, now lie mingled with the soil of every State from New England to Georgia, — and there they will lie for ever.
Page 116 - To the men of Boston who died for their country on land and sea in the war which kept the Union whole, destroyed slavery and maintained the Constitution, the grateful city has built this monument that their example may speak to coming generations.
Page 6 - all the Athenians and strangers which were there (ie in Athens) spent their time in nothing else but either to hear, or to tell, some new thing
Page 148 - ... Guide-books, Stories about the Pilgrims, Photographs, Coats-of-Arms. Lantern Slides for illustrating Pilgrim Lectures. Send stamp for Burbank's Illustrated Catalogue. FIFTY PLYMOUTH PICTURES. — If you want to know just what to see in Plymouth, and how to see It, send for "HISTORIC PLYMOUTH," A handsome book descriptive of the historic points and localities famous in the story of the Pilgrims. It is illustrated with fifty half-tone engravings, and sketches in pen and ink. A beautiful cover design...
Page 166 - This is the vivid story of early New England, told while standing upon the very spots where the stirring Colonial drama was enacted. The famous places where the Puritans and Pilgrims planted their first homes, the ancient buildings, and the monuments to the wise and dauntless founders of the great Commonwealth are visited, and, while in the atmosphere of the associations, the thrilling narrative of the past is recounted. The boy's...

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