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Page 380 - of the French in horsemanship is noticed by most of our old writers. Thus, the King in Hamlet— " I have seen myself, and serv'd against the French, And they can well on horseback ; but this gallant Had witchcraft in't, he grew unto his seat.' &c. And in the White Devil—
Page 145 - On my knees, [He kneels. Sister, even by my mother's dust I charge you, Do not betray me to your mirth or hate; Love me, or kill me, sister. Ann. You mean good sooth, then ? Giov. In good troth, I do; And so do you, I hope: say, I'm in earnest. Ann. I'll swear it, I.
Page 228 - May we kiss one another, prate or laugh, Or do as we do here ? Ann. I know not that; But—brother, for the present, what d'ye mean" To free yourself from danger ? some way think How to escape.; I'm sure the guests are come. Gio. Look up, look here; what see you in my face
Page 142 - Giov. If you would see a beauty more exact Than art can counterfeit, or nature frame, Look in your glass, and there behold your own. Ann. O, you are a trim youth! Giov. Here! [Offers his dagger to her. Ann. What to do ? Giov. And here's my breast; strike home! Rip up my bosom, there thou
Page clxxxvi - UNTO this altar, rich with thy own spice, I bring one grain to thy LOVE'S SACRIFICE; And boast to see thy flames ascending, while Perfumes enrich our air from thy sweet pile. Look here, thou, that hast malice to the stage, And impudence enough for the whole age; Voluminously ignorant
Page 236 - Oh I bleed fast. Death, thou'rt a guest long look'd for, I embrace Thee and thy wounds; oh, my last minute comes! Where'er I go, let me enjoy this grace, Freely to view my Annabella's face. [Dies. Don. Strange miracle of justice! Car. Raise up the city, we shall be
Page 223 - the very mountains of Liguria : for your pardons, trust to my lord; but for reward, you shall trust none but your own pockets. Banditti. We'll make a murder. Sor. Here's gold,—[Gives them money]—here's more; want nothing; what you do Is noble, and an act of brave revenge : I'll make you rich, banditti, and all free.
Page 368 - First voice. Crowns may flourish and decay, Beauties shine, but fade away. Second. Youth may revel, yet it must Lie down in a bed of dust. * This fine dirge has sustained some injury from the press.
Page 228 - do indeed ; these are the funeral tears Shed on your grave; these furrow'd up my cheeks When first I lov'd and knew not how to woo. Fair Annabella, should 1 here repeat The story of my life, we might lose time.
Page 193 - Flo. Tis bootless now to shew yourself a child, ," Signior Donado, what is done, is done ', -\ ' • ' , Spend not the time in tears, but seek for justice. '-' \ *> Rich. I must confess, somewhat I was in fault, .''' That had not first acquainted you what love Past 'twixt him and my niece; but, as I live,

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