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CULENA mov'd a long the level ground; A hart descends before the op’ning hound: From the recoiling chord she-twang’d the dart, And pierc'd the living vigour of the hart: He starts, he springs; but falling as he flies, Pours out his tim'rous foul with weeping eyes. As o'er the dying prey the huntress 'sigh’d, Before the wind heav'n pours a sable tide, And lowring threats a storm: A rocky cave, Where monks successive hew'd their house and

grave, Invites into its calm recess the fair:

The rev'rend father breath'd abroad his pray'r.
The valiant DUFFUS comes with panting breath,
Faces the storm, and stalks across the heath.
His sleeky hounds, a faithful tribe, before,
Are bath'd with blood, and vary'd o'er with gore.
Drench'd with the rain, the noble youth descends,
And, in the cave, the growling storm defends.
Amaz’d, astonish'd, fix'd in dumb surprize,
The lovers stood, but spoke with silent eyes :
At length the distant colloquy they rear,
Run o'er the chace, the mountain, and the deer,


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Far from the soul th' evasive tongue departs,
Their eyes are only faithful to their hearts.

The winding volumes of discourse return,
To hostile fields by gallant Duffus fhorn.
Th’imperial maid must hear it o’er again,
How fell DOVALUS was by Duffus Nain:
How, by the fon, the father's murd'rer fell,
The kindling virgin flames along the tale.
She turns, she quakes, and from her bosom fighs,
And all her soul comes melting in her eyes.
Flames, not unequal, all the youth possess,
He, for the first, hears willingly his praise.
Praise, har hly heard from warriors, kings and

Came down in balm on fair-CULENA's words.

The royal pair thus fed the mutual fire,
Now speak, now pause, when both alike admire:
He longs to vent the passion of his soul,
And she the tempests in her bosom roli.
Now he begun; but mame his voice opprest ;
Loth to offend, his eyes must tell the rest.
At length, upon the headlong pasion born,
He spoke his. love, and had a kind return;


She sigh’d, she own'd, and bent her modest eyes,
While blushing rofes on her cheeks arise.
Thus, on the vale, the poppy's blushing head,
Brimful of summer-show'rs, to earth is weigh’d,
Fann'd with the rising breeze it slow inclines,
While o'er the mead the rosy lustre shines.

INDULPH into his cave the hermit led,
Found erring thro' the mountains stormy head.
Culena, starting as the king appears, 1
Looks ev'ry way, and trembles as the fears :
On her mild face the modeft blushes rise,
And fair disorder darted from her eyes.
The parent-king observ'd the virgin whole,
And read the harmless secret in her soul.
A while the maze of calm discourse they wind;
At length the king unveils his royal mind.

6 Warded from ALBION's head the storm is o'er;
Her prince is found, her foes are now no more:
Throtime 'tis ours her happiness to trace;
'Tis ours to bind the future bands of peace.
Posterity for Albion's crown may fight,
And couch ambition in the name of right ;
With Specious titles urge the civil war,
And to a crown their guilty journey tear :

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I cnd these fears : ---the streams shall run in one;
Nor struggling kindred strive to mount the throne.
I shield my daughter with young Duffus arms,
And bless the warrior with CULENA's charms."
Thus said the king. Their willing hands they join:
The rey'rent priest runs o'er the rites divine..
The solemn ceremony clos'd with pray’r;
And Duffus callid his own the royal fair.
The storm is ceas'd: the clouds together fly,
And clear, at once, the azure fields of sky:
The mid-day sun pours down his sultry flame,
And the wet heath waves glist'ring in the beam.-

The hunter chiefs appear upon the brow,
Fall down the hill, and join the king below:
Slow, thro' the narrow sale, their steps they bear;
Behind advance the spoils of Sylvan war.
Far on a head-land point condens'd they stood;
And threw their eyes o’er ocean's fable food;
Tall ships advance afar : their canvas-fails
In their swoln bosom gather all the gales ;
Floating along the fable back of sea,
Before the wind they cut their spumy way;
Bend in their course, majestically slow,
And to the land their lazy journey plow.


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Thus (pungy clouds on heav'n's blue vault arise, And float, before the wind, along the skies; Their wings oppos'd to the illustrious fun, Shine, as they move, majestically on.. Thus godlike HAROLD brought his floating aid, Unknowing Sueno's number'd with the dead. From Anglia's coats he calld his troops afar, To aid his brother in the foreign war. Arriv'd, he in the wave the anchor throws, Attempts to land, and. Albion's chiefs oppose; Wave on the fatal fore the pointed spear, And send the arrow whizzing thro' the air.

The Danes return the flying death afar,
And, as they croud away, maintain the war.
An arrow tore thro' air its murm'ring path,
Fell on the king, and weigh'd him down to death?
Quick, from the wound, the blood tunult’ous

And o'er the sand the reeking weapon flung:
Prone on the strand, an awful trunk he lies,
While sleep eternal steals upon his eyes.
The mournful chiefs around the dying stood,
Some raise the body, others stem the blood :

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