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1 A PARTING hymn we sing

Around Thy table, Lord; Again our grateful tribute bring,

Our solemn vows record.
2 Here have we seen Thy face,

And felt Thy presence here;
So may the savor of Thy grace

In word and life appear.
3 The purchase of Thy blood,

By sin no longer led, The path our dear Redeemer trod,

May we rejoicing tread. 4 In self-forgetting love

Be our communion shown,
Until we join the Church above,

And know as we are known.

2 That so Thy wondrous way

May through the world be known; While distant lands their tribute pay,

And Thy salvation own. 3 Oh let them shout and sing

With joy and pious mirth; For Thou, the righteous Judge and King, Shalt govern

all the earth. 4 Let differing nations join

To celebrate Thy fame;
Let all the world, O Lord, combine

To praise Thy glorious name.


I LORD, at this closing hour

Establish every heart Upon Thy word of truth and power,

To keep us when we part. 2 Peace to our brethren give ;

Fill all our hearts with love;
In faith and patience may we live;

And seek our rest above. 675

Psalm 67.
1 To bless Thy chosen race,

In mercy, Lord, incline;
And cause the brightness of Thy face

On all Thy saints to shine:

1 To God the only wise,

Our Saviour and our King,
Let all the saints below the skies,

Their humble praises bring. 2 'Tis His almighty love,

His counsel and His care, Preserves us safe from sin and death,

And every hurtful snare. 3 He will present our souls,

Unblemished and complete,
Before the glory of His face,

With joys divinely great. 4 To our Redeemer-God

Wisdom and power belong,
Immortal crowns of majesty,

And everlasting song.

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3 The little cloud increases still,

The heavens are big with rain; 1 How sweet, how heavenly is the sight, When those who love the Lord

We haste to catch the teeming shower, In one another's peace delight,

And all its moisture drain.
And so fulfil his word:

4 A rill, a stream, a torrent flows! 2 When each can feel his brother's sigh,

But pour a mighty flood;
And with him bear a part;

Oh sweep the nations, shake the earth, When sorrow flows from eye to eye,

'Till all proclaim Thee, God! And joy from heart to heart: 5 And when Thou mak'st Thy jewels up, 3 When, free from envy, scorn and pride, And sett'st Thy starry crown; Our wishes all above,

When all Thy sparkling gems shall Each can his brother's failings hide,

shine, And show a brother's love!

Proclaimed by Thee Thine own: 4 Let love in one delightful stream 6 May we, a little band of love, Through every bosom flow,

We, sinners saved by grace, And union sweet, and dear esteem, From glory unto glory changed, In every action glow.

Behold Thee face to face ! 5 Love is the golden chain that binds

The happy souls above ;
And he's an heir of heaven who finds 1 Blest be the dear, uniting love
His bosom glow with love.

That will not let us part ! 678

Our bodies may far off remove,

We still are one in heart.
I OUR souls by love together knit,
Cemented, mixed in one,

2 Joined in one Spirit to our Head, One hope, one heart, one mind, one

Where He appoints we go; voice,

We still in Jesus' footsteps tread, 'Tis heaven on earth begun.

And show His praise below. 2 Our hearts have often burned within, 3 Oh may we ever walk in Him, And glowed with sacred fire,

And nothing know beside ! While Jesus spoke,and fed,and blessed, Nothing desire, nothing esteem, And filled the enlarged desire.

But Jesus crucified !

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4 Together oft they seek the place 1 Come in, thou blesséd of our God,

Where God reveals His awful face; In Jesus' name we bid thee come;

How high, how strong, their raptures No more thy feet shall roam abroad;

swell, Henceforth a brother, welcome home.

There's none but kindred souls can tell. 3 Those joys which earth cannot afford, 5 Nor shall the glowing flame expire We'll seek in fellowship to prove,

When nature droops her sickening fire; Joined in one Spirit to our Lord,

Then shall they meet in realms above, Together bound by mutual love.

A heaven of joy, a heaven of love. 3 And while we pass this vale of tears,

682 We'll make our joys and sorrows known;

I O LORD, how joyful 'tis to see We'll share each other's hopes and

The brethren join in love to Thee ! fears,

On Thee alone their heart relies; And count our brother's cares our own.

Their only strength Thy grace supplies. 4 Once more our welcome we repeat; Receive assurance of our love ;

2 How sweet, within Thy holy place,

With one accord to sing Thy grace, Oh may we all together meet

Besieging Thine attentive ear Around the throne of God above!

With all the force of fervent prayer. 1 How blest the sacred tie that binds


may we love the house of God, In union sweet according minds;

Of peace and joy the blest abode; How swift the heavenly course they run

Oh may no angry strife destroy Whose hearts, whose faith, whose hopes

That sacred peace, that holy joy. are one!

4. The world without may rage, but we 2 To each the soul of each how dear! Will only cling more close to Thee, What jealous love, what holy fear!

With hearts to Thee more wholly given, How doth the generous flame within More weaned from earth, more fixed Refine from earth and cleanse from sin !

on Heaven. 3 Their streaming tears together flow 5 Lord, shower upon us from above

For human guilt and mortal woe; The sacred gift of mutual love; Their ardent prayers together rise Each other's wants may we supply, Like mingling flames in sacrifice. And reign together in the sky.


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2 For all Thy saints, O Lord,

Accept our thankful cry, Who counted Thee their great reward,

And strove in Thee to die. 3 They all, in life or death,

With Thee, their Lord, in view, Learned from Thy Holy Spirit's breath

To suffer and to do.
4 For this, Thy name we bless,

And humbly pray that we
May follow them in holiness,

And live and die in Thee.


I Blest be the tie that binds

Our hearts in Christian love:
The fellowship of kindred minds

Is like to that above.
2 Before our Father's throne

pour our ardent prayers ; Our fears, our hopes, our aims are one,

Our comforts and our cares. 3: We share our mutual woes,

Our mutual burdens bear ;
And often for each other flows

The sympathizing tear. 4 When we asunder part,

It gives us inward pain;
But we shall still be joined in heart,

And hope to meet again. 5 This glorious hope revives

Our courage by the way;
While each in expectation lives,

And longs to see the day. 6 From sorrow, toil, and pain,

And sin, we shall be free,
And perfect love and friendship reign

Through all eternity.
i For all Thy saints, O Lord,

Who strove in Thee to live,
Who followed Thee, obeyed, adored,

Our grateful hymn receive.

1 Oh what, if we are Christ's,

Is earthly shame or loss?
Bright shall the crown of glory be,

When we have borne the cross. 2 Keen was the trial once,

Bitter the cup of woe, When martyred saints, baptized in

Christ's sufferings shared below.
3 Bright is their glory now,

Boundless their joy above,
Where, on the bosom of their God,

They rest in perfect love.
4 Lord, may that grace ours,

Like them in faith to bear
All that of sorrow, grief, or pain

May be our portion here!


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i Come, let us join our friends above

That have obtained the prize ;
And on the eagle wings of love,

To joys celestial rise.
2 Let all the saints terrestrial sing

With those to glory gone ;
For all the servants of our King,

In heaven and earth, are one. 3 One family, we dwell in Him,

One church above, beneath,
Though now divided by the stream,

The narrow stream of death. 4 One army of the living God,

To His command we bow;
Part of His host have crossed the flood,

And part are crossing now.
5 Ten thousand to their endless home

This solemn moment fly;
And we are to the margin come,

And we expect to die.
6 His militant, embodied host,

With wishful looks we stand,
And long to see that happy coast,

And reach the heavenly land.
1 Give me the wings of faith, to rise

Within the veil, and see
The saints above, how great their joys,

How bright their glories be.

2 Once they were mourning here below,

And wet their couch with tears; They wrestled hard, as we do now,

With sins and doubts and fears. 3 I ask them, whence their victory came;

They, with united breath,
Ascribe their conquest to the Lamb,

Their triumph to His death. 4 They marked the footsteps He had trod;

His zeal inspired their breast;
And, following their incarnate God,

Possess the promised rest. 5 Our glorious Leader claims our praise

For His own pattern given, While the long cloud of witnesses

Show the same path to heaven. 688 1 Glory to God! whose witness-train,

Those heroes bold in faith, Could smile on poverty and pain,

And triumph e'en in death. 2 God whom we serve, our God, can save,

Can damp the scorching flame, Can build an ark, can smooth the wave,

For such as love His name.
3 Lord, if Thine arm support us still

With its eternal strength,
We shall o'ercome the mightiest ill,

And conquerors prove at length.

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