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While the creation's utmost bound

Shall see, adore, and fear.

I Shine on our land, Jehovah, shine

With beams of heavenly grace; Reveal Thy power through all our

coasts, And show Thy smiling face. 2 Here fix Thy throne exalted high,

And here our Glory stand; And, like a wall of guardian fire,

Surround Thy favorite land. 3 When shall Thy name from shore to

shore Sound all the earth abroad ; And distant nations know and love

Their Saviour and their God! 4 Sing to the Lord, ye distant lands,

Sing loud with solemn voice ; Let thankful tongues exalt His praise,

And thankful hearts rejoice. 5 He, the great Lord, the sovereign

Judge, That sits enthroned above, Wisely commands the worlds He made,

In justice and in love. 6 Earth shall confess her Maker's hand,

And yield a full increase ; Our God will crown His chosen land

With fruitfulness and peace. 7 God, the Redeemer, scatters round

His choicest favors here;

I TEACH us, O Lord, aright to plead

For mercies from above :
Oh come and bless our souls indeed,

With light and joy and love. 2 The gospel's promised land is wide,

We fain would enter in ;
But we are pressed on every side

With unbelief and sin.
3 Arise, O Lord, enlarge our coast,

Let us possess the whole ;
That Satan may no longer boast,

He can Thy work control.
4 Oh may Thy hand be with us still,

Our Guide and Guardian be,
To keep us safe from every ill

Till death shall set us free.
5 Help us on Thee to cast our care,

And on Thy word to rest,
That Israel's God who heareth prayer,

Will grant us our request.


To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,

One God, whom we adore, Be glory as it was, is now,

And shall be evermore.

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2 Tremendous judgments from Thy hand I Once more the solemn season calls

Thy dreadful power display; A holy fast to keep;

Yet mercy spares this guilty land, And now within the temple walls

And still we liye to pray. Both priests and people weep. 3 O turn us, turn us, mighty Lord, 2 But vain all outward sign of grief,

By Thy resistless grace ; And vain the form of prayer,

Then shall our hearts obey Thy word, Unless the heart implore relief,

And humbly seek Thy face. And penitence be there.

940 3 We smite the breast, we weep in vain, In vain in ashes mourn,

I LORD, when we bend before Thy throne

And our confessions pour,
Unless with penitential pain

Teach us to feel the sins we own,
The smitten soul be torn.

And hate what we deplore.
4 In sorrow true then let us pray
To our offended God,

Our broken spirit pitying see; From us to turn His wrath away

True penitence impart; And stay the uplifted rod.

Then let a kindling glance from Thee

Beam hope upon the heart. 5 O God, our Judge and Father, deign

To spare the bruised reed; 3 When we disclose our wants in prayer, We pray for time to turn again,

May we our wills resign; For grace to turn indeed.

And not a thought our bosoms share, 6 Blest Three in One, to Thee we bow;

Which is not wholly Thine. Vouchsafe us, in Thy love,

4 May faith each weak petition fill, To gather from these fasts below

And waft it to the skies,
Immortal fruit above.

And teach our hearts 'tis goodness still 939

That grants it or denies.
I SEE, Gracious Lord, before Thy throne, 5 All glory to the Father be,
Thy mourning people bend !

All glory to the Son,
on Thy sovereign grace alone All glory, Holy Ghost, to Thee,
humble hopes depend.

While endless ages run.

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3 Now save us, Lord, from slavish fear; 1 On Thee, our Guardian God, we call,

Now let our hope be firm and strong, Before Thy throne of grace we fall ;

Till Thy salvation shall appear, And is there no deliverance there?

And joy and triumph raise the song. And must we perish in despair ?

943 2 See, we repent, we weep, we mourn, To our forsaken God we turn;

1 In prayer together let us fall, Oh spare our guilty country! spare


mercy, one and all, The church which Thou hast planted

And weep before the Judge, and say, here.

Oh, turn from us Thy wrath away! 3 We plead Thy grace, indulgent God, 2 Thy grace have we offended sore

We plead Thy Son's atoning blood, By sins, O God, which we deplore; We plead Thy gracious promises ; Pour down upon us from above And are they unavailing pleas?

The riches of Thy pardoning love. 4. These pleas, presented at Thy throne, Have brought ten thousand blessings 3 Remember, Lord, though frail we be, down

That yet Thine handiwork are we; On guilty lands in helpless woe:

Nor let the honor of Thy Name Let them prevail to save us too.

Be by another put to shame. 942

4 Forgive the sin that we have wrought,

Increase the good that we have sought ; i Now may the God of



That we at length, our wanderings o'er, Attend His people's humble cry!

May please Thee here and evermore. Jehovah hears when Israel prays,

And brings deliverance from on high. 5 Blest Three in One and One in Three, 2 In His salvation is our hope ;

Almighty God, we pray to Thee, And in the name of Israel's God That Thou wouldst now vouchsafe to Our troops shall lift their banners up,

bless Our navies spread their flags abroad.

Our fast with fruits of righteousness.

Psalm 20.

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I COME, ye thankful people, come,

Raise the song of Harvest-home!
All is safely gathered in,
Ere the winter storms begin ;
God our Maker doth provide
For our wants to be supplied :
Come to God's own temple, come,

Raise the song of Harvest-home! 2 All the world is God's own field,

Fruit unto His praise to yield;
Wheat and tares together sown,
Unto joy or sorrow grown:
First the blade, and then the ear,
Then the full corn shall appear :
Lord of Harvest, grant that we
Wholesome grain and pure may be !

For the Lord our God shall come,
And shall take His harvest home;
From His field shall in that day
All offences purge away;
Give His angels charge at last
In the fire the tares to cast;
But the fruitful ears to store

In His gainer evermore.
4 Even so, Lord, quickly come

To Thy final Harvest-home!
Gather Thou Thy people in
Free from sorrow, free from sin,
There, forever purified,
In Thiy presence to abide :
Come, with all Thine angels, come,
Raise the glorious Harvest-home!

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From the copious founts on high,

From the rivers of the sky. 4 Thus the clouds Thy power confess,

And Thy paths drop fruitfulness,
And the voice of song and mirth
Rises from the tribes of earth.


Psalm 136. 1 PRAISE, oh praise our God and King,

Hymns of adoration sing ;
For His mercies still endure
Ever faithful, ever sure.

i Swell the anthem, raise the song ;

Praises to our God belong;
Saints and angels, join to sing

Praises to the heavenly King.
2 Blessings from His liberal hand

Flow around this happy land;
Kept by Him, no foes annoy ;

Peace and freedom we enjoy. 3 Here beneath a virtuous sway

May we cheerfully obey;
Never feel oppression's rod;

Ever own and worship God.
4 Hark! the voice of nature sings

Praises to the King of kings;
Let us join the choral song,

And the grateful notes prolong. 946

Psalm 65.
1 PRAISE on Thee in Zion's gates,

Daily, O Jehovah, waits :
Unto Thee, O God, belong

Grateful words and holy song.
2 Thou the Hope and Refuge art

Of remotest lands apart;
Distant isles and tribes unknown,

'Mid the ocean waste and lone. 3 Thou dost visit earth, and rain

Blessings on the thirsty plain,

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