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Th' attentive monarch heard their brave debates, And, with a secret joy, his soul dilates.

Young Aurin burns to urge the war of night,
To mix again with. Haco in the fight.
Eager he stood, and thus the chiefs adrest,
The warrior lab'ring in his manly breast;
“ King, gallant chiefs !--this enterprize I claim ;;
Here let me fix my unestablish?d fame.
Already you have beat her arduous path,
Rcapt glorious harvests in the fields of death :
Repeated feats fix'd fame within your pow'r,
But I gleam once, then sink, and am no more.
Nor am I wholly ign'rant of the fight,
I've urg'd the gloomy battles of the night :
Æbudæ's chief once touch'd on Abria's strand,
And swept our mountains with his pilf 'ring band;
All day they drove our cattle to the sea,
I went at midnight and rescu'd the prey ;
With a poor handful, and a faithful sword,
Dispers’d the robbers and their haughty lord..
'Twas I commanded.... these the gallant men!
May we not act that mid-night o'er again?”

Tlre Hero spoke; a murma’ring voice ensu'd
" loud applauseo---each Hero's mind subdued,


The glorious danger to the youth resigns:
He tow'rs along, and marshals up his lines.
Some gallant youths,. to share his fame, arise,
And ningle in the glorious enterprize.

The warrior-band move on in firm array,
He tow'rs before along the sounding feas
Thro' their tall spears the singing tempeft ravesy.
And, falling, beadlong on the spumy waves,
Pursues the ridgy sea with awful roary,
And throws the liquid mountains on the shore..
In each fhort pause, before the billow breaks,
The clanking CALEDONIAN armour speaks.

Thus od fome night when sable. tempests roar,: The watchman wearying of his lonely hour, Hears fome rent branch 'to Squeak 'twixt ev'ry,

blast; But in each ruder guft the ereak is loft.

The king and gallant. chiefs, with wifhful eyes, Pursue the youthful warrior as he flies. His praise throʻ all the noble circle ran-.-Approach'd the ghastly figure of a man: His visage pale ; his looks are bleach'd with years;; His tott'ring steps he onward foarcely bears :


His limbs are lac'd with blood, a hideous fight!
And his wet garments shed the tears of night.
wäth flow approach he lifts his fading eyes,
And rais’d the squeaking treble of his voice.
“ Oking! I feel the leaden hand of death,
To the dark tomb I tread the genral path :
Hear me, Q. king! for this I left the field,
For this to thee my dying form reveald:
Norway in vain had interpos'd her food,
I come, falas! to pay the debt of blood.
Pollelt of crimes, which the good king pursu'd,
In fell conspiracy, unblest! I vowd.
With fierce DOVALUS ; that I live to tell!
By us, by us, the great king MALCOLM fell !
Touch'd with remorse, behind my shield I laid
His smiling child; and wrapt him in my plaido.
Now to the sea we urge our rapid Alight,
Beneath the guilty mantle of the night.-
Still in my arms: I little Duffus bear;
Behind the voice of men, and arms we hear.
My comrades fly.----I lay the infant down,
And with my guilty life from vengeance run.,
They found him, sav'd him; for I knew the voice:
It was...... he said, and clos'd at once his eyes ;


Slowly inclin’d, and, tumbling headlong down,
His guilty life breath’din a feeble groan.".

The mournful monarch stood in dumb surprise;
The fate of Malcolm fill'd afreth his eyes.
He folds his arms, and bends his silent look,
Then, starting from the gloom of sorrow, spoke.
6. You see, my lords, tho' DENMARK's hoftile state
Long lavd the traitors from the hand of fate;
Yet heav'n, who rules with equal sway beneath,
Snatch'd from her arms à victim due to death;
Dovalus shall not sink among the dead,
But with that vengeance hangs o'er treason's head.
Still, MALCOLM, Itill, thou gen'rous, and thou best!
Thy fate hangs heavy on a brother's breast;
You left a young, you left a helpless son,
But loft to me, to SCOTLAND, and his throne.
Ferhaps, oppreft with hunger and with cold,
He 'tends some peasant's cattle to the fold;
Or fights a common soldier on the field,
And bows beneath the scepter he should wield.”
No more he said; the noble circle figh’d,
They .droop the filent head, nor aught reply'd.

Now dy'd apace the occidental light;
The subject world receives the flood of night.


The king from ev'ry side his troops recalls;
Tbey fall around and rear their manly walls.
He issues to return the great command,
They move along, and leave the fatal strand.
The city gain'd, each Toldier's weary breast
Forgets the day, and sooths his toil with reft.

The king receives, with hofpitable care,
The gallant chiefs, and drowns in wine the war.
Within the royal hall the nobles fat ;
The royal hall, in simple nature great.
No pigmy art, with little mimickry,
Distracts the sense, or pains the weary eye:
Shields, spears and helms in beauteous order shone,
Along the walls of uncemented stone.
Here all the noble warriors crown the bowl,
And with the gen'rous nectar warm the soul;
With social talk steal lazy time away,
Recounting all the dangers of the day :
They turn to Alpin, and the gloomy fight,
And tost the gallant warrior of the night.

Mean time young ALPIN 'girts the fatal wood, And longs to mix again with DANISH blood. Already Haco had, with martial care, With walls of oak embrac'd an ample square :


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