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Lo! see where rides the fire-ey'à Thane,

Who New her father dear,
And ghaftly twin'd his gory hand,

Into his filver hair.

He reigns within yon gloomy den,

And strikes the lowly down,
He laughs to scorn the wretch's want,

And laughs when widows mourn.

See all around is scath'd and wild;

His country's fcourge he is;
He turns his back when orphans weep:

So Heav'n shall turn from his.

Ile sat into his gloomy hall,

With waflel rout and play ;
With warrior knights drank off the bowl,

From eve till dawn of day.

In boastful mood they spoke of war,

For baitle was their theme, Yet footh'd it still with thoughts more soft,

A simple lover's flame.

When dark, dark grew their Chieftain's brow, From out his seat he sprang,

of spears behind him rose, And cla:t'ring targets rang.


A grove

The shining shield he buckled on,

Some princely Soldan's pride ;
The clanking sword from Paynim tore,

That glitter'd by his fide.

Black Fate sat nodding on his plumes,

O'ershadow'd his keen eyes, Stern as the ftedfast star of night,

That studs the winter-skies.

He wav'd his hand, the pipers play'd,

And forth they fallied out,
He smil'd upon the bending ranks,

They answer'd with a fhout.

Now to their death-accuftom'd souls

His cruel thoughts ayow'd,
While Silence o'er the warrior's brow

Hung like a heavy cloud.

Beneath the mirk of night they rush,

And, at their Chieftain's word, Loud as the waves on Kilda's shore,

They claih the steely sword.

On, on to Kenrick's stately tow'rs

Their deadly way they wend,
With thirst of plunder, blood, and death,
Their restless fouls diftend.


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Three ftrides he took, with furious look,

As fierce as Ocean's wave ;
He held where on his temples grew

The blossoms of the grave ;

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