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Feels cruel joys in all his fibres rise,
And gathers all his fury to his eyes.

Young Haco, on the left, the battle rears,
And moves majestic thro' a wood of spears ;
With martial fkill the rising ranks he forms,
No novice in the iron-trade of arms.
Thus form’d, the Danes, in unconfus’d array,
Stretch their long lines along the murm’ring sea.
Their anchor'd ships, a sable wood, behind,
Nod on the wave and whistle to the wind.

On either side, thus stretch'd the manly line,
With darting gleam the steel-clad ridges shine :
On either side the gloomy lines incede,
Foot rose with foot, and head advanc'd with head.
Thus when two winds descend upon the main,
To fight their battles on the wat ry plain ;
In two black lines the equal waters croud,
On either fide the white-top'd ridges nod.
At length they break, and raise a bubbling sound,
While echo rumbles from the rocks around.
Thus march the Danes with spreading wings

Thus moves the horror of the Scottifh war;

While drowsy, silence droops her mournful heady,
Whose calm repose the clanking arms invade.

The Mountain-youth with unaffected pride,
Twice thirty warriors rising by his side,
His native band, precedes the Scottish forms,
A shining column in the day of arms.
In act to throw, he holds the pond'rous spear,
And views, with awful smiles, the face of war.
Nodding along, his polish'd helmet shines,
And looks, superior, o'er the subject lines.

On either lide, devour'd the narrow ground
The moving troops.---The hostile ridges frown'd.
From either host the HERALD's awful breath
Rung, in the trumpet's throat, the peal of death.
The martial sound foments their kindling rage ;
Onward they rush, and in a shout engage.
The swords thro' air their gleaming journeys fly,
Crash on the helms and tremble in the sky.
Groan follows groan, and wound succeeds on wound,
While dying bodies quiver on the ground.

Thus when devouring hatchet-men invade,
With sounding steel, the forest's leavy head,
The mountains ring with their repeated strokes ;
The tap’ring firs, the elms, the aged Oaks,


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Quake at each gath; then nod the head and yield;
Groan as they fall, and tremble on the field.
Thus fell the men ; blood forms a lake around,
While groans and spears hoarse harmony resound.
The mountains hear, and thunder back the noise,
And eccho stammers with unequal voice.

As yet the battle hung in doubtful scales;
Each bravely fought, in death or only fails.
All, all are bent on death or victory,
Relolv'd to conquer, or with glory die.
Fierce DENMARK's honour kindles fire in these;
On these pale Albion bends her parent-eyes.
This sternly says, “ fhall DENMARK's children fly?”
But that, “ or save, or with your country die."
The Scots,a Stream, wou'd sweep the Danes away,
The Danes, a Rock, repelld the Scots array.
They fight alternate, and alternate fly,
Both wound, both conquer, both with glory die.

Thrice Haco strove to break Dumbar's array, And thrice DUMBAR impell’d him to the sea. The fiery MAGNUS, foaming on the right, Pours on the Mountain-chiefs his warrior-might. The Mountain-youths the furious chief restrain, And turn the battle back upon the DANE.

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The ranks of Sueno stand in firm array,
As hoary rocks repel the raging sea.
The Heko to the phalanx crouds his might,
And calmly manages the standing fight;
Not idly madd’ning in the bloody fray,
He wears delib'rately the foe away.

Straight on his spear the godlike Alpin stood,
His flaming armour 'smear'd with Danish blood :
He casts behind an awe-commanding look,
And to his few, but valiant, followers spoke.
« The cautious DANES, O friends, in firm array,
With perseverance may secure the day ;
Our people fall...--Let us their force divide ;
Invade with flame their transports on the tide.
They will defend, the Scots restore the day ;
Follow, my friends, your Alpin leads the way.”
He said, and rush'd upon the phalanx'd DANE,
The bending ranks beneath his sword complain.
Arms, groans of men, beat time to ev'ry wound,
Nod at each blow, and thunder on the ground.
Behind his friends advance with martial care,
Move step for step, and spread the lane of war.
He low'rs before, and clears the rugged road ;
They rulh behind, a rough and headlong flood.


Thus on some eminence, the lab'ring fwain Unlocks his sluice to drench the thirsty plain :With mattock arm'd he shapes the water's course, The liquid flows behind, with rapid force.

Thus valiant Alpin hews his bloody way, And thus his friends force thro their firm array ; With great effort he seizes on the strand, Turns to his friends, and issues. his command.

“ Thicken your lines, the battle's shock sustain, And gall with vigour the recoiling DANE. Brave CALEDONIANS ! face your country's foe; Your lives are hers, her own on her beltów." He added not.... The valiant youths obey : The Hero Thap'd along his rapid way; Rush'd to the camp, and feiz'd a flaming brand, Then took his lofty feat upon the strand. Swift, from his arm, the crackling ember flies, Whizzes along, and kindles in the skies: The pitchy hull receives the sparkling fire ; The kindling ship the fanning winds inspire. Black smoke ascends : at length the iames arise, Hiss thro' the shrouds, and crackle in the skies. The riding fleet is all in darkness loft, Its wreathy wings the flame spreads on the blast.


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