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1 BEHOLD the Bridegroom cometh in the middle of the night,

And blest is he whose loins are girt, whose lamp is burning bright;
But woe to that dull servant whom the Master shall surprise
With lamp untrimmed, unburning, and with slumber in his eyes!

2 Do thou, my soul, beware, beware, lest thou in sleep sink down,

Lest thou be given o'er to death, and lose the golden crown ;
But see that thou be sober, with watchful eyes, and thus
Cry, “Holy, Holy, Holy God, have mercy upon us !”

3 That day, the day of fear, shall come: my soul, slack not thy toil,

But light thy lamp, and feed it well, and make it bright with oil ;
Who knowest not how soon may sound the cry at eventide,
“Behold, the Bridegroom comes ! Arise ! Go forth to meet the Bride."

4 Beware, my soul! beware, beware, lest thou in slumber lie,

And, like the five, remain without and knock and vainly cry;
But watch, and bear thy lamp undimmed, and Christ shall gird thee on
His own bright wedding-robe of light, the glory of the Son.

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evil ;

1 REJOICE, all ye believers,

And let your lights appear ;
The evening is advancing,

And darker night is near :
The Bridegroom is arising,

And soon He draweth nigh:
Up! pray, and watch, and wrestle!

At midnight comes the cry.
2 The watchers on the mountain

Proclaim the Bridegroom near ;
Go meet Him as He cometh,

With hallelujahs clear:
The marriage-feast is waiting,

The gates wide-open stand;
Up, up, ye heirs of glory!

The Bridegroom is at hand. 3 Our Hope and Expectation,

O Jesus, now appear ;
Arise, Thou Sun so longed for,

O'er this benighted sphere !
With heart and hands uplifted,

We plead, O Lord, to see
The day of earth's redemption,

That brings us unto Thee !

1 The world is

The times are waxing late :
Be sober and keep vigil ;

The Judge is at the gate ;
The Judge who comes in mercy,

The Judge who comes in might,
To terminate the evil,

And vindicate the right.
2 Prepare we then to meet Him;

Let right to wrong succeed;
Let penitential sorrow

To heavenly gladness lead :
So may we sound His praises,

Who from destruction saved,
Bore with us in defilement,

And from defilement laved.
3 Far, far, as we have wandered,

And deep as is our fall,
His mercies never fail us,

Who freely pardons all;
Who bids His grace abounding

Love's mightiness display,
And David's royal fountain

Purge every sin away.

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1 ETERNITY! eternity!

How long art thou, eternity!
A moment's pleasure sinners know,
Through which they pass to endless woe;
A moment's woe the righteous taste,
Through which to endless joys they haste:

Mark well, o man, eternity!
2 Eternity ! eternity!

Awful art thou, eternity!
Who looks to thee, alone is wise:
Sin's pleasures all he can despise,
The world attracts him now no more,
His love to vain delights is o'er :

His thoughts are on eternity.
3 Eternity! eternity!

How dreadful is eternity!
O Thou eternal King and God,
Here prove us with Thy chastening rod,
Here let us all Thy judgments bear;
Hereafter Lord in mercy spare :

Oh spare us in eternity!

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