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I see the man high on the warrior plac'd,
Both mend each other in your noble breast.
Accept, brave man, the friendship of a Dane,
Who hates the Scot, but yet can love the man.”
He said: while thus the Scot; “ with joy, I find
The man so pow'rful in an en’my's mind;
Your forces filed, amidst night's dark alarms,
You both cou'd stand, and use your gallant arms:
Such valiant deeds thy dauntless soul confess,
That I the warrior," tho’ the Dane, embrace."

His brawny arms he round the Hero ftung;
As they embrace the clashing corflets rung.

The Dane resumes: “With the sun's rising beam, We may, in fields of death, contend for fame; Receive this shield, that, midst to-morrow's storms, Hico may, grateful, fhun his well-known arms.

He said, and gave the gold-enamel'd round; While, as he reach'd, the studded thongs resound. The amicable colloquy they end, And each a foe, clasp'd in his arms a friend. This to the camp his dusky journey bends ; While that to Albion's chiefs the hill ascends.

Th’ exploring journey, all, with pleasure, -hear, down the valiant scout their noble care.


Dissolv'd the council, the attack declin’d, Each with the gift of sleep indulg'd his mind; And ’midft his kindred-bands, fupinely laid, Each softly flumber'd on a mossy bed.

His mind to soft repose young Alpin bends, And seeks the humble circle of his friends: Reclining on a rock the Hero lies, And gradual flumbers steal upon his eyes. Still to his mind the DANISH camp arose, Hung on his dreams, and hagg’d his calm repose ; Once more he mix'd with Haco in the fight And urg'd, impending, on the DANISH flight

End of Canto first





Eav?n's op’ning portals shot the beam of day;
Earth chang’d her sable robe to sprightly

"To West's dark goal the humid night is filed,

The sun, o'er ocean, rears his beamy head : · The-fplendid gleam from Scottish steel returns, And all the light reflexive mountains burns.

Deep-founding bag-pipes, gaining on the air, With lofty voice awake the Scottish war. The gallant chiefs, along the mountain's brow, Stand 'cass'd in arms, and low'r upon the foe; Or, awful, thro? the forming squadrons shine, Build up the ranks, and stretch the lengthen'd line.

Each Clan their standards from the beam unbind, They float along, and clap upon the wind; The hieroglyphic honours of the bravę, Acquire a double horror as they wave.

The Southern warriors stretch the lines of war Full on the right, obedient to Dumbar. Harden'd to manhood in the school of arms, He moves, along sedately as he forms :


Next deeply stretch their regular array,
To break the iron tempest of the day,
The fons of Lennox; and their gallant Grahamt,
Oft honour'd with the bloody spoils of-fame.
He tow'rs along with unaffected pride,
Whilft they display their blazing arms aside:

Great SOMERLED poffest the middle space,
And rang'd the kindred valour of his race ;*
The dauntless fons of MORCHUAN's rocky foil,
And the rough manhood of MULL's sea-girt isle.

The Mountain-chiefs, in burning arms incass'd, And carrying all their country in their breast, Undaunted rear their useful arms on high ; Now fought for food, and now for liberty : Now met the sport of hills, now of the main, Here pierc'd a stag, and there transfix'd a DANE. Tho' nature's walls their homely huts inclose, To guard their homely huts tho'mountains rose; Yet feeling ALBION in their breasts, they dare From rocks to rush and meet the distant war. The full-form'd lines now crown the mountain's

brow, And wave a blazing forest o'er the foe.


B 2

The King commands; down, in array, they creep,
Their clanking arms beat time to ev'ry step;
As they descend they stretch along the strand,
Restore the ranks, and make a solemn ftand.

Before the camp the Danish columns rise,
And stretch the battle to the clarion's voice.
Majestic Sueno kept the higher place,
Great in the war, as io his noble race ;
And, when the sword to milder peace shall yield,
In council great, as in the thund'ring field.

Behind their King, to either hand afar, Rough NORWAY's sons extend the front of war. He moves, incass’d in steel and majesty, Along the ranks, and plans them with his eye: Speaks his commands with unaffected ease, And, unconcern'd, the coming battle sees; Bent on his purpose, obstinately brave, To win a kingdom or an honest grave; He seem'd to look tow'rds Norway's rocky fhore, And say,----I'll conquer, or return no more. .

Far to the right fierce Magnus' fiery sway Compels the troops, and rears the quick array: Haughty, he moves, and catching flame from far, Looks tow'rds the Scots, anticipates the war ;


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