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1 Our year of grace is wearing to its close,

Its autumn storms are lowering from the sky:

Shine on us with Thy light, O God most high;
Abide with us where'er our pathway goes,

Our Guide in toil, our Guardian in repose.
2 All through the months hath beamed Thy cheering light,

From Bethlehem's Day-star waxing ever on ;

Through every cloud Thy blesséd Sun hath shone:
Earth may be dark to them that walk by sight,

But for Thy Church the day is always bright.
3 Light us in life, that we may see Thy will,

The track Thy Hand hath ordered for our way;

Light us when shadows gather o'er our day;
Shine on us in that passage lone and chill,

And then our darkness with Thy glory fill.
4 Praise be to God from earth's remotest coast,

From lands and seas, and each created race ;

Praise from the worlds His hand hath launched in space; Praise from the Church, and from the Heavenly Host; Praise to the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost !

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4 So will Thy people, with thankful devotion,

Praise Him who saved them from peril and sword, Shouting in chorus, from ocean to ocean,

Peace to the nations, and praise to the Lord !

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934 I Like Israel's host to exile driven, i Faith of our fathers ! living still

Across the flood the fathers fled ; In spite of dungeon, fire, and sword, Their hands bore up the ark of Heaven, Oh how our hearts beat high with joy And Heaven their trusting footsteps Whene'er we hear that glorious word! led,

Faith of our fathers ! Holy Faith! Till on these savage shores they trod, We will be true to thee till death. And won the wilderness for God.

2 Our fathers, chained in prisons dark, 2 Then, when their weary ark found rest,

Were still in heart and conscience Another Zion proudly grew,

free : In more than Judah's glory dressed,

How sweet would be their children's With light that Israel never knew:

fate, From sea to sea her empire spread,

If they, like them, could die for thee! Her temple Heaven, and Christ her

Faith of our fathers ! Holy Faith! Head.

We will be true to thee till death. 3 Then let the grateful church, to-day,

Its ancient rite with gladness keep; 3 Faith of our fathers ! we will love And still our fathers' God display

Both friend and foe in all our strife; His kindness, though the fathers And preach thee too, as love knows sleep:

how, Oh, bless, as thou hast blessed the past, By kindly words and virtuous life : While earth, and time, and heaven shall Faith of our fathers ! Holy Faith! last!

We will be true to thee till death.

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i Christ, by heavenly hosts adored,

Gracious, mighty, sovereign Lord,
God of nations, King of kings,
Head of all created things,
By the church with joy confest,
God o'er all forever blest;
Pleading at Thy throne we stand,

Save Thy people, bless our land! 2 By Thyself, the Source of grace,

By Thy Headship of our race,
By Thy coming from the skies,
By Thine awful Sacrifice,
By Thy reign o'er all the earth
For its new and second birth;
In Thy merits let us stand,
Save, O Lord, and bless our land !

4 On our fields of grass and grain

Drop, O Lord, the kindly rain;
O'er oùr wide and goodly land
Crown the labors of each hand;
Let Thy kind protection be
O'er our commerce on the sea;
Open, Lord, Thy bounteous hand,
Bless Thy people, bless our land !

5 Let our rulers ever be

Men that love and honor Thee;
Let the powers by Thee ordained,
Be in righteousness maintained;
In the people's hearts increase
Love of piety and peace;
Thus, united we shall stand
One wide, free, and happy land !

3 From all public sin and shame,

From ambition's grasping aim,
From rebellion, war, and death,
From the pestilential breath,
From dread famine's awful stroke,
From oppression's galling yoke,
From the judgments of Thy hand;
Spare Thy people, spare our land!

6 God the Father, let Thy love

Shine upon us from above;
God the Son, our Saviour, plead,
With Thy blood, for all we need;
God the Holy Ghost, impart
Healing power to every heart:
Triune God, oh hear our plea,
Save us as we trust in Thee !

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