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I IN us the hope of glory,

O risen Lord, art Thou;
The first-fruits of the Spirit

Are in us now.
2 Yet still in dust and ashes

Before Thy throne we kneel;
And in our hearts is hidden

Thy living seal.
3 The whole creation groaneth

In prison-chains for Thee :
Oh rend the veil asunder,

And set us free.
4 Raise up Thy holy sleepers,

And change Thy saints on earth, In all, as one, revealing

The second birth.
5 Oh come in all Thy glory,

Our great Immanuel !
Come forth, our Prince and Saviour,

With us to dwell !
6 Bring Thine eternal Sabbath,

Bring Thine eternal day,
And cause all grief and sighing

To fee away.

7 To Thee, Almighty Father,

O Saviour, unto Thee,
To Thee, Creator-Spirit,

All glory be!






i Spirit, leave thy house of clay!

Lingering dust, resign thy breath!
Spirit, cast thy chains away!

Dust, be thou dissolved in death! Thus the Almighty Saviour speaks

While the faithful Christian dies; Thus the bonds of life He breaks,

And the ransomed captive flies. 2 Prisoner, long detained below,

Prisoner, now with freedom blest,
Welcome from a world of woe,

Welcome to a Land of Rest!
Thus the choir of angels sing,

As they bear the soul on high,
While with hallelujahs ring

All the regions of the sky.
3 Grave, the guardian of our dust,

Grave, the treasury of the skies,
Every atom of thy trust

Rests in hope again to rise :
Hark! the judgment-trumpet calls:

Soul, rebuild thy house of clay,
Immortality thy walls,

And Eternity thy day!

Blessing, honor, glory, might,
Are the Conqueror's native right;
Thrones and powers before Him fall,

Lamb of God, and Lord of all !"
2 Hasten, Lord, the promised hour;

Come in glory and in power ;
Still Thy foes are unsubdued ;
Nature sighs to be renewed ;
Time has nearly reached its sum,
All things with Thy Bride say, Come!
Jesus, whom all worlds adore,

Come, and reign for evermore!
1 HARK! that shout of rapturous joy,

Bursting forth from yonder cloud ! Jesus comes, and through the sky

Angels tell their joy aloud.
Hark! the trumpet's awful voice
Sounds abroad through sea and

land !
Let His people now rejoice,

Their redemption is at hand.
2 See! the Lord appears in view;

Heaven and earth before Him fly: Rise, ye saints, He comes for you,

Rise to meet Him in the sky: Go, and dwell with Him above

Where no foe can e'er molest; Happy in the Saviour's love,

Ever blessing, ever blest.


I SEE, the ransomed millions stand,

Palms of conquest in their hand; This before the Throne their strain : “ Hell is vanquished, death is slain ;

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2 The sons of God, how bright they

shine! i Lo, what a glorious sight appears

No mortal eye can see ;
To our believing eyes!

We sinners shall be made divine; The earth and seas are passed away, We shall be one with Thee. And the old rolling skies.

3 One with the Lord and all His saints, 2 From the third heaven where God

Thy nature in our own,

Thy crown our rich inheritance,
That holy, happy place,

Heirs to Thy royal throne !
The New Jerusalem comes down,

Adorned with shining grace. 3 Attending angels shout for joy, 1 As Jesus died and rose again, And the bright armies sing,

Victorious, from the dead, "Mortals, behold the sacred seat So His disciples rise, and reign of your descending King.

With their triumphant Head. 4 “The God of glory, down to men, 2 The time draws nigh when from the Removes His blest abode ;

clouds Men, the dear objects of His grace, Christ shall with shouts descend; And He their loving God.

And the last trumpet's awful voice 5 "His own soft hand shall wipe the tears The heavens and earth shall rend. From every weeping eye ;

3 Then they who live shall changed be, And pains, and groans, and griefs, and And they who sleep shall wake; fears,

The graves shall yield their ancient And death itself shall die !"

charge, 6 How long, dear Saviour, oh, how long And earth's foundation shake. Shall this bright hour delay?

4 The saints of God, from death set free, Fly swifter round, ye wheels of time,

With joy shall mount on high ;
And bring the welcome day.

The heavenly host with praises loud 822

Shall meet them in the sky. 1 The whole creation groans, and waits, 5 Together to their Father's house Till we who love Thee, Lord,

With joyful hearts they go,
Shall stand within Thy temple gates,

And dwell forever with the Lord
And shine, the sons of God.

Beyond the reach of woe.

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Psalm 17


1 DESCEND from heaven, Immortal Dove! 1 WHAT sinners value I resign;

Stoop down and take us on Thy wings, Lord, 'tis enough that Thou art mine;
And mount and bear us far above I shall behold Thy blissful face,

The reach of these inferior things ! And stand complete in righteousness. 2 Oh for a sight, a pleasing sight, 2 This life's a dream, an empty show, Of our Almighty Father's throne !

But the bright world to which I go There sits our Saviour crowned with Hath joys substantial and sincere;

Clothed in a body like our own. [light, When shall I wake and find me there! 3 Adoring saints around Him stand,

3 Oh glorious hour! oh blest abode! And thrones and powers before Him fall;

I shall be near and like my God; The God shines gracious through the And flesh and sin no more control Man,

The sacred pleasures of the soul. And sheds sweet glories on them all. 4 When shall the day, dear Lord, appear, 4 My flesh shall slumber in the ground That I shall mount to dwell above,

Till the last trumpet's joyful sound; And stand and bow amongst them

Then burst the chains with sweet suithere,


And in my Saviour's image rise ! And view Thy face, and sing, and love? 825

I As when the weary traveller gains

I “We've no abiding city here:”
The height of some o'erlooking hill,

This may distress the worldly mind,
His heart revives, if 'cross the plains,

But should not cost the saint a tear, He eyes his home, though distant still : Who hopes a better rest to find. 2 Thus when the Christian pilgrim views 2 “We've no abiding city here :"

By faith his mansion in the skies, We seek a city out of sight,
The sight his fainting strength renews, Zion its name, the Lord is there,
And wings his speed to reach the prize.

It shines with everlasting light. 3 'Tis there, he says, I am to dwell 3 O sweet abode of peace and love,

With Jesus in the realms of day; Where pilgrims freed from toil are blest,
Then I shall bid my cares farewell, Had I the pinions of a dove,
And He will wipe my tears away! I'd fly to thee, and be at rest!

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