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AUTHOR. 995 - ABIDE in me, O Lord.. Harriet B. Stowe. 97 - Awake, and sing the song...Hammond-Madan. 874 -Abide with me, fast falls the eventide...... Lyte. 853- Awake, my soul, and with the sun... ..Ken. 646 - According to Thy gracious word.... Montgomery. 370- Awake, my soul, in joyful lays... .Medley. 896-A charge to keep I have..

C. Wesley. 412 - Awake, my soul, lift up thine eyes.... Barbauld. 744-A few more years shall roll..

Bonar. 413-Awake, my soul, stretch every nerve.Doddridge. 352-A glory gilds the sacred page.

Couper. 411-Awake, our souls, away our fears......... Watts. 96-A mighty fortress is our God.

926–Awake, ye saints, and........ Doddridge. Luther, 1530_tr. F. H. Hedge. 673- A parting hymn we sing....... Sarah F. Adams. 83-Be joyful in God, all ye lands... . Montgomery. 133-A pilgrim through this lonely world...... Bonar. 14 - Be thou exalted, O my God..

Watts. 521 – A poor wayfaring man of grief..... Montgomery. 15 - Before Jehovah's awful throne... Watts-- Wesley. 154 - Alas! and did my Saviour bleed........ Watts. 34-Begin, my soul, the exalted lay. .Ogilrie. 205 - All bail the power of Jesus' name......Perronet. 458 - Begone, unbelief.

Newton. 990 - All hail the power, &c. (Chant)...(The original.) 262- Behold, a stranger's at the door Grigg, a. 167 All is over, pain and sorrow..

J. E. L. 811-Behold I the Bridegroom comcth. 997 “All my heart this night rejoices.

Vidnight-Hy. of Eastern Church-tr. Moultrie. Paul Gerhardt-tr. C. Winkuorth. 868-Behold the morning sun....

Watts. 18 -All people that on earth do dwell. Hopkins. 719-Behold the mountain of the Lord

Bruce. 377- All that I was, my sin, and guilt. Bonar. 1006 - Behold, the shade of night... Ray Palmer. 47 -Almighty God, we praise and own ..... Te Deum 606- Behold the throne of grace...

Neuton. :-tr., R. D. C. Hy. Book., El. 1792. 499 - Behold Thy waiting servant, Lord... Watts. 355-Amazing grace, how sweet the sound... Newton. 477-Behold, what wondrous grace.

Watts. 414-Am I a soldier of the cross...

Watts. 181-Behold, where, in a mortal form...... .Enfield, a. 156— And did the Holy and the Just...... Anne Steele. 762-Bencath our feet and o'er our head.. Heber. 768–And is there, Lord, a rest... .Ray Palmer. 982 Bless the Lord, O my soul (Chant). ...Psalm 103. 313- And must I part with all I have. Beddome. 951 Blessed be the Lord God of Israel (Chant).. 767- And must this body die..


.... St. Luke 1: 68-71. 508- And shall I sit alone.... Beddome. 965 Blessed is the man that...

Psalm 1. 989 And they brought young (Chant) Mark 10. 13,etc. 350 Blessed Saviour, Thec...

.Duffiela. 806 And will the Judge descend. .Doddridge. 402. Blest are the pure in heart

Keble. 113- Angels from the realms of glory... Montgomery. 679 Blest be the dear uniting love.........C. Wesley. 171 - Angels, roll the rock away.. .Scott-Gibbons. 683_ Blest be the tie that... 878- Angels, where'er we go, attend.......C. Wesley. 9 Blest be Thou, O God of Israel. 321- Approach, my soul, the mercy-seat...... Newton. 899 - Blest be Thy love, dear Lord...

Austin. 340- Arise, my soul, arise.

...C. Wesley. 242 - Blest Comforter Divine.... Cldand's llys. 601 - Arise, O King of grace, arise..

Walls. 604 - Blest day of God, most calm, most bright..Mason. 986 Arise, O Lord, into Thy (Chant) Ps. 132 24. 670 - Blest feast of love divine...... 196- Arise, ye peopie, and.

Lyte. 501 - Blest hour, when mortal man retires..... Raffles. 723_ Arm of the Lord, awake! awake!. Shrubsole. 454 - Blest is the man, forever blest..

Watts. 823- As Jesus died and rose again..

14+ Blood is the price of heaven...

Faber. 487- As pants the hart.. Tate & Brady. 258 Blow ye the trumpet...

C. Wesley. 130- As to His earthly parents' home Alford. 162- Bound upon the accursed trec..

Milman. 825 As when the weary traveller. Newton. 059- Bread of heaven, on Thee..

Conder. 122 As with gladness men of old. W, C. Dix. 655 - Bread of the world, in mercy broken..

..Heber. 348 - Ask ye what great thing.. Mon sell. 420 - Breast the wave, Christian

Stammers. 777- Asleep in Jesus, blessed sleep.... Marg. Mackay. 516- Bright Source of everlasting love 661 - At the Lamb's high feast we. Ad regias Agni-tr. 123- Brightest and best of the sons..

Heber. 667 - At Thy command, our dearest Lord. Watts. 654- Author of life divine...

C. Wesley. 904-CALL Jehovah thy salvation........ Montgomery. 955 Awake, awake, put on thy strength, O Zion.... 551- Calm me, my God, and keep me calm ....Bonar. (Chant)... .Isaiah 52: 1, etc. 1005- Child of sorrow, child of care.

......... Hastings.


........ Boden.


AUTHOR 146 Deep in our hearts let us........ Watts. 205~ Delay not, delay not, 0 sinner .Hastings. 297- Depth of mercy, can there. C. Wesley. 824- Descend from heaven, Immortal Dove .... Watts. 28+- Did Christ o'er sinners

Beddome. 613. Dismiss us with Thy blessing, Lord. ....Hart. 381-Do not I love Thee, O my Lord...... Doddridge. 545 -Does the Gospel word...

Newton. 897- Dread Sovereign, let my evening song.... Watts. 578-Dust and ashes, sin and guilt..... . Montgomery.

580 -EARLY, my God, without delay.... Watts. 830. Earth has engrossed my love too long..... Watts. 349. Earth has nothing sweet or fair...

........ Angelus Silesius-ir. Frances E. Cor. 793 -Earthly joys no longer please us... 761. Earth's but a sorry tent.......... Crossman, 1664. 916- Eternal Father, strong to save.. 843- Eternal life, how will it reign.

Gibbons. 920- Eternal Source of every joy

Doddridge. 227 - Eternal Spirit, we confess..

Watts. 815- Eternity, eternity.. Wülffer-tr. Frances E. Cor.


AUTHOR. 363- Children of the Heavenly King. Cennick. 444- Chosen not for good in me.... .Mc Cheyne. 935 - Christ by heavenly hosts adored.. . Harbaugh. 575- Christ is our corner-stone.

..... Angulare fundamentum-tr. Chandler. 431-Christ, of all my hopes the Ground... Windham. 959 Christ our Passover is sacrificed...1 Cor.5: 7 etc. 177- Christ the Lord is risen again.

Easter Hy. of the Bohemian Ch.-tr. Winkworth. 172" Christ the Lord is risen to-day,"....C. Wesley. 170- Christ the Lord is risen to-day,.. 851- Christ, whose glory fills the sky.. C. Wesley. 734-Christian, see the orient morning 731 - Christians up, the day.....

E.S. Porter, 707– Church of the ever-living God..

Bonar. 603 Come, dearest Lord, and feed Thy sheep.. Mason. 622 Come, dearest Lord, descend

Watts. 118 Come, Desire of nations...

C. Wesley. - 741 Come, Desire of nations, come, Hasten, Lord,...

637 Come, ever blessed Spirit, come.. - 100 Come, every pious heart..

Slennett. 503- Come, Gracious Spirit, Heavenly Dove. Browne. 264. Come hither, all ye weary souls..

Watts. 236- Come, Holy Ghost, all-quickening fire. C. Wesley. 225 - Come, Holy Ghost, and through.. Caswali. 383. Come, Holy Ghost, in love...

Veni Sancte--tr. Ray Palmer. 691 Come, Holy Ghost, our souls... Veni Creator-tr. 241 - Come, Holy Spirit, come....

Hart-a. 246_ Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly Dove.. Watts. 680- Come in, Thou blessed of our God.. Montgomery. 700. Come, kingdom of our God

.Johns. 927 - Come, let us anew.....

C. Wesley. 928 - Come, let us ancw

C. Wesley. 206 - Come, let us join our cheerful songs......

Watts. 68f. Come, let us join our friends above C. Wesley. 798 Come, Lord, and tarry not..

Bonar. 317- Come, my Redeemer ..

Reed. 302 - Come, my soul, thy suit..

Newton. 226 - Come, O Creator Spirit blest.

Caswall. 998- Come, O Thou Traveller unknown.... C. Wesley. 29 Come, sound His praise abroad

Watts. 11. Come, Thou almighty King...

Madan, 566. Come, Thou Desire of all Thy caints.Anne Steele. 866. Come, Thou Fount of every blessing... Robinson. 795 Come, Thou long-expected Jesus... C. Wesley. 278. Come to Calvary's holy mountain... Montgomery.

271- Come, ye sinners, poor and wretched...... Hart. - 263Come, wcary souls, with sin distrest Anne Sleele.

269 Come, ye disconsolate, where'er ye ....... Moore. 944- Come, ye thankful people, come.. .Alford. 272 Come, ye weary, heavy-laden..

Hart. 347- Compared with Christ in all. Toplady. 235 - Creator Spirit, by whose aid.

Drylen. 188 - Crowns of glory ever bright.


751 - FADE, fade each carthly joy..... Bonar. 875- Fading, still fading, the last beam is shining.... 838r Fair vision, how thy distant gleam. ....... Bonar. 1003- Fairest Lord Jesus.....German, 12th century, tr. 934- Faith of our Fathers, living still

Faber. 560 Far as Thy name......

Watts. 479- Far from my heavenly home....

.Lyte. 500 -Far from my thoughts, vain world. Watts. 872. Far from the world, O Lord, I flee. Cowper.

83~ Father, how wide Thy glory shines. Watts. 626- Father, in these reveal Th 7 Son.......

C. Wesley. 73. Father of Love, our Guide.

Irons. 550 - Father, to Thee my soul...

C. Wesley. 551 - Father, whate'er of earthly bliss Anne Sleele. 419-Fear not, O little flock, the foe..

......Gustavus Adolphus, 1631–tr. Winkworth, 703- Few are thy days and full of woe....... Logan. 722 - Fling out the banner, let it float... .... Doane. 421Floods swell around me angry Z. Eddy. 684For all Thy saints, O Lord

Mant. 836 For thee, O dear, dear country..

.. Bernard of Cluny A. D. 1145—tr. Neale. 632- Forbid them not, the Saviour.. .Hastings. 772- Forever with the Lord..

Montgomery. 469- Forth from the dark and stormy sky.

...... Heber. 862 Forth in Thy name, O Lord.. C. Wesley. 461 Fountain of grace, rich, full and free 608- Frequent the day of God...

Broune, 574 From all that dwell below the skies. Watts. 503 •From every stormy wind .

Storell. 726 - From Greenland's icy mountains

Heber. 276- From the cross uplifted....

Harvey. 397. From the first dawning light

Watts. 486 - Full of trembling expectation..

1. .......C. Wesley.

908 DARKNESS was on... Lucis Creator-tr. A. R. T. 814 -Day of anger, that dread day Dies Irae-tr. Alford. 802_Day of Judgment, day of wonders Nerton. 238-Day Divine, when in the temple......... Gill-a. 530 Dear Refuge of my weary soul....... Anne Steele. 628- Dear Saviour, if these lambs should stray..Hyde. 389 - Dear Saviour, we are Thine. Doddridge. 218. Dearest of all the names ....

Watts. 720 - Death may dissolve my body now.. Watts,

423-GENTLY, Lord, oh, gently...... ..Hastings. 696 - Gird on Thy conquering sword. Doddridge, 687 - Give me the wings of faith..

.Watts. 430- Give to the winds thy fears.....

Paul Gerhardt. tr. J. Wesley. 736-Give us room that we may dwell.. 860- Giver and Guardian of our sleep......C. Wesley.


AUTHOR. 56:2. Glad was my heart.....

Montgomery. 495- Hark, my soul! it is the Lord .... .Cowper. 557– Glorious things of thec are spoken...... Newlon. 198 Hark! ten thousand harps and voices ..Kelly. 913-Glory be to God on high. (Chant)... Gloria 820 - Hark! that shout of rapturous joy..... Kelly.

in E.ccelsis. Angelic Hymn-St. Luke 2: 14. 103 - Hark the glad sound, the Saviour....Doddridge. 33 - Glory be to God on high .

C. Wesley. 117 - Hark the herald angels sing... .C. Wesley. 7-Glory be to God the Father.

Bonar. 740 - Hark the song of Jubilee.... Montgomery. 12-Glory to God on high...

Hills Coll. 794 Hark the sound of holy voices..People's Hymnal. 683- Glory to God whose witness. Morarian Hy. Book. 160 - Hark the voice of love and mercy.......Francis. 879– Glory to Thee, my God, this night....... Ken--a. 108 Hark! what celestial sounds......Salisbury Coll. 524 - Go labor on, spend and be spent. ..Bonar. 112- Hark! what mean those holy voices...... Cawood. 527 - Go labor on while it is day..

Bonar. 268 Haste, traveller haste, the night comes... Collyer. 690 - Go preach my gospel, saith the Lord...... Watts. 732 Hasten, Lord, the glorious time.. ... Lyte. 971- God be merciful unto us, (Chant).. Psalm 67. 969 Have mercy upon me, O God (Chant). Psalm 51. 931o God bless our native land. .J.S. Dwight. 957 He is despised and rejected of men (Chant)...... 273- God calling yet, shall I not hear.

......Isaiah 53: 3, etc. Tersteegen-tr. Jane Borthwick. 192- He lives, the great Redeemer lives.. Anne Steele. 58- God eternal, mighty King...

55. He reigns, the Lord, the Saviour reigns.. Watts. ....Te Deum-tr. Millard-a. 974 He that dwelleth in the secret place (Chant)..... 250 - God in the gospel of His Son.. Beddone.

...Psalm 91. 211- God is gone up on high...

C. Wesey. 739 He that goeth forth with weeping...... Hastings. 89- God is the refuge of His saints.. Watts. 953 He will swallow up death in victory (Chant)..... 968 God is our refage and strength (Chant). Psalm46.

... Isaiah 25: 8, etc. 7+ God moves in a mysterious way.. Cowper. 784 - Hear what the voice from heaven......... Watts. 438-God my Supporter and my Hope... Watts. 286 - Heart of stone, relent, relent..........C. Wesley. 577-God of mercy, God of grace.

Lyte. 913 - Heavenly Father, Lord of all.... 42 God of my life, through all my days.. Doddridge. 433 - Heavenly Father, to whose eye.. Conder. 615- God of our salvation, hear us....

417- Heirs of an immortal crown. Hastings-Wardwell. 627– God of that glorious gift of grace... ..Monsell 431- Heirs of unending life... 854- God of the morning at whose voice....... Watts. 37- Heralds of creation cry.

. Montgomery. 609- God of the sunlight bours,. Leifchilds Col. 392 - Here at Thy cross, my dying God.. Watts. 895. God that madest earth... Heber, Whately. 404- Here I can firmly rest.. 932 God the all-terrible, Thou who ordainest..

Paul Gerhardt-tr. Winkworth-. 223- God the Father, from Thy......Hy. Anc. & Mod. 846- High in yonder realms of light.. ..Rajies. 98 - Grace, 'tis a charming sound. .Doddridge. 46 Holy and reverend is the....

Needham. 803 - Gracions Spirit, Dove divine

Stocker. 234 - Holy Ghost, dispel our sadness. 248- Great Father of cach perfect gift. Doddridge.

Gerhardt-Jacobi-tr. Toplady. 571 Great God, attend while Zion sings. Watts. 239- Holy Ghost the Infinite... 93_Great God, how infinite art Thou... Watts. 301- Holy Ghost with light divine..

Roed. 82-Great God, indulge my humble claim...... Watts. 953 Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God of Sabaoth (Chant).. 21 Great God, the heavens' well-ordered frame Watts.

Trisagion-Seraphic Hy. Eastern Ch. 729 -Great God, the nations of the earth..... Gibbons. 1 - Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty..... Ileber. 891 -Great God, to Thee my evening song. Anne Steele. 6- Holy, Holy, Holy Lord, God of...C. Wordsworth. 919 - Great God, we sing that mighty hand. Doddridge. 39- Holy, Holy, Holy Lord, Be Thy..B. Williams-a. 816- Great God, what do I see ....Ringwald-Collyer. 219- Hosanna raise the pealing hymn.. ..Hacergal. 715- Great God, whose universal sway......

599 -Hosanna to the Living Lord

Heber. 561 Grcat is the Lord our God.....

Watts. 972 How amiable are Thy tabernacles (Chant) Ps. 84. 13- Great One in Three, Great Three in One......... 72-How are Thy servants blessed, O Lord. Addison. 422 Guide me, 0 Thou (6 lines)... . Wm. Williams-a. 698-How beauteous are their feet..... Walls. 1001 Guide me, 0 Thou (4 lines)...

137- How beauteous were the marks divine..

..A. C. Coxe. 369- Harl, my ever blessed Jesus..... Wingrore. 691- How blest the sacred tie..

Barbauld. 187-Hail the day that sees Him rise.. C. Wesley. 778-How blest the righteous when Barbauld. 915 Hail, Thou God of grace and glory...... Aveling, 831~How bright these glorious ..... Watts, Cameron. 215 -Hail, Thou once despised Jesus.. Bakewell. 179 _How calm and beautiful the morn......

..Hastings. 173- Hail to Thee, our risen King... ....S. A. 497 - IIow can I sink with such a prop ......... Watts. 724 -Hail to the Lord's Anointed. Montgomery. 563 How charming is the place..... Slennett, 873- Hail, tranquil hour of closing day..

......L. Bacon. 565 How did my heart rejoice to hear. Watts. 22 -Hallelujah, praise the Lord .. ..Hatfield. 459- How firm a foundation, ye saints. Kirkham. 201 Hallelujah, praise to God.. Wm. Ball, a. 532- How gentle God's commands.. . Doddridge. 792 Happy fon), thy days are ended........C. Wesley. 883 low great Thy mercies, Lord, to me.. 492 - Happy the souls to Jesus joined. ...... C. Wesley. 839_How happy are the souls......... Toplady's Coll. 790 - Hark! a voice divides the sky. .C. Wesley. 472 How happy every child of grace....... C. Wesley. 797 · Ilark / an awful voice is sounding..

282 How heavy is the night....

Watts, ...En clara rox. 4th or 5th cent.--tr. Caswall. 605 How lovely are Thy dwellings fair

Milton. 109. Hark! hark the notes of joy.......... Reed's Coll. 489-How oft, alas! this wretched heart.. Anne Steele.


AUTHOR. 667– How pleased and blest was I....

Watts. 81 - JEHOVAH reigns, He dwells in light.. Watts, 569- How pleasant, how divinely fair, ... Watts.

837 -Jerusalem, my ......F. B. P. from Hy. 8th. Cent. 922- How pleasing is Thy voice..... T. Droight. 849 - Jerusalem on high

Crossman 253- How precious is the book divine.. Fawcett. 850 - Jerusalem, the golden.. 307 How sad our state by nature is


Bernard of Cluny-tr. Neale. 647 - How sweet and awful is the place... Watts. 371o Jesus, and shall it ever be

Grigg. 677- How sweet, how heavenly is the sight.... Swain. 650- Jesus, at whose supreme command....C. Iesley. 221 How sweet the name of Jesus sounds... Newton. 865- Jesus, be near us when we wake. 620. How sweet to leave the world awhile......


Æterna coeli-tr. Caswall. 135- How sweetly flowed the gospel..Sir J. Bowring. 161 - Jesus came, the heavens adoring.. 770. How swift the torrent rolls... Doddridge. 178- Jesus Christ is risen to-day .. 533- How tender is Thy hand... Hastings.

Surrexit Christus-tr. 314 Humbly now, with deep contrition.

229 Jesus enthroned and glorified.

.2. Eddy. 315 Jesus, full of all compassion.

Turner. 746 - I AM weary of straying, oh fain.. Charlotte York. 299 -Jesus, full of truth and love.. 962 I believe in God (Chant). . Apostles Creed. 513-Jesus, give Thy servants..

Dix. 296 - I hear Thy word with love... Watts. 295- Jesus, I come to Thee..

Beman. 383-I heard the voice of Jesus.. .. Bonar. 891- Jesus, I live to Thee....

.Harbaugh. 450- I know no life divided....... People's Hymnal. 359-Jesus, I love Thee evermore. 190- I know that my Redeemer lives (L. M.).. Medley.

O Deus ego ama_tr. E. C. Benedict. 217- I know that my Redeemer lives (C. M.). C. Wesley. 338– Jesus, I love Thy charming name.... Doddridge. 332- I lay my sins on Jesus ... Bonar. 337 Jesus, I my cross have taken..

Lyte. 256. I love the volume of Thy word.

Watts. 468- Jesus, if still the same Thou art......C. Wesley. 356- I love Thee, O my God, but...... .. Xavier-tr. 671 - Jesus invites his saints.....

Watts. 559 I lore Thy kingdom, Lord. ...T. Dwight. 123 - Jesus is God, the glorious bands.......... Faber. 871 - I love to steal awhile away.

..Brown. 914 • Jesus, lead us with Thy power... Wm. JVilliams, 209 · I saw on a throne uplifted in light. Z. Eddy. 212- Jesus lives, and so shall I.. 155- I saw One hanging on a tree..


.Jesus lebt. Gellert-tr. 182 I say to all men far..... Novalis-tr. Winkworth. 395 - Jesus, lover of my soul (Martyn).. C. Werley, 452- I send the joys of earth away.

Watts. 1000- Jesus, lover of my soul (Myers)...... C. Wesley. 65. I sing the almighty power of God.. Watts. 872 Jesus, my All, to Heaven is gone. Cennick. 460- I thirst, but not as once I did.

Cowper. 885. Jesus, my heart withio me burns... Ray Palmer, 400- I want a heart to pray.. C. Wesley. 443 -Jesus, my Lord, attend..

C. Wesky. 361. I was a foe to God.

515 - Jesus, my Lord, how rich Thy grace.. Doddridge. 360 I was a wandering sheep.

Bonar. 373- Jesus, my Lord, my God, my All.. Faber. 984 I was glad when they said unto (Chant)...Ps. 122. 436 - Jesuis, my Love, my chief Delight. Beddorne. 983 I will lift up mine eyes unto the (Chant)..Ps. 121. 399- Jesus, my Strength, my Hope....... C. Wesley. 884- I will praise Thee every day.... Cowper. 66 Jesus, once for sinners slain..

Hart. 745 I would not live alway..... Mühlenberg, cento. 523. Jesus, our best beloved Friend. Montgomery. 884 I would not wake, nor rise again...

Ken. 298- Jesus, save my dying soul..... Hastings. 645 - If human kindness meets return..

Noel. 716- Jesus shall reign where'er the sun........ Watts. 20-I'll praise my Maker with my breath. Watts. 665- Jesus spreads His banner o'er us.. 752- I'm but a stranger here......... T. R. Taylor. 427-Jesus, still lead on...., 379- I'm not ashamed to own my Lord.. Watts.

..Jesu geh goran. Zinzendorf-tr. 415 In all my Lord's appointed ways Ryland. 290- Jesus, the sinner's Friend, to Thee...C. Tesley.

95 In all my vast concerns with Thee.... Watts. 378- Jesus, the very thought of Thee... 358• In Christ I've all my soul's desire .. Dobell's Coll.

...Bernard of Clairvaux-tr. Casuall. 406– In heavenly love abiding . Mrs. Waring. 352 Jesus, these eyes have never........Ray Palmer. 943 - In prayer together let us fall

308 Jesus, Thou art the sinner's Friend.. 857 - In sleep's serene oblivion laid.. Hawkesworth.

... Parkinson Selection. 129- In stature grows the heavenly child ...

357" Jesus, Thou joy of loving hearts..... ....Divine crescebas puertr. Chandler.

Bernard of Clairvaux-tr. Ray Palmer. 334- In the cross of Christ I glory.... Sir J. Bowring. 491- Jesus, Thou knowest my sinfulness... C. Wesley. 540 In the dark and cloudy day..

999-Jesus, Thy blood and righteousness (Chant)..... 648- In the Name of God the Father.......... Hewett.

Zinzendorf--tr. J. Wesley, 4. 536 - In Thee, O Lord, I trust....

374 Jesus, Thy boundless love to me (L. N. 61.)..... Cow In us the hope of glory.


Paul Gerhardt-tr. mon's sacred gates...

Dwight. 893- Jesus, Thy boundless (L. M.)..Paul Gerhardt-tr. - and Hearer of prayer..

Toplady. 672- Jesus, we thus obey ambition in my heart..... Watts. 756 „Jesus, when I fainting lic...

. Alford. e kind return...

Watts. 428-Jesus, who can be.... Frelinghausen-tr. pon the midnight clear

Sears, 835-Jesus, who on Calvary's mountain. od thing to give thanks..(Chant) Ps. 92. 341 Join all the glorious names..

Watts. feath to die........ Malan-tr. Bethune. 104 - Joy to the world, the Lord is come..... Watts. 1 the pearl of greatest price...... 50 -Just are Thy ways, and true Thy word ... Watis.


AUTHOR. 322 – Just as I am, without one plea.. Charlotte Elliott. 323-Just as Thou art, without one trace....... Cook.

- 502 KEEP me from fainting in my prayers. 94- Keep silence, all created things..

Watts. 616 Keep us, Lord, oh, keep us ever.. 621 Kindred in Christ, for His dear sake..... Neroton. 385C King of kings, and wilt Thou....... Mühlenberg.


AUTHOR. 510-Lord, teach us how to pray aright..Montgomery. 54+ Lord, Thou art my Rock of strength.... Francke. 973 Lord, Thou hast been our dwelling-place (Chant)

Psalm 90. 705. Lord, Thou hast taught our hearts.. Ray Palmer. 896 - Lord, Thou wilt hear me when I pray..... Watts. 591- Lord, we come before thee now...... Hammond. 592, Lord, we come to-day to Thee.... ..D. P. 940_ Lord, when we bend before Thy throne.. Carlyle. 368m Lord, with glowing heart I'd praise Thee... Key. 16 - Loud hallelujahs to the Lord...

Watts. 237 - Love divine, all love excelling .C. Wesley.

518 -LABORERS of Christ, arise..... .Sigourney. 656-Lamb of God, whose bleeding love.... C. Wesley. 424. Lead kindly light amid the encircling... Newman. 633-Let children hear the mighty deeds.. Watts.

90 - Let Jacob to his Maker sing ....... .Doddridge. 398- Let sinners take their course..

Watts. 232- Let songs of praises fill the sky.. Cotteril. 45- Let them neglect Thy glory, Lord..

...... Watts. 74-Let us with a gladsome mind.. Milton-a. 344 Let worldly minds the world pursue.... Newton. 706. Let Zion's watchmen all awake.... . Doddridge. 584 - Light of life, scraphic fire...

C. Wesley. 585- Light of light, enlighten me.

. Schmolk-tr. Winkworth. 911 - Light of the Immortal Father's glory. Dus chapòv.

Evening Hymn of Eastern Ch.-tr. Bethune. 728 -Light of the lonely pilgrim's heart. Sir E. Denny. 796- Light of those whose dreary dwelling. C. Wesley. 933 Like Israel's host to exile driven..

Ware. 157 Like sheep we went astray.

Watts. 663, Lol before our longing eyes..

Ecce panis Angelorum-tr. Caswall, a. 48-Lo! God is here, let us adore......J. Wesley-A. 801 Lo! he comes, with clouds descending..

.....C. Wesley-Cennick -Madan. 804 -Lo! on a narrow neck of land..... C. Wesleya. 903- Lol the day of rest declineth............

Robbins. 791 - Lo! the prisoner is released.. C. Wesley. 821- Lo! what a glorious sight appears. Watts. 494 Long hath the night of sorrow reigned. 610- Long have I sat beneath the sound. Watts. 200- Look, ye saints, the sight is glorious.. Kelly. 674- Lord, at this closing hour...

Fitch. 619- Lord, at Thy table I behold..

Stennett. 614- Lord, dismiss us with Thy blessing .. Shirleya. 432 - Lord, forever at Thy side.... Montgomery. 856- Lord God of morning and of night..... Palgrave. 243. Lord God the Holy Ghost...... Montgomery. 642 - Lord, I am Thine, entirely Thine

........Daries. 292- Lord, I am vile, conceived in sin.

Watts. 336 - Lord, I know Thy grace is nigh me.H. D. Ganse. 582- Lord, in the morning Thou shalt hear Watts. 128 - Lord, in Thy temple we appear...

Walls. 753-Lord, it belongs not to my care....... Baxtera, 952 Lord, now lettest Thou Thy servant (Chant)....

..Song of Simeon. St. Luke 2: 29–32. 658-Lord Jesus, by Thy Passion 152- Lord Jesus, when we stand afar... How. 517- Lord, lead the way the Saviour went... Croswell. 765-Lord, let me know mine end .. Montgomery. 861 - Lord of my life, oh, may Thy praise.. 547- Lord of my life, whose tender care.

Sir R. Palmer's Book of Praise. 611- Lord of the Sabbath, hear our vows..Doddridge. 586 - Lord of the worlds above....

Watts. 730 Lord, send Thy word and let it fly Gibbons.

345-MAJESTIC sweetness sits enthroned ....Stennett. 980 Make a joyful noise unto the Lord (Chant) Ps. 100. 662- Many centuries have fled......

Conder. 143 - Many woes had Christ endured.

..... Hart. 5 Meet, and right it is to sing .... ..... C. Wesley. 732- Men of God, go take your stations. .... Kelly. 311- Mercy alone can meet my case ..... Montgomery. 127– Messiah, at Thy glad approach. ..Lozan. 1007– Mid evening shadows let us all...... Ray Palmer. 401 – Mine eyes and my desire

Watts. 169 Morning breaks upon the tomb.. Collyer. 105 Mortals, awake, with angels join. .Jedley. 382 Must Jesus bear the cross alone.

..Allen. 930- My country 'tis of thee..... S. F. Smith, 747- My days are gliding swiftly by... 138- My dear Redeemer and my Lord

Tatts. 165- My dying Saviour and my God.. C. Wesley. 387-My faith looks up to Thce

.Ray Palmer. 864-My God, accept my early vows..

Watts. 668- My God, and is Thy table spread Doddridge. 855 My God, how endless is Thy love.. Wutts.

84- My God, how wonderful Thou art .. Faver. 439 My God, my everlasting hope...... Watts.

42 My God, my King, Thy various praise.. Watts. 504-My God, permit me not to be...... Watts. 44% My God, permit my tongue....

Vatts. 465- My God, the Spring of all my joys

Watts. 35 My God, Thy boundless love I praise.. 522 _My gracious Lord, I own Thy right ..Doddridge. 900-My gracious Redeemer I love... ..Francis. 760 My life's a shade, my days..... Crossman. 327-My precious Lord, for Thy dear name....... 87 My Savionr, my almighty Friend

Watts. 471– My soul, amid this stormy world. R. C. Chapman. 408-My soul be on Thy guard.....

Heath. 950 My soul doth magnify the Lord (Chant)..

. . Song of the Virgin. St. Luke 1: 46-55. 354 _My soul doth magnify the Lord.. 27 My soul, repeat His praise.

Watts, 409-My soul, weigh not thy life. 441 My spirit, on Thy care

Lyte. 88 My trust is in the Lord.


149- NEAR the cross was Mary weeping..

......Stabat Mater-Jacobus de Benedictus-tr. 463- Nearer, my God, to Thee.... Saruh F. Adams. 878-New every morning is the love..

Keble. 921 - No change of time shall ever shock.

Tate & Brady. R. D. C. Hy. Bk.-Ed. 1767. 32.5- No more, my God, I boast no more....... Watts, 776 -No, no, it is not dying

Jalan-tr. Knapp-tr. Dunn.

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