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569 Psalm 84.

Psalm 92. i How pleasant, how divinely fair, | 1 Sweet is the work, my God, my King,

O Lord of hosts, Thy dwellings are ! To praise Thy name, give thanks and With long desire my spirit faints I sing,

To meet the assemblies of Thy saints. To show Thy love by morning light, 2 My flesh would rest in Thine abode,

And talk of all Thy truth at night. My panting heart cries out for God: 12 Sweet is the day of sacred rest; My God, my King, why should I be No mortal care shall seize my breast;

So far from all my joys and Thee! Oh, may my heart in tune be found, 3 The sparrow chooses where to rest,

Like David's harp of solemn sound ! And for her young provides her nest; 3 My heart shall triumph in my Lord, But will my God to sparrows grant And bless His works,and bless His word:

That pleasure which His children want?! Thy works of grace, how bright they 4 Blest are the saints who sit on high

shine! Around Thy throne of majesty; How deep Thy counsels, how divine ! Thy brightest glories shine above, 4 Fools never raise their thoughts so high; And all their work is praise and love. Like brutes theylive,like brutes they die; 5 Blest are the souls that find a place Like grass they flourish till Thy breath Within the temple of Thy grace; Blasts them in everlasting death. There they behold Thy gentler rays, 5 But I shall share a glorious part And seek Thy face and learn Thy When grace hath well refined my heart; praise.

And fresh supplies of joy are shed, 6 Blest are the men whose hearts are set Like holy oil, to cheer my head. "

To find the way to Zion's gate ; 6 Sin, my worst enemy before,
God is their Strength, and thro' the road Shall vex my eyes and ears no more ;

They lean upon their Helper, God. My inward foes shall all be slain, 7 Cheerful they walk with growing Nor Satan break my peace again. strength,

17 Then shall I see, and hear, and know Till all shall meet in heaven at length; | All I desired or wished below ; Till all before Thy face appear,

And every power find sweet employ And join in nobler worship there. I In that eternal world of joy.

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TILL 7777

571 Psalm 84.

| 3 Oh let us to His courts repair, I GREAT God, attend while Zion sings

And bow with adoration there;

With humble souls adore His grace,
Thejoy that from Thy presence springs :
To spend one day with Thee on earth,

And kneel before our Maker's face.
Exceeds a thousand days of mirth. 573

Psalm 100. 2 Might I enjoy the meanest place

1 Ye nations round the earth, rejoice Within Thy house, O God of grace, Before the Lord, your sovereign King ; Not tents of ease, nor thrones of power, Serve Him with cheerful heart and voice;

Should tempt my feet to leaveThy door. With all your tongues His glory sing. 3 God is our Sun, He makes our day;

2 The Lord is God; 'tis He alone God is our Shield, He guards our way

Doth life, and breath, and being give; From all the assaults of hell and sin,

We are His work and not our own, · From foes without and foes within.

The sheep that on His pastures live. 4 All needful grace will God bestow,

3 Enter His gates with songs of joy,

3 And crown that grace with glory too;

With praises to His courts repair,

And make it your divine employ He gives us all things, and withholds

To pay your thanks and honors there. No real good from upright souls.

4 The Lord is good, the Lord is kind; 5 O God, our King, whose sovereign sway

Great is His grace, His mercy sure; The glorious hosts of heaven obey,

And the whole race of man shall find And devils at Thy presence flee;

His truth from age to age endure. Blest is the man that trusts in Thee !


Psalm 117. 572 Psalm 95.

I From all that dwell below the skies, 1 Oh come, loud anthems let us sing,

Let the Creator's praise arise ; Loud thanks to our Almighty King ! Let the Redeemer's name be sung For we our voices high should raise

Through every land, by every tongue. When our salvation's Rock we praise.

praise. 2 Eternal are Thy mercies, Lord; 2 Into His presence let us haste

Eternal truth attends Thy word;
To thank Him for His favors past; Thy praise shall sound from shore to
To Him address in joyful songs

The praise that to His Name belongs. Till suns shall rise and set no more.

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i Christ is our Corner-stone,

1 O Thou that hearest prayer, On Him alone we build ;

Attend our humble cry, With His true saints alone

And let Thy servants share The courts of heaven are filled :

Thy blessing from on high ! On His great love | Of present grace, We plead the promise of Thy word, Our hopes we place | And joys above. Grant us Thy Holy Spirit, Lord !

| 2 If earthly parents hear 2 Oh then with hymns of praise

Their children when they cry, These hallowed courts shall ring;

If they, with love sincere, Our voices we will raise

Their children's wants supply, The Three in One to sing;

Much more wilt Thou Thy love display, And thus proclaim | Both loud and long,

And answer when Thy children pray. In joyful song, | That glorious Name.

3 Our Heavenly Father, Thou; 3 Here, gracious God, do Thou

We, children of Thy grace ; For evermore draw nigh;

Oh let Thy Spirit now Accept each faithful vow,

Descend and fill the place ; And mark each suppliant sigh ;

That all may feel the heavenly flame, In copious shower | Each holy day And all unite to praise Thy name. On all who pray / Thy blessings pour!

DOXOLOGY. 4 Here may we gain from Heaven

To God the Father's throne, The grace which we implore ;

Perpetual honors raise, And may that grace, once given,

Glory to God the Son, Be with us evermore,

And to the Spirit praise : Until that day To endless rest With all our powers, Eternal King, When all the blest | Are called away! Thy name we sing, while faith adores.


78. 6 lines.



77977 CHOL

Thou didst condescend to mine: Let me for Thy mercy's sake,

Thy Divinity partake.
3. From the ruins of the fall

Me to grace and glory call;
Me, O Lord my Righteousness,
With Thine image re-impress:
Thou didst stoop to earth for me ;
Raise me up to heaven with Thee.


Psalm 67.
i God of mercy, God of grace,

Show the brightness of Thy face;
Shine upon us, Saviour, shine,
Fill Thy Church with light divine,
And Thy saving health extend

To the earth's remotest end. 2 Let the people praise thee, Lord,

Be by all that live adored;
Let the nations shout and sing
Glory to their Saviour-King ;
At Thy feet their tribute pay,

And Thy holy will obey. 3 Let the people praise thee, Lord;

Earth shall then her fruits afford,
God to man His blessing give,
Man to God devoted live;
All below, and all above,
One in joy and light and love.

579 Psalm 131. I QUIET, Lord, my froward heart;

Make me teachable and mild,
Upright, simple, free from 'art,

Make me as a weanéd child,
From distrust and envy free,

Pleased with all that pleases Thee. 2 What Thou shalt to-day provide,

Let me as a child receive; What to-morrow may betide,

Calmly to Thy wisdom leave: 'Tis enough that Thou wilt care ; Why should I the burden bear?

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3 As a little child relies

On a care beyond his own, Knows he's neither strong nor wise,

Fears to stir a step alone,-
Let me thus with Thee abide,
As my Father, Guard, and Guide.

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Psalm 63.

| 3 Hosanna to the anointed King,

To David's holy Son! 1 Early, my God, without delay,

Help us, O Lord, descend and bring I haste to seek Thy face ;

Salvation from Thy throne !
My thirsty spirit faints away
Without Thy cheering grace.

4 Hosanna in the highest strains 2 So pilgrims on the scorching sand,

The church on earth can raise ! Beneath a burning sky,

The highest heavens inwhich He reigns, Long for a cooling stream at hand,

Shall give Him nobler praise. And they must drink or die.

582 Psalm s. 3 I've seen Thy glory and Thy power

| 1 Lord, in the morning Thou shalt hear Through all Thy temple shine ;

My voice ascending high ; My God, repeat that heavenly hour,

To Thee will I direct my prayer, That vision so divine.

To Thee lift up mine eye: 4 Not life itself, with all its joys, Can my best passions move,

2 Up to the hills where Christ is gone Or raise so high my cheerful voice,

To plead for all His saints, As Thy forgiving love.

Presenting at His Father's throne

Our songs and our complaints. 5 Thus, till my last expiring day, I'll bless my God and King;

3 Thou art a God before whose sight Thus will I lift my hands to pray,

The wicked shall not stand ; And tune my lips to sing.

Sinners shall ne'er be Thy delight,

Nor dwell at Thy right hand. 581

Psalm 118. i This is the day the Lord hath made, 14 But to Thy house will I resort He calls the hours His own;

To taste Thy mercies there; Let heaven rejoice, let earth be glad,

I will frequent Thy holy court, And praise surround the throne.

| And worship in Thy fear. 2 To-day He rose and left the dead, 5 Oh may Thy Spirit guide my feet And Satan's empire fell ;

In ways of righteousness ! To-day the saints His triumphs spread, Make every path of duty straight And all His wonders tell.

And plain before my face.

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