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His filial tears the godlike Alrig sheds,
And tow'rds the foe his gallant warriors leads.
The chief along his filent journey wound,
And fix'd his rainy eyes upon the ground;
Behind advanc'd his followers fad and flow,
In all the dark solemnity of woe.
Mean time fierce SCANDINAVIA's hostile pow'r,
Its squadrons spread along the murm'ring shore;
Prepar’d, at once, the city to invade,
And conquer CALEDONIA in her head.
His camp, for night, the royal Sueno forms,
Resolv'd with morn to use his Danish'arms.

Now in the ocean sunk the flaming day,
And streak'd the ruddy west with setting ray ;
Around great INDULPH, in the Senate fat
The noble Chiefs of CALEDONIA's Itate.
In mental scales they either forces weigh,
And act, before, the labours of the day ;
Arrange in thought their CALEDONIA's might,
And bend their little army to the fight.

Thus they.consult. Brave Alpin's martial gait,
Approach'd the portals of the dome of state;
Refolv'd to offer to his king and lord,
The gen'rous service of his trusty sword.

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Th’ unusual fight the gallant chief admires, The bending arches and the lofty spires. On either side the gate, in order hand The antient Kings of CALEDONIA's land. The marble lives, they breathe within the stone, And still, as once, the royal warriors frown.

The Fergus's are feen above the gate ;
This firft created, that reftor'd the state.
In warlike pomp, the awful forms appear,
And, bending, threaten from the stone the spear,
While to their side young Albion seems to rise,
And on her fathers turns her smiling eyes.

And next appears. GREGORIUS' awful name,
Hibernia's conqu’ror for a gen'rous fame.
Incass’d in arms, the royal Hero stands,
And gives his captive all his conquer'd lands.
The filial heart of hapless Alpin's son,
In marble melts and beats within the stone.
Revenge still sparkles in the Hero's eye;
Around the Picts, a nameless flaughter, lye.

The youthful warrior thus reviews, with joy,
The godlike series of his ancestry.
The godlike forms the drooping Hero cheer,
And keen ambition, half believes the seer :
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Eager he: Thoots into the spacious gate;
His eye commands, without his followers wait.

No frowning spear-man guards the awful door ;
No borrow'd terror arms the hand of pow'r :
No cringing bands of fycophants appear,
To send false echoes to the monarch's ear.
Merit's soft voice, oppression's mournful groan,
Advanc'd, unftiff'd, to th' attentive throne.

The Hero, ent’ring, took his solemp stand,
Among the gallant warriors of the land.
His manly port, the staring chiefs admire,
And half-heard whispers blow the foldier's fire.
A while his form engag'd the monarch's eyes,
At length he raised the music of his voice,

“ Whence is the youth? I see fierce DENMARK


Each gen'rous breast, and fires 'em into arms.
A face once kaown is in that youth exprest,
And mends a dying image in my breast."

He said: Aad thus the Youth; “'midst rocks afar,
I heard of DENMARK, and of Sueno's war.
My country's safety in my bosom rofe ;
For CALEDONIA's fons should meet her foes.


We ought not meanly wait thé ftorm at home,
But rush afar, and break it 'ere it come.
Few are my foll’wers, but these few are true ;
We come to serve our country, fame, and you !"

He said: The king retorts ; “thy form, thy mind,
Declare the feion of a gen'rous kind;
With Scotia's foes maintain the stern debate,
And spring from valour to the arms of late.
Whoe'er would raise his house in ALBION, shou'd
Lay the foundation in her en’mies' blood."

Then to the Chiefs: “ Supporters of my throne, Your fires brought oft the Roman Eagles down. Yourselves, my lords, have caus’d the haughty

DANE, To curse the land, he try'd so oft in vain. Norvegian firs oft brought them o'er the waves, For ALBION's crown; but ALBION gave 'em gravese Be still the same, exert yourselves like men, And of th' invaders wash our rocks again. Tho’ few our numbers, these, in arms grown old, In: ALBION's and in INDULPH's cause are bold. The brave man looks not, when the clarion sounds, To hostile numbers, but his country's wounds;

Bold to the last and dauntless he'll go on,
At once his country's foldier and her son."

The monarch thus his royal mind exprest;
The patriot kindling in each gen'rous breast.
Each chieftain's mind with pleasure goes before,
Already mingling with the battle's roar.
In thought each Heró sweeps the bloody plain,
And deals, in fancy, death upon the DANE,

DUMBAR arose, the brave remains of wars, Silver'd with years, o'er-run with honeft scars; Great in the senate, in the field renown'd; The senior stood: attention hung arround. He thus : “Fierce DENMARK all the North

commands, And belches numbers on our neighb'ring lands, England's fubdu’d, the Saxons are o'ercome, And meanly own a Danish lord at home. Scarce now a blast from SCANDINAVIA roars, But wafts a hostile squadron to our shores. One fleet destroy'd, another crowns the waves, The fons seem anxious for their father's graves : Thus war returns in an eternal round, Battles on battles press, and wound.on. wound.


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