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Red embers, falling from the burning shroud,
Hiss: in the wave, and bubble in the flood.

Great Sueno turns, and sees the flame behind
fwell its huge columns on the driving wind;
Then thus to ERIC -...Urge your fpeedy flight,
Recal the fiery MAGNUS from the right ::
Quick let him come! th' endanger'd transports fave,
And dash against the burning ship the wave.

The youth obeys, -and, Aying o'er the fand,
Repeats in Magnus' ear the king's command. -
The warrior starts, rage sparkling in his eyes,
He tow'rs along resounding as he flies :
He comes...-From-Sueno's army-squadrons fall.
Around the chief; and rear the manly wall;
Till in their front the stately chief appears,
They wave, behind, an iron wood of fpears;
In all the gloomy pomp of battle low?r,
And beat with sounding steps the fatal shore. ·

Bent to support the flame, his thin array.
Young Alpin draws along the murm’ring seam-
He holds the massy Spear in ant to throw, -
And bends his fiery eyes upon the foe.
Advanc'd.-..-with awful din the fight began;
Steel speaks on steel; man urges upon man..


Groans, shouts, arms, men, a jarring discord sound, Gain on the sky and shake the mountains round.

Fierce MAGNUS, here, wou'd rash into the main: Young ALPIN, there, wou'd keep at bay the DANE. One pushes the swift boat into the sea; Thró' his bent back the faulchion cleaves its way:: Another dalhes to the ship the wave, And bends at once into a wat’ry grave; Spouts with departing breath the bubbling flood, And dyes the water with his foaming blood. Thus fought the men...-Behind the flame re

sounds, Gains on the fleet, and spreads its wasteful bounds. Great Magnus, burning at the dismal sight, Advancd with rage redoubled to the fight. –6 Degen’rate DANES”...-The raging warrior cries, “ The day is lost... Your fame, your honour dies! Advance,.... condense. your ranks, ---- bear on your

way, And sweep these daring striplings to the Tea." The men advance... - proceeds their haughty lord, And wounds the air with his impatient sword. * Bending, where Alpin, reapt the bloody plain, Turn, here's a man, turn,ftripling, here's a Dane!"


He said.--.-The Mountain-warrior turns his eyes,
Then sternly wheels, and with a blow replies.
Great Magnus falling on young Alpin's shield,
Adds to the dismal thunder of the field.
Revengful Alpin, with defcending blade,
Crashes the shining thunder on his head.
They aim, defend; their swords, at every stroke,
Talk on the way, and gleam along the smoke.

At length on Magnus Fate deals home a wound;
He nods to death, and thunders on the ground.
Starting from the wide wound the bubbling blood,
Sinks thro’ the sand, and rolls a smoaking flood.
Prone on the strand, extended ev'ry way,
Clad o'er with steel, a shining trunk he lay.
Thus, on its lofty seat, shou'd winds invade
The statue keeps the mem'ry of the dead.;
It quakes at ev'ry-blast, and nods around,
Then falls, a Napeless ruin, to the ground.

The DANES beholding their commander dic, Start from their ranks, and in confusion fly. The youth pursues': the flames behind him roar Catch all the feet, and clothe with smoke the shore, Mean time great SUENO, DENMARK's valiant King, Round royal INDULPH bends the hostile ring.


Hemm'd in a circle of invading men,
They face on ev'ry side the closing DANE ;
Deal blow for blow, and wound return for wound,

And bring the stagg’ring en’my to the ground.
Great SOMERLED, ARGYLE's majestic lord,

Thro? HARALD's founding helmet drives his sword: Stagg'ring he falls, his rattling arms resound, And in the pangs of death he bites the ground. Thro'.HILRIC's shield great INDULPH urg'd the

(pear, It pierc'd his breast, and smok'd behind in air: Groaning he finks; as when repeated strokes Bring headlong to the ground the slaughter'd ox. Brave GRAHAME thro' mighty Canute urg'd the

fpear, Where, 'twixt the helm and mail, the neck was bare. Press’d with the helm his pond'rous head inclin'd; He nodding falls, as trees o'erturn’d by wind.

While thus the en'my's front the chieftains wore, And pild with hostile trunks the fatal shore; By flow degrees their force declines away, Surrounding DENMARK gains upon the day. Great InduLPH stood amidst the warrior-ring; All give attention to their valiant king.


6 He:r

Hear me, ye chiefs,” the mournful monarch cries,
“ We fall to day, our state, our country dies.
Let us acquit ourselves of Albion's death,
And yield in her defence our latest breath.”
He said : and rush'd from the surrounding ring,
And ’midst the battle fought the DANISH king.
Ready to fight the rayal warriors stood,
And long'd to revel in each others blood:;
While Alrin rushing from the flaming shore,
With wasteful path, pursu'd the flying pow'r;
Hew'd thro' great Sueno's ring his bloody way.,
And to the defp'rate chieftains gave the day ;
Rush'd'twixt great INDULPH andbold Sueno’ssword,
And with his royal life preserv'd his lord.
Brave Sueno nods, falls to the strand, and cries;
“ O honour ! DENMARK lost, undone!".--and dies.

But still fierce DENMARK made a broken stand;
Here stands a squadron, there a gloomy band,
Rears a firm column on the smoky shore,
Makes the last efforts of a dying powłr.

Thus, after fire thro' lanes its way has took,
A proftrate village lies o'erwhelm'd in smoke;
But here and there some sable turrets stand,
And lock, a dismal ruin, o'er the land.


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