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Psalm 126.

Psalm 45.


703 1 Ye servants of the Lord,

i The harvest dawn is near, Each in his office wait,

The year delays not long; Observant of His heavenly word,

And he who sows with many a tear, And watchful at His gate.

Shall reap


many a song

2 Sad to his toil he goes, . Let all your lamps be bright, And trim the golden flame;

His seed with weeping leaves; Gird up your loins as in His sight,

But he shall come at twilight's close, For awful is His name.

And bring his golden sheaves. 3 Watch! 't is your Lord's command;

704 And while we speak He's near; 1 Thy God, my Saviour-King, Mark the first signal of His hand,

Hath without measure shed And ready all appear.

His Spirit like a joyful oil,

To anoint Thy sacred head. 4 Oh happy servant he,

2 Behold, at Thy right hand In such a posture found ! He shall his Lord with rapture see,

The Gentile church is seen,

Like a fair bride in rich attire, And be with honor crowned.

And princes guard the queen. 702

3 Fair bride, receive His love; i Now living waters flow

Forget thy father's house ; To cheer the humble soul;

Forsake thy gods, thine idol-gods, From sea to sea those waters go,

And pay thy Lord thy vows. And spread from pole to pole.

4 Oh let thy God and King 2 Now righteousness shall spring,

Thy sweetest thoughts employ! And grow on earth again;

Thy children shall His honors sing Jehovah Jesus be our King,

In palaces of joy. And o'er the nations reign!

DOXOLOGY. 3 Jesus shall rule alone,

Praise to the Father be ;
The world shall hear His word;

Praise to His Only Son;
By one blest name shall He be known, Praise to the blesséd Paraclete,
The universal Lord.

While endless ages run.

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1 Lord, Thou hast taught our hearts to

With love's undying flame;
But more of Thee we long to know,
And more would love Thy name.

All Thy dear will would we fulfil,

Till life's last toil is o'er ;
And when we rise beyond the skies,

We'll serve Thee evermore.

And heart to heart, and hand to hand,

To make Thine honor ours. CHORUS.-All Thy dear will, etc. 4 With Thine own pity, Saviour, see

The thronged and darkening way! We go to win the lost to Thee,

Oh help us, Lord, we pray! CHORUS. --All Thy dear will, etc. 5 Teach Thou our lips of Thee to speak,

Of Thy sweet love to tell ;
Till they who wander far shall seek

And find and serve Thee well.
CHORUS.—All Thy dear will, etc.
6 O'er all the world Thy Spirit send,

And make Thy goodness known,
Till earth and heaven together blend

Their praises at Thy throne.
CHORUS.—All Thy dear will, etc.

2 Thy life, Thy death, inspire our song,

Thy Spirit breathes through all ; And here our feet would linger long,

But we obey Thy call. CHORUS.—All Thy dear will, etc. 3 Thou bid'st us go, with Thee to stand

Against hell's marshalled powers ;

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4 No more a lily among thorns, I LET Zion's watchmen all awake,

Weary and faint and few; And take the alarm they give;

But countless as the stars of heaven, Now let them, from the mouth of God, Or as the early dew. Their awful charge receive.

5 Then entering the eternal halls, 2 'Tis not a cause of small import

In robes of victory, The pastor's care demands,

That mighty multitude shall keep But what might fill an angel's heart, The joyous jubilee. It filled a Saviour's hands.

6 Unfading palms they bear aloft, 3 They watch for souls for which the Lord

Unfaltering songs they sing, Did heavenly bliss forego ;

Unending festival they keep, For souls which must forever live

In presence of the King. In raptures or in woe. 4 May they that Jesus whom they preach, 708

Their own Redeemer see ; And watch Thou daily o'er their souls, 1 We thank Thee, Lord, for sending here

The publishers of peace : That they may watch for Thee.

Speak by them now, and everywhere 707

By them declare Thy grace. 1 CHURCH of the ever-living God,

2 So when the harvest-day shall come, The Father's gracious choice,

Sowers, and reapers too, Amid the voices of this earth,

Shall, shouting, enter endless Home, How feeble is thy voice !

And Thee eternal view. 2 A little flock !-so calls He thee Who bought thee with His blood ;

3 That happy morning we desireA little flock, disowned of men,

Oh let it hasten on But owned and loved of God.

When all shall join the angelic choir 3 But the Chief Shepherd comes at

In singing round Thy throne. length;

4 The pastors and the people there Their feeble days are o'er,

Shall Thee in glory see; No more a handful in the earth,

Shall keep the long Sabbatic year, A little flock no more.

The feast of Juilee.

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710 1 On the mountain's top appearing, I O'er the realms of pagan darkness Lo! the sacred herald stands,

Let the eye of pity gaze; Welcome news to Zion bearing,

See the kindreds of the people Zion, long in hostile lands:

Lost in sin's bewildering maze; Mourning captive!

Darkness brooding, God Himself will loose thy bands. On the face of all the earth. 2 Has thy night been long and mournful? 2 Light of them who sit in darkness,

Have thy friends unfaithful proved? Rise and shine, Thy blessings bring; Have thy foes been proud and scornful, Light to lighten all the Gentiles, By thy sighs and tears unmoved? Rise with healing in Thy wing: Cease thy mourning;

To Thy brightness Zion still is well beloved.

Let all kings and nations come. 3 God, thy God, will now restore thee; 3 May the heathen, now adoring

He Himself appears thy Friend ; Idol-gods of wood and stone, All thy foes shall flee before thee; Come, and worshipping before Him, Here their boasts and triumphs end : Serve the living God alone : Great deliverance

Let Thy glory Zion's King vouchsafes to send.

Fill the earth as floods the sea. 4 Enemies no more shall trouble; 4. Thou, to whom all power is givén, All thy wrongs shall be redrest;

Speak the word! at Thy command For thy shame thou shalt have double, Let the company of preachers In thy Maker's favor blest;

Spread Thy name from land to land:
All thy conflicts

Lord, be with them
End in everlasting rest!

Alway till the end of time.

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Psalm 150.

1 Thou, whose almighty Word
Chaos and darkness heard,

And took their flight,
Hear us, we humbly pray;
And where the gospel day
Sheds not its glorious ray,

Let there be light! 2 Thou, who didst come to bring On Thy redeeming wirg

Healing and sight,-
Health to the sick in mind,
Sight to the inly blind, -
Oh, now to all mankind

Let there be light!
3 Spirit of truth and love,
Life-giving, Holy Dove,

Speed forth Thy flight:
Move on the waters' face,
Bearing the lamp of grace,
And in earth's darkest place

Let there be light!
4 Blesséd and Holy Three,
Glorious Trinity,

Love, Might!

Boundless as ocean's tide,
Rolling in fullest pride,
Through the earth, far and wide,

Let there be light !
I PRAISE ye Jehovah's Name,
Praise through His courts proclaim,

Rise and adore :
High o'er the heavens above,
Sound His great acts of love,
While His rich grace we prove,

Vast as His power.
2 Now let the trumpet raise
Sounds of triumphant praise,

Wide as His fame:
There let the harp be found;
Organs, with solemn sound,
Roll your deep notes around,

Filled with His name.
3 While His high praise ye sing,
Shake every sounding string;

Sweet the accord !
He vital breath bestows;
Let every breath that flows
His noblest fame disclose :
Praise ye

the Lord !

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