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The summer rays with vigor shine

To raise the corn and cheer the vine. 1 GREAT God, we sing that mighty hand By which supported still we stand :

4 Thy hand, in autumn, richly pours The opening year Thy mercy shows ; Through all our coasts redundant Let mercy crown it till it close.


And winters, softened by Thy care, 2 By day, by night, at home, abroad,

No more the face of horror wear.
Still we are guarded by our God;
By His incessant bounty fed,

5 Seasons, and months, and weeks, and By His unerring counsel led.


Demand successive songs of praise ; 3 With grateful hearts the past we own;

And be the grateful homage paid, The future, all to us unknown,

With morning light and evening shade. We to Thy guardian care commit,

And peaceful leave before Thy feet. 6 Here in Thy house let incense rise, 4 In scenes exalted or deprest,

And circling sabbaths bless our eyes ; Be Thou our joy, and Thou our rest;

Till to those lofty heights we soar, Thy goodness all our hopes shall raise,

Where days and years revolve no more. Adored through all our changing days. 921 920

1 No change of time shall ever shock 1 ETERNAL Source of every joy,

My firm affection, Lord, to Thee; Well may Thy praise our lips employ,

For Thou hast always been my Rock, While in Thy temple we appear

A Fortress and Defence to me. To hail Thee, Sovereign of the year. 2 Thou my Deliverer art, O God; 2 Wide as the wheels of nature roll, My trust is in Thy mighty power, Thy hand supports and guides the Thou art my Shield from foes abroad, whole;

At home my Safeguard and my Tower. The sun is taught by Thee to rise, 3 To Thee will I address my prayer,

And darkness when to veil the skies. To whom all praise we justly owe; 3 The flowery spring, at Thy command, So shall I, by Thy watchful care,

Perfumes the air and paints the land ; Be guarded safe from every foe.

Psalm 18.

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Psalm 9o.


3 Great God, on what a slender thread

Hang everlasting things!
The eternal state of all the dead

Upon life's feeble strings ! 4 Infinite joy, or endless woe,

Attends on every breath;
And yet how unconcerned we go

Upon the brink of death.
5 Waken, O Lord, our drowsy sense,

To walk this dangerous road;
And if our souls are hurried hence,

May they be found with God!


1 Our God, our help in ages past,

Our hope for years to come,
Our shelter from the stormy blast,

And our eternal home;
Under the shadow of Thy throne

Thy saints have dwelt secure;
Sufficient is Thine arm alone,

And our defence is sure.
3 Before the hills in order stood,

Or earth received her frame,
From everlasting Thou art God,

To endless years the same.
4 Time, like an ever-rolling stream,

Bears all its sons away;
They fly, forgotten, as a dream

Dies at the opening day.
5 Our God, our help in ages past,

Our hope for years to come,
Be thou our guard while troubles last,

And our eternal home!
1 THEE we adore, Eternal Name,

And humbly own to Thee
How feeble is our mortal frame,

What dying worms are we! 2 The year rolls round, and steals away

The breath that first it gave;
Whate'er we do, where'er we be,

We're traveling to the grave.

I AWAKE, ye saints, and raise your eyes,

And raise your voices high; Awake, and praise that Sovereign Love

That shows salvation nigh. 2 On all the wings of time it flies;

Each moment brings it near: Then, welcome each declining day!

Welcome each closing year! 3 Not many years their rounds shall run,

Nor many mornings rise,
Ere all its glories stand revealed

To our admiring eyes. 4 Ye wheels of nature, speed your course!

Ye mortal powers, decay!
Fast as ye bring the night of death,

Ye bring eternal day.

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1928 i Come, let us anew

i Come, let us anew
Our journey pursue,

Our journey pursue,
Roll round with the year,

With vigor arise, And never stand still till the Master And press to our permanent place in the appear.

skies. 2 His adorable will

2 Of heavenly birth,
Let us gladly fulfil,

Though wandering on earth,
And our talents improve

This is not our place, By the patience of hope and the labor of But strangers and pilgrims ourselves we love.

confess. 3 Our life is a dream;

3 No longing we find
Our time, as a stream,

For the country behind ;
Glides swiftly away;

But onward we move, And the fugitive moment refuses to stay. And still we are seeking a country above. 4 The arrow is flown,

4 A country of joy
The moment is gone,

Without any alloy,
The millennial year

We thither repair ; Rushes on to our view, and eternity's Our hearts and our treasure already are here.

there. 5 Oh that each in the day

5 The rougher our way, Of His coming may say,

The shorter our stay ; “I have fought my way through, The tempests that rise “I have finished the work Thou didst Shall serve but to hurry our souls to the give me to do!”

skies. 6 Oh that each from his Lord

6 The fiercer the blast, May receive the glad word,

The sooner 't is past; “Well and faithfully done!

The troubles that come “Enter into My joy and sit down on My Shall come to our rescue, and hasten us throne !"


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