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AUTHOR, 464-No, not despairingly........ Temple Ch. Chorals. 365 O Love divine, how sweet thou art....C. Wesley. 810- Nor eye hath seen, nor ear hath heard .... Watts. 184 -0 Love, which lightens all distress...... Monsell. 157 Not all the blood of beasts.....


462 -0 Love, who gay'st Thy life for me.. 478 Not with our mortal eyes.

Watts. 835 O Mother dear, Jerusalem......... Quarles. 1004 Nothing but leaves, the Spirit grieves..

851 O Paradise, O Paradise...

Faber. 430-Now I have found the ground wherein..

56 O render thanks to God above.. Tate & Brady.

.... Rothe-tr. J. Wesley. 148 O Sacred Head, now wounded.. 136 -Now be my heart inspired to sing. Watts.

..Bernard of Clairvaux-tr. Paul Gerhardt-tr. 727-Now be the gospel banner..

..J. W. Alexander. 302- Now begin the heavenly theme. Langford. 695 O Saviour, is Thy promise fled..

Heber. 912, Now from labor and from care.. Hastings. 120 O Saviour of our race.. 893 - Now from the altar of our hearts.. Mason.

... Laurentius Laurenti-tr. Winkworth. 826 - Now I resolve with all my heart..... Anne Steele. 191 O Saviour, who for man... Hymns Anc. and Mod. 251 - Now let my soul, eternal King.....Hegintotham. 977 O sing unto the Lord a new song, Sing unto 842 - Now let our souls on wings sublime.... Gibbons.


.Psalm 96. 702- Now living waters flow....

979 O sing unto the Lord a new song. For he hath404 Now may He who from the dead......... Newton. (Chant)...

.Psalm 98. 042-Now may the God of power and grace.... Watts. 694 O Spirit of the living God.. Montgomery. 79- Now thank we all our God..

304 0 Thou that hear'st when sinners cry..... Watts. ..Ri art-tr. C. Winkworth. 576 0 Thou that hear'st prayer.... 689- Now to Thy sacred house........... ..Dwight. 224 0 Thou, the contrite sinner's Friend... 901-Now with the declining sun.v...'.....

Charlotte Elliott. Labente jam solis-tr. A. R. T. 124 0 Thou who by a star didst guide...... Neale.

759 0 Thou whose filmed and failing eye ...A. R. T. 981 O be joyful in the Lord (Chant)... Psalm 100. 320 0 Thou whose tender mercy hears.. Anne Steele. 67--0 Bread, to pilgrims given ......

189 O wondrous type ! O vision fair... .0 Esca viatorum-tr. Ray Palmer.

..Hymns Anc. & Nod. 193-0 Christ, Thou glorious King we own...

23 O worship the King all-glorious... Sir R. Grant. Te Deum Laudamus-R. D. C. Hy. Bk. Ed. 1789. 556 O Zion, tune thy voice.... ..Doddridge. 718- city of the Lord begin... ..Logan. 26 - Oh bless the Lord, my soul...........

...Montgomery. 960 O clap your hands, all ye people-(Chant).... 111- Oh come, all ye faithful, triumphantly sing.... .Psalm 24 and 47.

.. Adeste Fideles-tr. Casuall. 976 O come, let us sing-(Chant)... Psalm 95. 147- Oh come and mourn with me awhile...Faber-a. 593 day of rest and gladness.....

....... C. Wordsworth, 281- Oh cease, my wandering soul........Mühlenberg. 6:24) God of Abraham, hear.

..Hastings. 572 - Oh come, loud anthems let us sing. Tate & Brady. 634. O God of Bethel...... Darracott-Logan. 407- Oh, could I find from day... Hartford Selection. 699_0 God of sovereign grace...

364-Oh, could I speak the matchless worth .. Medley. 867_ O God, that madest earth and sky.. Heter. 481- Oh, for a closer walk with God .Coreper. 597 O God, Thou art my God alone..... Montgomery. 466 Oh, for a heart to praise my God. C. Tresley. 46° O God, we praise Thee and confess......Patrick. 493-Oh, for a principle within....

C. Tresley. 613. O happy day, that stays my choice...Doddridge. 194-Oh, for a shout of sacred joy.....

Tratta. 222 - 0 help us, Lord, each hour of need......Milman. 339 -Oh, for a thousand tongues to sing....C. Farley. 233. O Holy Spirit, Fount of love.......

755 -Oh, for an overcoming faith ..

Tatts. ....O fons amoris-tr. J. E. L. 759 -Oh, for the death of those..... 490- 0 Jesus, full of pardoning grace...C. Wesley--a. 215 - Oh, for the happy hour.....

Bethune. 312 O Jesus, King most wonderful.

834 -Oh, for the pearly gates of heaven.. Jesus Rex-Bernard of Clairvaux-tr. Carwall. 619. Oh, from earthly cares set free... 863- O Jesus, Lord of light and grace..

32Oh, great is Jehovah...

Montgomery. ....Splendor Paternae-Ambrose-tr. Chandler. 417- Oh, happy soul that lives on high. Watis. 312 - 0 Jesus, Saviour of the lost.. Bickersteth. 319 - Oh, help us when our spirits bleed. Vilman. 353- O Jesus, Thou the beanty art..

255 - Oh, how I love Thy holy law.............. Watts. Jesu decus-Bernard of Clairvaux-tr. Carwall. 542-0h, let him whose sorrow... 1850 Jesus, when I think of Thee... Bethune.

....... Heinrich Oswald-tr. Frances E. Cox. 876 O Lord, another day is flown... Hy. Kirke White. 435 Oh, my soul, what means this endness.. Fawcett. 102 Lord, how good, how great art Thou..... Lyte. 636 Oh, sweetly breathe the lyres above. Ray Palmer. 682 O Lord, how joyful 'tis to see.......... Chandler. 239 Oh, that my load of sin were gone....C. Wesley. 956 O Lord, I will praise (Chant).... Isaiah 12:1, etc. 498 Oh, that the Lord would guide my ways.. Talts. 448 O Lord, impart Thyself to me.........C. Wesley. 714 Oh, that the Lord's salvation....

. Lyte. 629 O Lord, my best desire fulfil..

Cowper. 254 Oh, that Thy statutes every hour......... Watts. 35 O Lord, our heavenly King

Watts. 685 Oh, what if we are Christ's. Rev. Sir H. W. Baker. O Lord, our Lord (Chant)..

Psalm 8. 525 Oh, what stupendous mercy shines...... Rippon. Lord, Thy work revive.....

Browne. 720 Oh where are kings and empires now. A. C. Core. prd, turn not Thy face from me......

132 Oh, where is He that trod the sea .. .Jno. Mardley, 1562. 280 Oh, where shall rest be found.......

Montgomery. ird, when faith... Beddome-Gibbons. 800 O'er the distant mountains breaking.... Monsell


166 Resting from his work to-day........ Whytehead.
206 Return, 0 wanderer, return.

140 Ride on, ride on in majesty.

197 Rise, glorious Conqueror, rise.. Milman,
473 Rise, my soul, and stretch thy Seagrare-a.
328 Rock of Ages, cleft for me.. Toplady-1.

4 Round the Lord, in glory seated.. Mant.


733 O'er the gloomy hills ...... W. Williams-- Cento.
710 O'er the realms of pagan darkness Colterill.
157 O'erwhelmed in depths of woe

.Saero Dolorum-tr. Caswall.
709 On the mountain's top appearing.......... Kelly.
941 On Thee, our Guardian God, we call.
833 On Jordan's stormy banks I stand...

445 Once I thought my mountain strong. Newton,
859 Once more, my soul, the rising day.... Walls.
939 Once more the solemn season calls.

. Hymns Anc. and Mod.
555 One sole baptismal sign... .. Geo. Robinsona.
749 One sweetly solemn thought... Phebe Cary.
199 One there is above all others.... .Newton.
484 Open, Lord, my inward ear .........

C. Wesley.
641 Oppressed with noonday's scorching heat. Bonar.
623 Our children Thou dost claim
846 Our Father God, how sweet the ..Doddridge.
24 Our Father in heaven...

.Sarah J. Hale.
514 Our Father, throned in heaven divine... Godwin.
963 Our Father, who art (Chant).......Lord's Prayer.

2 Our Father, who dost lead..
924 Our God, our help in ages past..

390 Our Heavenly Father calls.. Doddridge.
189 Our Lord is risen from the dead. C. Wesley.
168 Our sins, our sorrows, Lord, were laid.... Eddis.
678 Our souls by love together knit... ... Miler.
929 Our year of grace is wearing to its close. Alford.
985 Out of the depths have I cried (Chant).Psalm 130.
534 Out of the depths of woe............


617 Part in peace, Christ's life.... Sarah F. Adams.
892 Peace be to this habitation..

C. Wesley.
635 People of the living God... Montgomery.
261 Pilgrim burdened with thy sin.

287 Pity, Lord, the child of clay..
640 Planted in Christ, the living Vine...S. F. Smith,
101 Plunged in a gulf of dark despair.... Watts.
692 Pour out Thy Spirit from on high.. Montgomery.
947 Praise, O praise our God and King...,

... Rev. Sir Henry W. Baker.
946 Praise on Thee in Zion's gates......

57 Praise to God, immortal..... Anna L. Barbauld.
59 Praise the Lord, his glories show.... .. Lyte.
19 Praise the Lord of heaven J. B. Browne.

8 Praise the Lord, ye heavens adore Him.... Mant.
697 Praise to the Lord on high..
970 Praise waiteth for Thee, O God (Chant).Psalm 65.
564 Praise waits in Zion, Lord, for Thee...... Watts.
712 Praise ye Jehovah's name...

987 Praise ye the Lord, praise ye (Chant). Psalm 148.
988 Praise ye the Lord, praise God (Chant). Psalm 150.
509 Prayer is the soul's sincere desire.. Montgomery.
651 Prepare us, Lord, to view Thy cross...
300 Prince of Peace, control my will..
310 Prostrate, dear Jesus, at Thy feet.

583 SAFELY through another week... Newton.
418 Saints for whom the Saviour bled..
214 Saints in glory! we together.....

455 Salvation is forever nigh.....

207 Salvation, oh the joyful sound

891 Saviour, breathe an evening blessing. Edmeston.
153 Saviour, I lift my trembling eyes....... 1. G. T.
329 Saviour of our ruined race.... Hastings.
1002 Saviour, through the desert lead us..

Kelly-F. R.
520 Saviour, what gracious words,
541 Saviour, when in dust to Thee..... Sir R. Grant.
893 Saviour, who Thy flock art feeding.. Mühlenberg.
275 Say, sinner, hath a voice within... Hyde.
558 See, from Zion's sacred mountain.. Kelly.
939 See, gracious God, before Thy throne.. Steele.
629 See Israel's gentle Shepherd stand... Doddridge.
819 See the ransomed millions stand.. Conder.
595 See what a Living Stone...

.... Watts.
725 Send, send the gospel message

766 Servant of God, well donc.. . Montgomery.
294 Shall we go on to sin .

936 Shine on our land, Jehovah, shine.. Watts.
291 Show pity, Lord, O Lord forgive.

996 Shout the glad tidings, exultingly... Mühlenberg.
213 Sing of Jesus, sing forever....

596 Sing to the Lord, our might....

86 Sing to the Lord, ye distant lands... Watts.
200 Sinner, rouse thee from thy... H. U. Onderdonk.
259 Sinners turn, why will ye die... C. Wesley.
902 Softly now the light of day.

407 Soldiers of Christ, arise..

C. Wesley.
449 Sometimes a light surprises,

330 Son of God, to Thee I cry..

866 Son of the carpenter, receive C. Wesley.

36 Songs of praise, the angels sang . Montgomery.
528 Soon as I heard my Father say...

910 Soon shall a darker night descend.
903 Source of light and life divine....

Lucis Creator-tr. Chandler---a.
247 Spirit Divine, attend our prayer.. .Reed.
818 Spirit, leave thy house of clay... Montgomerya.
240 Spirit of Faith, come down.. .C. Wesley.
228 Spirit of mercy, truth, and love.. ..Kyle.
600 Spirit of truth, on this thy day.. ... Heber.

28 Stand up and bless the Lord... . Montgomery.
410 Stand up, my soul, shake off thy fears..... Walls.
405 Stand up, stand up for Jesus.... .Duffield.
918 Star of peace, to wanderers weary
288 Stay, thou insulted Spirit, stay..

C. Wesley.
814 Still one in life and one in death

870 Still with Thee, O my God......
882 Sun of my soul, Thou Saviour dear. Keble.
60 Sweet is the memory of Thy grace..

612 Sweet is the light of Sabbath eve.. . Edmeston.
570 Sweet is the work, my God, my King..... Watts.
894 Sweet Saviour, bless us ere we go........ Faber.

[blocks in formation]


367 Sweet the moments, rich......... AllenShirley. 925 Thee we adore, Eternal Name........ Watts.
945 Swell the anthem, raise the song........

106 Then shone almighty power .....

Anne Siecle.

750 There is a blessed home.. Rev. Sir 17. W. Baker.
907 TARRY with me, O my Saviour....

841 There is a fold whence none can stray...... East.
403 Teach me, my God ..... Geo. Herbert-J. Wesley. 163 There is a fountain filled with blood.. Couper-a.
764 Teach me the measure of my days..

..... Watts.

164 There is a fountain filled..... Couper-Original.
937 Teach us, O Lord, aright to plead........ Newton. 848 There is a holy city.....
847 Ten thousand times ten thousand.. Alford. 832 There is a land of pure delight..

809 That day of wrath, that dreadful day.. Dies Ira- 446 There is a safe and secret place

Thomas of Celano.- Cento.-Sir Waller Scott. 829 There is an hour of peaceful rest.. Tappan.
119 The Advent of our God.....

934 Therefore, with angels (Chant)..
..... Instantis Adventum Dei-tr. Chandler-a.

..... Tersanctus. Seraphic Hy., Western Ch.
121 The Ancient law departs....Hymns Anc. & Mod. 689 They are evermore around us.... Year of Praise.
437 The billows swell, the winds are high... Cowper. 76 They who seek the throne of grace
993 The Chariot, the Chariot, its wheels roll in fire... 664 Thine forever, God of love...... Bosworth's Coll.

.(Chant) Milman. 581 This is the day the Lord hath made....... Watts.
799 The Church has waited long.
Bonar. 786 Thou art gone to the grave.....

888 The day is past and gone..

Leland. 549 Thou art my Hiding-Place, O Lord.. Rafies.
887 The day, O Lord, is spent..
Neale. 440 Thou art my Portion, O my God.

195 The eternal gates lift up their heads

511 Thou art the Way, to Thee alone. Doane.
606 The festal morn, my God, is come..

961 Thou hast ascended on high (Chant)..
. Zuinger-ir. Merrick.

Pe. 68: 18, 19—Isaiah 44: 3.
10 The God of Abraham praise...

Oliver. 216 Thou hast raised our human nature..
703 The barvest dawn is near.

Burgess. 875 Thon hidden Source of calm repose...C. Wesley.
202 The head that once was crowned.

Kelly. 806 Thou Judge of quick and dead.. C. Weily.
249 The heavens declare Thy glory, Lord..... Walts. 285 Thou Lord of all above....

810 The last loud trumpet's wondrous sound.

482 Thou lovely Source of true delight.. Anne Steele.
...... Dies Iræ- Thomas of Celano-tr. 394 Thou only Sovereign of my heart... Anne Steele.
669 The Lord Himself doth condescend..

618 Thou who art enthroned above.......... Sandys.
R. D. C. Hy. Bk.--Ed. 1767. 711 Thou whose almighty word..... Marriott.
537 The Lord Himself will keep....

.Kelly. 426 Though faint, yet pursuing, we go on our way..
41 The Lord is King, lift up thy voice Conder. 828 Though nature's strength decay... Olivers.
425 The Lord is my Shepherd, no want..Montgomery. 68 Throngh all the changing scenes.. Tate & Brady.
180 The Lord is risen indeed..

. Kelly. 759 Through sorrow's night and danger's path....
967 The Lord is my Shepherd (Chant). Psalm 23.

Hy. Kirke White.
67 The Lord Jehovah lives

Hastings. 909 Throughout the hours of darkness dim
30 The Lord Jehovah reigns.-Let all. Watts. 880 Thus far the Lord hath led me on......... Watts.
66 The Lord Jehovah reigns.-His throne.... Watts. 631 Thus saith the mercy of the Lord. Watts-a.
77 The Lord my pasture shall prepare.
Addison. 519 Thy bounties, gracious Lord...

53 The Lord my Shepherd is...

... Watts.

704 Thy God, my Saviour King.....
62 The Lord's my Shepherd, I'll not want..

61 Thy goodness, Lord, our souls confess.. Gibbons.

Old Scotch version. 553 Thy home is with the humble, Lord...... Faber.
602 The Lord of Glory is my light.

31 Thy name, Almighty Lord.

63 The Lord our God is full of might...H. K. White. 999 Thy works, not mine, O Christ.

978 The Lord reigneth, let the earth (Chant)..Ps. 97. 451 "Tis by the faith of joys to come..

607 The Lord who truly knows

Newton-a. 743 'Tis enough, the hour is come.. Merrick.
808 The Lord will come, the earth shall....Heber-a. 151 "Tis finished, so the Saviour cried...... Stennett.
186 The morning purples all the sky..

568 'Tis heaven begun below..

....... Aurora coelum purpurat-tr. A. R. T. 787 'Tis Jesus epeaks: I fold, says IIe.. Stennett.
457 The peace which God alone reveals... Newton. 783 'Tis sweet to rest in lively hope.. Toplady.
51 The pity of the Lord...

Watts. 675 To bless Thy chosen race.. Tate & Brady.
376 The Saviour by whose name I'm called.

183 To God be glory, peace on earth..

625 The Saviour kindly calls....

in excelsis - Supplement to Tate & Brady-.
203 The Saviour, oh what endless charms...... Steele. 64 To God our strength sing loud and clear...
416 The Son of God goes forth to war...... Heber. 676 To God, the only wise...

54 The spacious firmament on high. . Addison. TO To heaven I lift my waiting eyes.. Watte.
279 The Spirit in our hearts.......H. U. Onderdonk. 475 To Jesus the crown of my hope.. Couper.
176 The strife is o'er, the battle done....

204 To our Redeemer's glorious name...Anne Steele.

..Hymns Anc, & Mod. 141 To Thee be glory, honor, praise..... Gloria, laus.
994. The throne of His glory, as snow it is white.....

... Theodulph of Orleans, 821-tr.C.
....(Chant) Mühlenberg. 332 To Thee, my God and Saviour.

+? voice of free grace cries, escape... Thornby. 890 To Thee our wants are known.
whole creation groans and waits..

75 To Thy pastores fair and large Herrick.
- orld is very evil...

590 To Thy temple I repair.... Montgomery.
a Norissima- Bernard of Cluny-tr. Neale. 126 To us a child of hope is born..


AUTHOR. 380 To whom, my Saviour, shall I go.......Hastings. 991 When marshalled on the nightly plain (Chant)... 548 To Zion's hill I lift mine eyes.... Tate & Brady.

Hy. Kirke White. 270 To-day the Saviour calls..

...Hulings. 758 When musing sorrow weeps the past. ..... Noel. 771 Tomorrow, Lord, is Thine.. Doddridge. 386 When on Sinai's top I see...... Montgomery. 721 Triumphant Zion, lift thy head. ..Doddridge. 539 When our heads are bowed with woe... Muman. 877 Twas in the watches of the night.

535 When overwhelmed with grief.


713 When shall the voice of singing. Pratt's Coll. 785 UNVEIL thy bosom, faithful tomb.. Watts. 435 When sins and fears prevailing rise.. Anne Steele. 87 Upward I lift mine eyes,

Watts. 78 When streaming from the eastern..... Shrubsole. 230 When the blest day of Pentecost..

Hart206 VAINLY through night's weary hours....... Lyte. Whitsunday Hy., R. D. C. Hy. Bk.-Ed. 1792.

803 When Thou, my righteous Judge, shalt come.... 116 WAKE, O my soul, and hail the morn..

... Seina, Countess of Huntingdon. 142 Wake the song, O Zion's daughter... J. E. L. 496 When we cannot see our way.. 735 Wake the song of jubilee...

L. Bacon. 513 Where is my God, does He retire.... Anne Steele. 807 Waked by the trumpet's sound.. Wesley Coll. 5:13 Where shall we go to seek and find... Watts. 666 Was there ever kinder Shepherd. Faber. 638 While in the hours of blooming youth... 742 Watchman, tell us of the night..Sir J. Bowring. 207 While life prolongs its precious light....Duight. 748 Wayfarers in the wilderness....... A. R. T. 538 While my Redeemer's near ..........Anne Steele. 852 We are on our journey home. Chas. Beecher. 917 While o'er the deep Thy servants sail...Burge88. 964 We believe in one God (Chant).... Nicene Creed. 110 While shepherds watched their flocks.. N. Tate. 693 We bid Thee welcome in the name.. Montgomery. 91 While Thee I seek

.Helen M. Williams. 3 We give immortal praise.......

Watts. 923 While with ceaseless course the sun .... Nercton. 181 We keep the festival. Ad regias Agni-tr. A. R. T. 324 Whither, oh whither should I fly Wesley. 775 We know, by faith we know.. C. Wesley. 644 Who can describe the joys that rise. Watts. 869 We list our hearts to Thee...

J. Wesley. 453 Who shall the Lord's elect condemn. Watts. 630 We long to move and breathe in Thee..

782 Why do we mourn departing friends. Watts. 919 We praise Thee, O God (Chant).

231 Why should the children of a King.. Watts. Te Deum Laudamus, arr. by Ambrose, from 779 Why should we start and fear to die...... Watts.

Earlier Christian Hymn. 274 Why will ye waste on trifling cares .. Doddridge. 483 We seek a rest beyond the skies......... Newton. 17 With all my powers of heart and tongue.. Watts. 476 We speak of the realms of the blest..

305 With broken heart and contrite sigh.. Elren. 703 We thank Thee, Lord, for sending here....... 488 With earnest longings of the mind. Watts. 203 Weary of struggling with my pain.... Morarian. 80 With glory clad, with strength arrayed.. 539 Welcome, delightful morn.... ..Hayward.

.. Tate & Brady.-R. D. C. Hy. Bk.-Ed. 1767. 607 Welcome, sweet Day, of days..... Simon Browne. 652 With humble faith and thankful heart.. Stennett. 594 Welcome, sweet day of rest.... Watts. 220 With joy we meditate the grace.....

Watts. 827 We've no abiding city here.

..Kelly. 316 Wretched, helpless, and distrest. C. Wesley. 845 What are these in bright array ..... Montgomery. 754 What have I in this barren land

Mason. 474 Ye angels who stand round the throne.. De Fleury. 49 What secret place, what distant star. Sab. Hy. Bk.

717 Ye Christian heralds! go proclaim.. 69 What shall I render to my God..

Watts. 318 Ye fair, enchanting throng... 826 What sinners value, I resign...

Watts. 343 Ye glittering toys of earth, adien.... Anne Steele. 512 What various hindrances we meet...... Cowper. 781 Yo golden lamps of heaven, farewell... 92 When all Thy mercies, O my God...... .....Addison.

Doddridge. 306 When at Thy footstool, Lord, I bend. ...Lyte. 639 Ye men and angels witness now....... Beddome. 531 When gathering clouds around ....Sir R. Grant. 788 Ye mourning saints, whoso streaming tears..... 470 When I can read my title clear.. .. Watts.

..Doddridge. 546 When I can trust my all with God..

.... Conder,

573 Ye nations round the earth rejoice. Watts. 150 When I survey the wondrous cross.. Watts. 208 Ye servants of God, your Master ......C. Wesley. 886 When inward turns my searching...Ray Palmer. 701 Ye servants of the Lord..

.Dorldridge. 526 When Jesus dwelt in mortal clay Gibbons.

653 Ye sin-sick souls, draw near ... Phippard. 114 When Jordan hushed his waters.... T. Campbell. 175 Ye sons and daughters of the.. O filii et filix-ır. 757 When languor and disease invade.. Toplady. 145 Ye that pass by, behold the Man......C. Wesley. 134 When like a stranger on our sphere. Montgomery. 277 Ye who in these courts are.. Rowland Hill's Coll. 52 When man grows bold in sin... .. Watts. 174 Yes, the Redeemer rose...

.Doddridge. 115 When marshalled on the nightly plain....

738 Yes, we trust the day is breaking.......... K'elly. ..Hy. Kirke White. 429 Your harps, ye trembling saints ... Toplady.

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Brattle Street.

L. M. .C. M. .L. M. S. M. 79 & 6s. S. M. .6s. 6s & 5s. .C. M. .78, D. L. M. 61. 78 & 68.. .C. M. S. M 68 & 4s. .s. M... 78, 61.... L. M. 61.. .8,7,8,7,6,6,6,7.. 7s, D. H. M. .11s .L. M. 78, D. C. M. C. M. S. M. C. M. C. M. D.

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.M. Luther.

Carmina Sacra"


G. Kingsley..
.L. Mason..

.. Handel... .... Arr. by Mason ....

. 207, 213, 897, 407, 457

......858, 6

400 125 124

. 26, 270, 829

43, 103

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