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HE sprightly morn with early blushes spread,

Rears o'er the eastern hills her rosy head ;
The storm subsides, the breezes as they pass.
Sigla on their way along the pearly grass.
Sweet carol all the fongsters of the spray,
Calm and serene comes on the gentle day,

Amilft attendant fair CULENA moves,
CULINA, fruit of INDUIPA's nuptial loves:
Too foon to fate the beauteous queen resign’d,
But left the image of herself behind:
To the calm main the lovely nymphs repair,
To breathe along the strand the morning air ;;
They brush with easy steps the dewy grass
Observing beauteous nature as they pass..

Th' imperial maid moves with superior gracey,
Awe mix'd with mildness fat upon her face;
High inbred virtue all her bosom warms,
In beauty rises, and improves her charins..
Silent and now he mores along the main,
Bchind, her maids attend, a modeft train !
Observe her as she moves with native state,
And gather all their motions from her gait.


Thus thro? IDALIA's balm-distilling grove,
Majestic moves the smiling Queen of Love :
Her hair flows down her snowy neek behind,
Her purple mantle floats upon the wind;
The Graces move along, a blooming train !
And borrow all the gestures of their queen.

Thus steal the lovely maids their tardy way
Along the silent border of the sea.
Slow-curling waves advance upon the main,
And often threat the shore, and oft abstain.
A woody mound, which rear'd aloft its head,
Threw trembling shadows o'er a narrow mead:
From a black rock crystalline waters leap,
Arch as they fall, and thro' the valley creep,
Chide with the murm'ring pebbles as they pass,
Or hum their purling journey thro' the grass.

Pleas’d with the seene the wand'ring virgins stood; The main below, above the lofty wood. Their eyes they fate with the transporting scene, And, sitting, press the fair-enameld

green ; Enjoy with innocence the growing day, And steal with harmless talk the time away.

Mean time fierce CORBRED, who preferr'd in vai His suit to AGNES, fairest of the train;

Who fled from TWEED to Thun his hated arms,
Intrusting fair CULENA with her charms;
Saw the disdainful nymph remote from aid,
And bent his luftful eyes upon the maid.
He rush'd with headlong ruffians from the wood,
And seiz'd the fair: the virgins fhriek aloud.
For help, for help! the struggling virgin cries,
And as the shrieks, aloud the wood replies.
ALPIN alone, his men were sent before,
Stalk'd on his thoughtful way along the shore.-
The distant plaint assaild the Hero's ear,
He drew his sword and rush'd te fave the fair.
Before the chief the daftard CORBRED fled,
And to her brave preserver left the maid.-
Proftrate on earth the lovely virgin lay,
Her roses fade, and all her charms decay:
In humid reft her bending eye-lids close ;
With flow returns her bosom fell and rose :
At length returning life her bosom warms,
Glows in her cheeks, and lights up all her charms,

Thus when invading clouds the moon affail,
The landskip fails, and fades the shining vale ;

on as CYNTHIA rushes on the fight,
cids are filver'd o'er with light,


Th’ affrighted fair the gallant warrior leads To join, upon the fand, the flying, maids. They croud their cautious steps along the fea, Quake at each breath, and tremble on their way; Their tim'rous breasts unsettl?d from surprize, To ev'ry fide they dart their careful eyes.

Thus on the heathy wild the hunted deer Start at each blast, together croud thro' fear ; Tremble and look about, before, behind, Then stretch along, and leave the mountain-wind.

The gallant youth presents the rescu'd fair,
Confirms their trembling breasts, removes their care;
The gen'rous story from herself they hear,
And drink his praises with a greedy ear ;
Steal on the youth their eyes as Agnes spoke,

pour their flutt'ring souls at ev'ry look.
But fair CULENA feels a keener dart,
It pierc'd her breast and funk into her heart;
She hears attentive, views, admires and loves,
Her eye o'er all the man with pleasure roves.
With painful joy she feels the fame increase,
Her pride denies it, but her eyes confefs :
She starts, and blushing turns her eye alide,
But love steps in, and ft als a look from pride.


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Thus fair CULéna struggles up the stream, And 'tempts in vain to quench the rising fame. At length, with blushing cheek and bending look, TH imperial maid the warrior thus bespoke. - O gen'rous chief ! for thus your deeds wou'd say, How shall our gratitude thy kindness pay? INDULPH Mall hear, and Indutrh shall reward; Such gen'rous actions claim a king's regard."

She said: and thus the chief ;--- "Imperial maid, More than the debt thy approbation paid. In this I did not strive with gallant men, Ór drive disorder'd squadrons from the plain ;; But frighted from his prey. a fenfual Dave, The gloomy fons of guilt are never brave.Whóe'er wou'd seize on a defenceless fair, Wou'd run the sword and Ay amain from war.

He said, and stalk'd away with manly state,
Grandeur, with awe commix'd, inform'd his gait:-
His pond'rous mail reflects the trembling day,
And all his armour rings along the way.

The royal maid obferves him as he fies,
In silence stands, and from her bosom sighs, ; :
Slowly moves on before the filent fair,
And in the palace shuts her secret care.


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