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So stood the DANES; but, soon o’erpower'd, they fly,
Stumble along, and in their flight they die.

NORVEGIA's fons, of MAGNUS' fire bereft,
Fell down before the chieftains of the left.
The great Dumbar upon the right repella
Young Haco's force, and swept him off the field:
He winds his hafty march along the coast,

Fights as he flies, and Thields his little hoft.
| At length, within a wood o'ershades the sea,

With new felld oaks he walls his thin array ;
Bent on his fate, and obstinately brave,
There mark'd at onee his battle-field and grave.

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9 when, beneath the night's tempestuous cloud,

Embattld winds affail the leafy wood; Tear on their fable way with awful found, And bring the groaning forest to the ground: The trunks of elms, the Arub, the fir, the oak, In one confusion link beneath the fhock. So death's sad spoils the bloody field beftrow'd ; The haughty chieftain, the ignoble croud, The coward, brave, partake the common wound, Are friends in death, and mingle on the ground.

Dark night approach’d. ... the flaming lord of day
Had plung’d his glowing circle in the sea.
On the blue sky the gath'ring clouds arise,
And tempefts clap their wings along the fkies.
The murm’ring voice of heav'n, at diffance, fails
And eddying whirl.winds howl along the vales.
The sky inwrapt in awful darkness low'rs,
And threatens to descend, at once, in show'rs.-

The CALEDONIAN chiefs, to Man the storm,
Beneath a leafy oak their council form.
An anticnt trunk fupports the weary king;
obles bend around the standing ring.

With swords unsheath'd the awful forms appear’d,
Their shining arms with DANISH blood besmear'd:
Their eyes shoot fire; their meins unsettled Thew,
The battle frowns as yet upon their brow.
The monarch rofe, and leaning on the oak,
Stretch'd out his hand, and to the nobles spoke.
"My lords ! the DANES, for fo just heav'n decreed,
Ev'n on that shore they thought to conquer, bleed.
In vain Death wrapt our fathers in his gloom,
We raise them, in our actions, from the tomb.

Not infamous their aim, o'er lands afar cod

T:o spread destruction and the plague of war; of To meet the fons of battle as they roam,

Content to ward them from their native home;
To shew invaders that they dar'd to die,

For barren rocks, for fame and liberty. fi In you they live, fall’n Denmark's hoft may shew; Accept my thanks; your country thanks you too."

He added not: but turn’d his eyes around,
Till in the ring the valiant youth he found.
Approach, brave youth!” the smiling monarch

“ Your country's soldier, and your country's pri


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he pays."

SCOTLAND shall thank thee for this gallant strife, While grateful INDULPH owes to thee his life.”

Thus he, advancing,.--- and with ardour prest The gallant warrior to his royal breast. The unpresumptuous Alpin bends his eyes, And mix'd with blushes to the king replies.

" To save our king, our country's antient thronez Are debts incumbent on hver ev'ry fon; O monarch! add it not to Alpin's praise; Thus said the youth, and modestly retird, While, as he moves, the king and chiefs admir'd: Slow to his stand his easy steps he bears, And hears his praises with unwilling ears.

The king resumes...“ O.chiefs, O valiant peers! Glad CALEDONIA dries her running tears : The warrior rais'd his faulchion o'er her head Now fleeps, forgotten, on an earthen bed. Fierce SCANDINAVIA's fatal storms are o'er, Her thunder-bolts lie harmless on the shore. But as when, after night, has beat a storm, . On the mild morn some fpots the sky deform; The broken clouds from ev'ry quarter fail, Join their black troops, and all the heav'ns veil ;


The winds arise, descends the fluicy rain;
The storm, with force redoubld, beats the plain ::
So, when the youthful Haco shall afar
Collect the broken fragments of the war,
The Hero, arm’d with Sueno's death, may come
And claim an expiation on his tomb ;:
Deep in that wood the gallant warrior lies
Who fhall, to night, his little camp surprize ;;
Surround the martial DANE with nightly care,
And give the final stroke to dying war :
Jience Norway's ships shall Thun our fatal sca,
And point the crooked beak another way;
If chance they spy where oft their armies fell,
Shall turn the prow, and croud away the fail.???

He more: the gen'rous chiefs arise,
Beat on the glory of the enterprize.
Eager to climb thro' dang’rous paths to fame,
The nightly war they severally claim.
One chief obferv'd where godlike Haco lay ;
This knew the wood; --- and that, the dusky way:
Another urg?d his more unweary'd friends ;
And ev'ry chieftain something recommends.

Thus for the arduous task the chiefs contest, While each wou'd grasp the danger to his breast.


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