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Nimb. Now, Sir, l've brougbt you to the spot.

Capt. But to what purpose, unless you can introduce me immediately to Sophia.

Nimb. Softly, softly, good Captain, you must make your approactics by degrees You may enter the garrisoo by Aratagem, but I'll be baog'd if ever you can take it by form, old Lovestory keeps such Africt disci. pline.

Capt. Good Sir, pleafe to drop your metaphors, and tell me in plain language what I'm to do.

Nimb. Do you see this head, Sir?
Capt. PerfeAly well.
Nimb. And perfect you shall find it. My skull
Capt. To exceffive thick.

Nimb. The thicker the better. It has many times Mood cane proof in your service. But as I told you before, Mr. Flourish is hourly expected to marry Miss Sophy.

Capt. And with her father's approbation?

Nimb. His approbation ! his request ;-he sends his wishes more than half way to meet him.

Capt. And yet her father never saw this Flourish. Nimb. But he has heard of hiin--you wish to be ad. mitted into the house?

Capt. By a!l means.

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Nimb. Or by any means, to be present at the mare riage ?

Capt. - To prevent the marriage.

Nimb. Now you speak like yourself. Hare you erer heard of Cleekim the Contable?

Caft. Yes, but I never saw him.

Nimb. So much the better. He and I are jolly companions over a glals. Yesterday he told me that he wanted to hire a ilou: fellow as an attendant.

Capt. Well.
Nirrb. Do


think you cou'd officiate Crapt. What do you mean?

Nimb. To serve you, Sir. The Constable comes here to-day upon some bufiness

Capt. I understand you. I'm to come with him.
Nimb. That's my meaning. Disguife yourself, and

my name
Capt. I cannot fail of success?
Nimb. But if you should fail of success?
Capt. I'll bid adieu to my country, and face the ene",

if you

my abroad.

Nimb. You need not be too rash, 'tis the general opi... aion you may see them here this fummer?

Capt. If your head oever aches till then-
Nimb. You think I need not complain?
Capt. Indeed I think so?
Nimb. But if they shou'd really come?

Caps. We'll have the pleasure of sending them back again.

Nimb. Not all. We'll keep fome of them.
Capt. Such as will have no miod to go back ?

Nimb True, they'll have no mind, we'll make them, forget the way.

Capt I hope so.

Nimb. As they come to conquer, we'll allow them" fome ground.

Cape Yes, as much as will cover them:
Nimb. We cannot grudge them that. Run to Mr.
Cleckim, and come back agaio, I'll introduce you.


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Nimb. Yes, Sir, very pretty, and very good.

SCENE II. Love Iory's House.

Enter. LOVESTORY, and THOMAS. L-ves. Well, Thomas, any news? is the mail arrived

Thom. No, Sir, kur your daughter's Captain is ar rived.

Lovef. The devil he is ! what cou'd have brought him? Thuin. Your good servant Mr. Nimble brought him?:

Lovej. Did he! By the Great Mogul, I plain!y fore, fee I'll give him a good beating. Here he corres-

Your servant Mr. Nimble
Nimb. No, Sir, 'tis I that am your servant.
Loves. And how long have you

been in


service ?" Nimb. I came to you that very day on which the Duke of York embark'd with the Guards, and please jour Worship

Lore). You please my Worship very well, and have pot I been a pretty good mafter?

L vel. Wait bere a little. I have something for you.

Nimb. Oh fe ! Sir, you're too good. I'm sure I de. ferre nothing

Loves. Oh yes, you do; and, by the Great Mogul, you shall have it.

[Exit. Nimb. Ha, ha, ha, --what can it be, Thomas ? Somo cast-off clothes perhaps--ay, ay: Something for the back I'll warrant?

Thom. Perhaps you'll find it foi

Enter LOVESTORY, with two cudgels.

Lovef Now, Mr. Nimble, if you're at leisure, we'll setile our accompte.

Nimb. Oh Lord! no; Sir, you owe me nothing.

Lovel. Yes I do; and while I have the means in my hand, by the Grea: Mogul, I'll pay you. [Beats hima Thomas, you're a wito eso, put to you're hand.

Thiin Pardon me, Sir, I caonot write.
Love What fignifies that, you can make your mark?
Thom. Yes, yes, I can make my mark.
Loves. Here then. [Gives him a flick, they both firike.
If you don't beat iime, I'll knock you into eternity.

Nimb. Hold! hoid!" in tie devil's name what's this for?

Lsv.y Tor bringing the Volunteer Captain here; now, are you (alified?

Nimb. Well, this is pretty udaje indeed, för eadea'vouring to serve you.

Lovef. Serve me, you dog!

Nimb Yes, serve you, I say. I brought the Captain here to make him and Mise Sophy quarrel.

Loves. 'Tis all a joke. But tell me how were you to make ihem quarrel ?

Ninib I had contrived fory, but you were molt graciously pleas’d to knock every word of it out of my head with a swinging cudgel.

Loves. But what fignifies whether they quarre! or not, for she's to marry Mr. Flourish as soon as he arrives.

Nimb. Yes, yes, Mr. Flourish may bave her person, but her heart Mall be the Captain's.

Loves. By the Great Migul, that's true ; make them quarrel and I'll shew you some mark of my favour.

Nimb. I can shew yoa twenty marks of your favour on my back and shoulders. Lovel

. Touch no more upon that ftring, it makes the harshett music

Nimb Music! I suppose you have Audied music. You and Thomas kept excellent time. upon my back and Shoulders, but the next time you get into your

musical rapinres, I'beg you'll chuse some other instrument la fhew your

skill Loves Here, here, take this trifle, but will you do-me. jultice?

Nimb. Justice ! I'm the very emblem of justice. I'm myself the beam, and my two pockets the scales. He that throws in most, is sure to weigh me down.

Loves, But if the Captain Mou'd bribe you. 10 deceirs

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Nimb. There's no danger of that. For infaace, if the Captain shou'd offer me Fire Guineas, I'll cone to you and ask Tea.

Lovel. You're devilish kind. But go and make them quarrel. You know all their secrets You that folder'd their connection, are the oply person to diffolve it.

Nimh. You authorise me to use every mean in my power to break off sheir conne&tion.

Loves. Yes, yes, by all means ; and I'll reward you handsomely.

Nimb. But you must give me it under your hand, on black aod wbite, lest you shou'd forget.

Loves. Meet me in my ftudy, and you shall have it.

Nimb. What pleasure Mall I take to be reveng'd on the Captain for beating me once. I shall bever forgive a man that beats me.

[Exit. Lovef. Thomas, did you tell Mr. Cleekim the ConAtable to call upon me?

Thom. Yes, Sir.

Loves. Did you see Mr. Flourish when you were in the country.

Thom. Nor I, Sir, he was at Edinburgh taking por. fefion of his Uocle's etate.

Lovef. Ay, Mr. Pendulum writer, that his Uncle's death has made him Mafter of a good fortune.

Enter a SERVANT.

Serv. Sir, Mr. Flourish is to wait upon you.
Loves. Iatroduce him by all means.

Enter FLOURISH. Flour. Mr. Loveftory, I presume this small recom. mendatory Epifle will tell you who I am.

[Giving a letter. Lovef. My dear Mr. Flourish, welcome to my house, What ocws in your travels ? Do you know if the mail's arriv'd ? Flour. News! damo news! What one paper

affirme another contradicto-I'm an Atheist in acw8;

that's my temper. I know as much as some of them, but I pre

- nothing.

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